Work from home tips

How to be a work from home mom

How to be a work from home mom.

Today, I’m here to discuss with you a few tips on how to be a work from home mom. And a really good one, at that.

Today has just been such a DAY. As exhausted as I am, I wanted to compile my best helpful tips in order to help YOU become the work from home mom you want to be.

Even though I am a stay at home mom, I’ve been working long and hard to figure out how to run my blog from home. It’s been two years now and I’ve learned a few tips on the way.

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It’s been over a year since my blogging journey first began, and I’m working on making a monthly income. I have made money as a blogger this whole time, yes that is true, but my goal was to make a monthly income from just ads.

Those who have been blogging for a while are probably laughing a little. Because now I’ve already written my first book.

Make sure you pick a hosting company fit for you.

To be a work from home mom you first need to open your website. This post is meant for moms who want to blog from home and earn an income from it.

You need a good hosting company in order to get started. I use Skystra and I’m very pleased with their customer service.

I’m not a very techy person, nor do I understand much about it. What I like to do is write and design. If this sounds like you, Skystra will fit you and your website needs much better than any other hosting company.

I’ll leave my affiliate link down below, and if you aren’t very techy or good with computers they will work out for you best.

Being a work from home mom shouldn’t be 24/7.

I make sure to take weekends off for mental health reasons. Being a stay at home mom of two, I’m always busy and constantly working on the blog.

What’s important is to set your schedule right from the start. What hours do you want to work?

You’re going to be your own boss, if you aren’t already so you need to decide on your schedule and work hours before you start. Try to stay within those time frames.

10 ways to become a great work at home mom.

  • Pick a hosting company that fits your website needs. 

The reason that I stress picking the right hosting company for your blog so much is that IT IS important in order for your blog to be successful.

Make sure you pick a hosting company that has good reviews and you trust. I had Bluehost for an entire year and I switched.

To be a work from home mom your website needs to be successful.

  • Grow your following. It’s time to focus on Pinterest and your e-mail list. Invest in an SEO course. 

It’s not easy to grow a following. And it does take time.

Keep that in mind because I thought it would happen overnight. I also ignored the fact that growing your social media following helps your blog out a ton in the beginning.

If you aren’t into social media much, it’s time for you to invest in an SEO course that can teach you all about Google SEO. I’ve been meaning to do that and it’ll happen soon.

It’s important in order for your blog to grow that you focus on growing your e-mail list. Create beautiful Pinterest pins.

Some of my first pins went viral and helped my blog views go up a ton. You also need to be consistent with all social media as well.

Try to get your blog views up monthly and apply to ad agencies.

  • If you are interested in monetizing your blog with ads, now is the time to focus on that.

Get your monthly views up and apply to monetize your blog with ads. I currently work with Mediavine but there are plenty of other companies out there.

Do your research and apply to a few. When your daily views go up, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making extra money from your blog daily.

Since you are busy growing your following and getting your page views up, then you can easily apply for ads and make money.

The rest of the work from home mom tips.

  • Make sure your posts are Google SEO friendly. 

What I like to do is use Ubersuggest free keyword tool a few times a month to pick out my blog posts. I always pick what I’m interested in writing for the month.

Double-check and see what’s trending on Pinterest too for more ideas. You need to focus on creating content that your audience wants to read.

The goal is to make your blog posts easy to find and something that your readers are wanting to read.

  • Don’t forget to set a schedule.

This is where a planner system would come in handy. I use a bujo planning system for my blog. For my bullet journal, I create my own layouts in order to help me get my tasks done.

It would be helpful at this point to have your own work planner set up, just for work.

Make sure this schedule is flexible and fits your child’s needs, too. I’ve tried so many times with certain schedules with the kids and have failed.

Mostly because I tried to do too much with such a limited amount of time. Setting a schedule that works for one week won’t always work for the next week.

Your baby could get sick, or you could get sick, or something just comes up. Try to stick to your daily schedule and accomplish as much as you possibly can.

Working from home doesn’t have to take ALL of your time up.

  • Come out with a product that you can sell on your website. 

This can be anything from a book you wrote to stickers you created to sell. It’s your website so you should have something ready to sell.

I was never on board with creating my own product. It’s my second year blogging and I changed my mind. You may change your mind too, as time goes by.

Think for a while on what you think you can create and get started on it! You don’t have any deadlines, but it doesn’t hurt to stay productive.

  • Have a laptop ready for you to use whenever you get a free moment. 

Some days I can’t fit all of the work I planned into the day. My kids have random issues come up too and that’s fine, but when I get a spare moment I pull out my laptop and try to get it all done.

Finishing work when the children are young can be very tiring, so give yourself a break if you end up falling asleep.

Don’t push yourself to the limit. Get your rest and set your alarm up an hour early to finish whatever is pending that just can’t wait.

Don’t stay in work mom mode forever.

  • When you’re off at doctor’s appointments and errands, stay off of your phone. I made the mistake of being on work mom mode when I needed to be on mom mode, only.

A lot of people stare at me when I’m doing the rest of my blogging tasks headed to pick up Eva after school.

During my first year of blogging, I was sort of zoned out, obsessing over my numbers/views. Well, let me tell you an unpopular opinion: it’s not a good look. Just keep your phone in the car if you’re too tempted to be on it.

I mean, there’s a time and place for everything. Be present when you’re around your children’s teachers and put work to the side.

Your children are important and deserve your attention when they’re headed home, wanting to tell you all about their day. Just put yourself in their shoes.

You probably wouldn’t want your mom picking you up from school, ignoring you, and scrolling. Just saying. 

I try my hardest to push the laptop aside too and give them all the cuddles they need plus time and attention!

It’s okay to admit you aren’t superhuman!

  • Go easy on yourself and remember you’re not superhuman.

We are all perfectly imperfect. We’re work from home moms and nobody says we have to have it all together.

The point is we are trying to be the best homemakers and mommies that we can be. Just remind yourself that you can’t do it all EVERY SINGLE DAY. Take time for yourself and to unwind whenever you need it.

  • Set weekly goals for yourself, if daily is too much while trying to balance out everything with the kids.

Weekly goals keep me motivated. Do you have any weekly goals?

Do you want your website to hit a certain number of views weekly? If so, keep your eye on the prize. Work hard to get your views up!

Don’t give up and monetize that blog. Your hard work is worth it.

  • Remember to breathe and not stress out. You have children to take care of, I know, but you also have bills to pay. Regardless, working from home was something you wanted to do to also spend time with your kids. Don’t forget that’s part of the job TOO.

You’re doing a great job, mama. I hope these work from home tips have helped your life in some way, shape, or form.

Another kind reminder: YOU can make money working from home. It takes a lot of patience and a willingness to learn.

Don’t give up! How far along are you on your blogging journey?

Leave some comments down below so that other bloggers can see. Don’t forget to subscribe for more weekly blog posts.

Until next time,



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