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How To Be A Better Mom

how to be a better mom
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5 ways on how to be a better mom.

Hello all, today I wanted to share with you how to be a better mom. We all know how frustrating and challenging it is being a stay at home mom can be. This is no surprise or secret that when it comes to taking care of littles, it can become very tiresome, repetitive, and draining. With this being said, I stress self care a lot because I have learned from experience that you cannot take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Being a better mom isn’t difficult, it just takes practice and a lot of patience!

You are so important and you can’t forget that! God gave us the beautiful gift and opportunity to raise our children at home, so try your hardest to be a patient and loving mom. I want to help you accomplish that, which is why I have written ways on how to be a better mom. Let’s dive right in.

How to be a better mom to your children.

Take deep and calming breaths.

  • There’s nothing more stressful than a few toddlers running around and making your patience run thin and your head spinning trying to keep up with that type of energy! In order to remain patient, you have to work for it.
  • Focus on your breathing during the stressful tantrum and tune out all distractions to focus on your breathing. Once you are inhaling and exhaling you have time to think of a solution instead of acting out of anger, impatience, and annoyance. It really can be difficult to be a better mom to a toddler, infant, or even an older child. However, it is not impossible and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over being human. Instead, you should just try to take the steps and try to better yourself as a mother.
how to be a better mom
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Being a patient mom is key.

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have tried my patience. Honestly, I can’t even remember. However, I can’t let my impatience win every single time. Who wants their kids to remember them as an angry and impatient parent? Hardly anyone does. My children constantly fight over toys because they don’t want to share with each other.

Currently, toys are their favorite thing to fight over. Does it bug me constantly? Yes. And when their fights get to be too much, I interfere but not before I take my deep breaths first. I’ve noticed when I breathe beforehand, I handle the situation much better. They remember patient mommy handling their fights over toys and they do appreciate it.

How to be a better mother that doesn’t yell.

Time for a distraction.

  • Going outdoors and having a change of scenery is very important and helpful, just as it sounds. This gives the children a chance to play outside and enjoy nature while mom gets a moment to herself. Most of the time, I write a rough draft for a blog post on my phone or just take in the fresh air and call a friend or my sister to distract myself. Give yourself time to breathe. When you give yourself time to breathe and take a break, you are allowing yourself the chance to be a more loving and patient mother to your children and this is key to getting through your day without feeling frustration of the weight of the world on your shoulders.
how to be a better mom
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Snacks can provide a great distraction for fussy kids.

  • Make them a healthy and nutritious treat. Honestly, my kids prefer to make treats with me. Usually I wait until good timing in the day to even attempt to cook or make snacks with them. It truly helps to pick the right time so you aren’t frustrated or annoyed when spending quality time with them. While they’re eating their treat, get a few minutes to yourself. Drink some coffee, clean up the kitchen a bit, or journal. You can even catch up on hydrating with water during this time. It takes energy to raise kids and mama, you’re truly doing your best and nobody can fault you for that! Related post: Saturday Coffee Break- Fun Indoor Activities With Your Kids
how to be a better mom
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These are the qualities of being a good mother.

Read the Bible and PRAY.

  • Recently, I’ve started writing daily prayers in my journal to God. I take some quiet time to myself, and seriously it’s HARD to find some quiet time. My toddler is always up early and when the kids go to sleep I want to veg out, watch a movie, and hangout with my husband. At night, I want a break from social media and I’ll read a book instead. Trust me when I say, writing to God for at least an hour helps you as a mother. Not just in you faith. Get out all of your feelings and release them. You’ll feel so much better. I find myself being more patient in all areas of my life, not just motherhood. This can truly help you grow as a person, if you put in the time. Invest in your well being, you can purchase your Bible here in the following link:Hand-picked, trusted resources for you & your ministry –
how to be a better mom
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Give your kids the tablet with educational games on it.

  • It’s no secret I’m a limit-the-screen time mom. Mostly, because I grew up like that. As bored as I was, I found my love for writing and reading through the “boredom.” Handing your kids the tablet isn’t a bad thing, if they’re learning. And kids are like sponges, they are just absorbing everything around them! Why not absorb knowledge while you get a moment to yourself? That’s so good for them! You shouldn’t have to play Barbies all day, if you don’t want to. You’re the mama, you set the rules. While they are playing fun and educational games, you are getting a break so when that tablet turns off, you are already a better and more patient mother. 


how to be a better mom
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I hope you found these tips helpful AND useful. Until next time,



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