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How to create the best content for your blog

How to create the best content for your blog.

Have you been wondering how to create the best content for your blog? It’s okay to love to write.

I love writing and I pretty much just wrote what came from my heart and pressed publish. Big mistake.

Well, not really. I mean, I now have a ton of content to work with. But, I’m going back and forth to edit for hours on end.

Make sure the topic you’re writing about is actually worth your time. I know you want to write what you feel, but you may want to start writing about what will interest and benefit your audience.

how to create the best content for your blog

The day I quit blogging, well, I just didn’t know what to do with myself. Bloggers know what I mean.

The reason I quit blogging was to go work full time due to personal family issues. However, I came right back to my website as quickly as I could. My stats took a toll.

When you’re gone from blogging your website suffers.

Maybe you’re wondering, what did you do in your spare time while you weren’t blogging?!

Well, I took a look around me. Woah. My house had become way too messy during my journey as a blogger. You know how distracting blogging can be.

So, what’d I do next?

Well, I cleaned my home up. Duh. A messy home just plain old bothers me and gives me anxiety. With two kids the mess piles up even more and more quickly so cleaning is becoming a full time job now.

I had forgotten how messy toddlers can be. I feel like I’m cleaning up three times a day now.

how to create the best content for your blog


Spent uninterrupted time with my family. My husband went through a very difficult injury, so he was recovering and I was working full time.

It was a very scary and hectic time for us all and I’ve appreciated not having to post online during that hard time. I’ll save that for another blog post because writing about his injury is especially difficult for me since it happened so suddenly.

Working full time was hard on my kids and was something I wasn’t quite used to since I’ve been a stay at home mom for many, many years. I soon came to realize that I really needed to just get off my website.

My mind was spinning in circles and I felt anxiety trying to juggle everything at once. My website seemed to be taking last place in my life all of a sudden.

Before I was putting so much energy into Pinterest, pinning, creating new pins, and checking my stats. This was becoming distracting and not letting me feel like I was present in my life.

This is common for a lot of bloggers to feel when they’re not managing their time correctly.

Looking back on these past few months I do realize that taking a break was really necessary for my mental health and helped my family in their time of need.

Figuring out what’s next.

how to create the best content for your blog
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Not only did I get a chance to breathe, I got a chance to think and really buckle down about what I wanted to do with mrsplanahead.

Yes, I want to keep blogging because that’s me and that’s what I do, I’m a blogger. It’s just in me. However, I also want to write my book.

So, that’s what I’m up to right now and it should be done sooner rather than later. I’m very excited and have found I have plenty to write about.

My number one worry was that I wouldn’t have enough to write about. Turns out I actually do!

How to create the best content for your blog.

The most important thing I have learned after blogging for a year is that you need determination when it comes to building your blog up in order to make any type of money from it. Not only does blogging take a LOT of time to become established, it’s also really time consuming.

So focus on the product. What do you want to sell on your blog? How do you plan on making that money? Even a little cash requires some type of work.

Honestly, I just assumed I could make cash off of ads, which I have. Mediavine is the best way to go, in my opinion.

I love having Mediavine ads and I feel like it’s worth it to work to get there. You can learn more about how I became a work from home mom because I’ve been taking you along for the journey.

Subscribe if you want to read more about my blogging journey because I do share everything! During my time off I realized that my best content was coming from inner peace and relaxation.

Creating good content comes from within.

how to create the best content for your blog

Are you wanting to create a product for your blog?

If it’s even crossed your mind, you really should. You can promote your product through Pinterest and your social media platforms.

Not to mention, of course your website. I highly recommend that you focus on a product you believe you can create well and are proud of.

I have been focusing on self publishing my first book. It’s been great creating content but my true passion lies in writing books.

Perfection isn’t everything.

I’ve come to realize from a very good blogger friend of mine Jenni from Housewifehustle that nothing is perfect. Jenni is so inspiring in many different ways but what I love most about her blog is how real she is.

She’s a writing mother and knows and understands the struggle we go through to just press “publish” on one post all while parenting. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet I highly recommend you do.

I’m so glad I signed up to get her e-mail updates whenever a new blog post is out so I don’t miss a single one. Taking a break was just that, taking a break.

I missed it after a while, but I’m only human and I needed time for my housewife duties. But, that’s enough about my upcoming book.

Since I have been offline for a while, I have 105 comments to get back to and write back to. Thank you so much for the love and views while I’ve been gone. I’ll always be so grateful for this blogger life and the people in it.

Create steady content.

how to create the best content for your blog
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This tip is so true and right. Look, I know SEO is important. I still struggle with it a lot, but Google likes you posting steady content weekly or twice a week.

That break may have been good for me, but it wasn’t for my website. Here’s another GAME CHANGER too.

Write what comes to mind and quit trying to make it perfect. I wasted so much time doing this! Create quality content, of course.

But, if you’ve built a following and your readers are tuning in, just pause and THINK for a moment. What do readers WANT? Why are they on your page?

I don’t know about you, but I want to read up on my favorite blogger’s life. The informative posts and how to’s are awesome, I get it. It’s what hooks the reader in the first place.

But, I like to hear about how the writer’s life is going and what they’re up to. What are they working on next? I don’t want to guess, sometimes I just want to know.

So, do that for your readers. Fill them in! Not every post has to be perfect but remember your audience deserves your attention.

Engage with your readers.

They’re the reason you’re doing this, right? I sure hope so. I love my audience and genuinely care about their thoughts and opinions.

When I get a mean comment, as I have many times on my post 5 Ways To Be The Wife Your Husband Dreams Of I take it to heart.

However, I don’t let it affect my writing, thoughts, views, or beliefs. But, it helps me see where other women come from and their thoughts and I create a post that most end up loving.

Lastly, speak for yourself.

I know the pressure to sound like the best author is always there. However, you need to speak like YOU. Whoever is subscribing to your content likes what you write!

Some may even relate to it and actually love it. Whatever the case may be use your own voice. Don’t try to sound like someone you aren’t.

When I blog, I blog like mrsplanahead because I AM mrsplanahead. Speak with confidence and your content will just flow onto the keyboard.

Let me know what blog posts you’d like to see and read about and I’ll definitely take it into consideration. Thank you lovely readers for always supporting me,

Until next time,



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  1. This post has such great tips and raw honesty! First, your kind words always brighten my day. Most importantly, I’m so happy you were able to take a break for your mental health. It’s so important for us bloggers. I’m sending prayers for your family for your husband’s injury. I can not wait for your book! Whatever it’s about, it’s going to be incredible.

    1. Thank you so much Jenni 🙂 He’s much better now and thanks for the support girl. It means so much. I hope all is well for you right now and praying for you <3

  2. Taking a break is important. You always come back refreshed, full of ideas, and more focused. Wishing you a great New Year and welcome back.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much. I really needed that break. I can’t believe how much ideas are pouring out!

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