How to break bad habits

How to break bad habits. 


Are you looking for productive ways to break bad habits? You’ve come to the right place. 

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Bad habits have a tendency to weigh us down and not let us get anything done. I’m no perfect person, I have my flaws and some bad habits. 

Bad habits can be difficult to break. One thing that helps me break bad habits is to brain dump on a sheet of paper, using my planner system

I like to get out all of my creative ideas here and make use of my planner. List the bad habits that you really want to break. 

You can even jot down a few reasons why these bad habits have been interfering with your life. That can help you get a clearer picture of how important it is to change this habit and kick it out of your life. 

You want to be the best YOU that you can possibly be and you can’t do this with all these bad habits. Bad habits will just hold you down.

Doing this in your planner or on a sheet of paper will help you start to break these bad habits. 

List of 50 bad habits you need to quit in 2021.  

  • Putting yourself down.

You’ve got to build yourself up, NOT put yourself down. The more you put yourself down, the more you truly start to believe it. 

These 25 positive self- love affirmations will help you get started in the right direction. Show yourself love and quit putting yourself down. 

That stops now! 

  • Questioning your decisions. 

When you question yourself, you tend to not feel confident enough in yourself. That’s not a good thing!

You’ve got to be sure of yourself and be able to make big decisions on your own, for your own good. Quit questioning your decisions in 2021 and leave that bad habit! 

  • Putting your dreams on hold.
  • Scrolling through social media more than you do taking care of yourself. 
  • Eating bad and unhealthy food.
  • Gossiping.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Not making enough time to spend with God daily. 
  • Letting people with negative energy into your life. 
  • Not reading enough.
  • Putting off your workouts and exercises. 
  • Not creating a cleaning schedule and maintaining it. 
  • Putting a stop on your creativity.

How to change a bad habit. 

Once you’ve gotten that list of bad habits on paper, it’s time to start the work. Write down the opposite of that bad habit and make it good.

Start out small, with about two habits to start. Make it a routine and do this every single day.

Don’t do the bad habit, do the good habit. Anything with consistency and routine will get you results.

However, you won’t get anything accomplished if you don’t try. You have to try and really try to get rid of these bad habits that are weighing you down.

You want to boost yourself up and be happy. It’s time to make this year, YOUR year one hundred percent.

Self care is necessary. 

As a super busy homeschooling mom, that also works from home, trust me when I say: self-care is a must. You need to make time for yourself.

While you’re breaking bad habits, don’t forget to put yourself first. You need to care about yourself and fill yourself up, especially when you’re tired.

Listen to your body and your needs. I went ahead and designed this amazing 16 page self-care bundle for your everyday self-care needs.


Grab your self-care workbook now!

Use this amazing 16-page self-care workbook to practice self-care. Learn how to put yourself first with this amazing workbook including a self-care daily page, positive affirmations, Daily self-care check-in, self-care journaling cards, self-care calendar, monthly self-care goals, weekly reflection, and much more!!

This self-care workbook will remind you to put yourself first and to not take yourself for granted. Trust me, we can’t do everything ALL the time. 

Sometimes, we need peace and quiet; a planner and a nice cup of coffee. Learning, reading, and growing is so important. 

More bad habits to break.  

  • Not waking up early.
  • Not having routines in place that are effective. 

Routine is EVERYTHING. I don’t do well unless I have routines in place. 

Here is my productive life-changing morning routine you can check out. I NEED my routines, I’m always so busy so I figure mine out according to my seasons. 

  • Not taking your vitamins.
  • Being jealous and envious.
  • Wanting what you can’t have and letting it make you bitter. 
  • Mistreating others instead of treating them as you wish to be treated. 
  • Spending too much money. 

Don’t spend your hard earned cash so quickly! Take your time to use your money wisely. 

Here’s a list of 10 good money habits you need to get into for 2021. Start your New Year off right! 

  • Dreading chores and tasks you need to accomplish. 
  • Waking up daily without saying a morning prayer. 
  • Letting frustration seep into your day and ruin relationships. 
  • Rolling over and getting on your phone once you open your eyes instead of other things. 
  • Being controlling instead of letting things flow. 
  • Going through life without being fulfilled.
  • Going to sleep way too late. 
  • Procrastination.
  • Not saving your money and staying on track with your finances. 
  • Not setting your future up with goals. 

The last of these 50 toxic habits. 

  • Feeling tired and not getting enough rest. 
  • Feeling empty inside and not having a hobby to dedicate some time to. 
  • Not spending enough time with loved ones.
  • Letting work take over your whole life.
  • Not setting enough boundaries to live a happier and healthier life. 
  • Putting your significant other last. 
  • Not creating enough memories with loved ones. 
  • Being hateful. 
  • Spreading negativity around to others. 
  • Being mean with your actions and words to others. 
  • Doing things that aren’t good for your mind and body. 
  • Constantly being negative about and to yourself and to others. 
  • Being lazy. 
  • Saying hurtful comments instead of building others up. 
  • Letting anger get the best of you. 
  • Holding grudges. 
  • Not moving on from the past. 
  • Starting each day off on the wrong foot. 
  • Being obsessive. 
  • Talking about yourself too much. 


What are some habits you wish to get rid of this year? Comment them down below.

Are they alike to any I’ve written down? Some bad habits I want to get rid of are: putting myself down, holding grudges, and letting work take over! 

I want to build myself up and my loved ones. Putting myself down interferes with my quality of life. Don’t let bad habits take over your life. 

I hope I’ve helped in some way. Let me know! 

Until next time, 




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