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How I Use My Standard Sized Traveler Notebook For My Blogging Needs

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Not so tech savvy.

Most people are really great with everything electronic. However, I am not as tech savvy. I learn well enough, maybe not as quickly, but all in all I am more of a paper and pen type of gal. Writing everything out on paper has always been a must for me. Using planners and all things paper to help keep myself organized. You can check out my planner setup for 2019 here, My planner setup for 2019

Using a traveler’s notebook is beneficial.

I fell in love with the convenience of a traveler’s notebook two years ago. However, I made the mistake of trying to use it as a planner instead of for something I REALLY needed. A traveler’s notebook is amazing for a blogger.

How To Use A Traveler's Notebook For Blogging


  • Consists of up to 3 separate sections. You can add more bands to create more sections as you please. As writers we are constantly writing, am I right? I purchased a very affordable traveler’s notebook from Michael’s. It was $9.99 and with a coupon I only paid $5 which is pretty cheap, in my opinion. The reason I wanted an affordable one vs a foxy fix one is because I end up throwing it into my bag a lot. My bag gets cluttered and I don’t want to worry about messing up an expensive TN.

Inspiration strikes randomly!

Blogging inspo ideas strike me all of the time! I usually use my phone to jot things down but honestly my eyes occasionally need a break from the screen. I feel like I’m on my phone or infront of my computer screen too much so I love the break I get to just use pen and paper.

There’s 3 sections in there. Actually, I use one for blogging inspo ideas, the other section for Medium articles, and the last for things I need to do for my website. So very functional and necessary for a blogger to be organized!

Reasons to love a traveler’s notebook:

  • You can customize a traveler’s notebook. The crafty side of me always wants to customize everything I own. I enjoy decorating a notebook with pictures of my loved ones. Beautiful and inspiring quotes work as well. I usually put family photos in the front inside cover and the back inside cover and attach adhesive pockets if I want to add some stickers or even extra small photographs. However, I don’t think I’ll be doing that in my work TN but I may change my mind in the future.
  • It’s portable. The standard size Traveler’s Notebook is meant for on the go. It’s the perfect size to just throw in your bag and it’s very convenient to be portable since we get those blogging ideas randomly.

  • You can make your own notebooks and save yourself the cost of purchasing more. Since I blog and publish articles on Medium, I don’t save a lot of my work. I only save my best articles or pieces I love onto my computer. Maybe when I write my future ebook I’ll save it. Grabbing some sheets of paper, cutting them down to size, and simply folding is such an easy & convenient feature of a traveler’s notebook.

I would highly recommend traveler’s notebooks for bloggers who love to write and don’t necessarily like to use technology 24/7.

I hope this inspired you if you are feeling unorganized or cluttered. Sometimes, it’s easier to separate notebooks into sections to organize your thoughts.

The last thing a blogger needs to be is unorganized!

Till next time,


Mrsplanahead ?

How To Use A Traveler's Notebook For Blogging

How To Use A Traveler's Notebook For Blogging

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  1. I love this cute little notebook! Where did you get it? I’m currently hunting for some inexpensive notebooks with unlined paper and they seem impossible to find!

    1. admin says:

      You can find these at Michael’s for $9. I used a coupon and it was $5

  2. I am new to blogging! Thank you for the tips 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Of course,anytime!

  3. I have a similar one that I’ve used to jot down a ton of business ideas. There’s something about having something physically in your hands to write on.

    1. admin says:

      Yes, it’s a much needed break from the computer/phone screen.

  4. This is such a beautiful little notebook! I love the simplicity and overall use of it mainly because every time I go to find a notebook for myseld they’re either overwhelmingly overpriced or just complicated. Also thanks for the ideas on how to use it! I love posts like this!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it . I really enjoy using it and having an organized place to jot down everything. Blogging always has separate categories and I’m sure that’s the same for practically everything that needs a notebook!

  5. I always keep a notebook myself to keep my notes related to blogging and to keep my thoughts in order when I travel. it’s practical because you don’t have to worry about running out of battery and it helps me to be more creative. Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it ?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for reading it I do the same too. For some reason I don’t finish all my notebooks, or they get cluttered and I throw them away. That’s why I like the traveler’s notebook because less clutter

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