how can I be a better wife

How can I be a better wife?

How can I be a better wife?

how can I be a better wife

Are you a busy woman with a lot to do in life wondering how you can be a better wife? Been there and wondered the same thing too.

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As a busy work from home mom and now homeschooling mom, I am always feeling like I have so much I need to get done, plan for, and do all of the time.

I can easily feel overwhelmed and I’m guilty of pushing my marriage to the side.

Here’s a disclaimer: I don’t claim to be a marriage expert, I just speak from my personal experience of my marriage.

Anything here I advise is based on my marriage and in hopes of being able to help you be a better wife and help your marriage succeed.

It can be hard to juggle mom life and wife life yet neglecting our marriage does happen to the best of us.

Don’t feel bad about it. 

Being a mom and a wife is A LOT to deal with and juggle.

We all know being a mom is a full-time job and being married requires so much of our time, energy, and commitment.

Still, it’s not impossible. Just remember that we are all human and have at one point or another (once becoming a new parent) have pushed our marriage to the side.

Taking the time to be a better wife is the best thing to do for you to have a happy marriage.

But it can be super hard to remember you need to make time every single day with so much going on in our daily lives.

I’ve created a 30-day challenge that’s a free printable down below that can REALLY benefit you, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your busy schedule.

Trust me, it’s important to learn to make time for your husband, in fact, it’s key to a happy marriage, but this 30-day challenge is a freebie meant to help you in your marriage.

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Use this marriage workbook to better your marriage. 

I’ve used my 8+ years of experience to put together this amazing marriage workbook meant to help your marriage succeed. This affordable fillable workbook can be filled out on your computer or phone.

You can also print it out and fill out with a pen. This marriage workbook is filled with prompts and exercises meant to guide you through your marriage. 

It will help you pinpoint any issues you may be having in your marriage and help you have a happier marriage. Don’t wait to make your marriage better. 

Use this marriage workbook to help your marriage overcome all obstacles and succeed. Make the time to focus on your marriage because it’s well worth it! 

how can i be a better wife

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First off, what does it even mean to be a “good” wife?

We’re all unique in our own way. Also, one marriage is never the same as another.

Comparing your marriage to somebody else’s truly is a waste of time and energy.

It’s just not worth your effort but if someone is providing you with helpful tips based on their marriage and their first-hand experience, then it’s good to keep those tips in mind.

Make sure whoever is giving you the advice is someone trying to help you and has your happiness in mind.

And most importantly, remember you can always pray to God about your marriage wholeheartedly.

Sometimes pouring your heart out to the Lord is better than all the advice in the world. I know it can be hard to believe, but sometimes you really just need God.

The real question is what does it mean to be a good spouse.

It means being in a true partnership together, working together to bring out the best in one another.

There are many ways to be a good wife but there are basic qualities a good wife needs to have. The same apply to be a good husband.

Being a good and thoughtful wife means to listen to your husband, love, and care for him.

To be a thoughtful wife means to put effort into your marriage and be a listening ear your husband can depend on.

I believe being a good wife varies for every other person. For me, it means to be a good Christian wife.

Wives need to be patient, kind, and gentle in my opinion. It doesn’t mean it happens all of the time!

It’s just the goal and great qualities to practice and aim for. Being a good wife can be pretty hard, I’ll admit.

30 Day Challenge to help improve your marriage.

I’ve come up with a free printable, the 30-day Marriage Challenge on how to be a better wife.

You can print this out for personal use only and put it in your daily planner.

To receive this beautiful freebie, you can subscribe down below to receive the password to my free resource library page. From there, you can pick to download from tons of beautiful and free printables for personal use only.

how can I be a better wife

Little gestures go a long way in bettering your marriage.

A lot of times we get so wrapped up in work and all that we have going on in life that we tend to forget the normal little gestures that contribute so much to our love language.

Little gestures really do go a long way.

You can say things in your marriage are going to change, that much is true.

However, sometimes you need to start out small and be consistent with your actions instead of your words every single day.

Whenever my husband and I get into a little argument, it means a lot to both of us when the next morning even if we are still in an argument, I make him his breakfast, coffee, and lunch.

It means a lot to me when he still runs the dishwasher in the morning, throws out the trash, and picks up the toys the kids left behind in the living room.

When I make him his food despite our argument, it means a lot to him because it shows I am still caring for him out of love regardless of what’s going on.

It means a lot to me when he helps me out before I’m up in the morning because it helps me wake up to a clean, fresh home which really brings out the best in me.

What’s your love language? It’s important as a wife to know what it is and your husband needs to know what your love language is.

Also, learn his love language. We’re all different and have different ways of expressing ourselves.

What I can say for sure is that the little things DO matter because they make up our days. And that does matter, a lot.

Little gestures can go a long way and can help strengthen your marriage. Don’t forget to be consistent and do these daily.

Make it a routine to show interest and love for your husband. Even if you argue it still means a lot to keep up with your love language.

To become a better wife, look within yourself.

Have you talked to God lately? God LOVES you for who you are and wants you to be the best godly wife that you can possibly be.

Sometimes, you need to look within yourself in order to change. Is there something you’re missing deep down inside? 

Do some soul searching and you’ll come to find out we all have areas in our lives that we need to work on. What do you need to work on? 

Sit down somewhere quiet and meditate on what you feel is going on in your marriage.

List them and make sure to list what you think you’re doing wrong in order to come up with a solution.

Lists are so helpful to me. Even a brain dump does the trick. Just figure out what’s really going on.

If you’re unhappy with yourself make sure you list why too.

When we are unhappy with ourselves personally, it can really affect our marriage in lots of different ways.

Once my husband told me I was being angry and rude to everyone around me.

We weren’t having a disagreement but I remember taking one look at the mess before me and I was getting irritated.

Why? I had just cleaned up so well for it to be ruined in what seemed like seconds.

I went to go take a seat on my couch and took a deep breath. Keeping quiet to myself seemed like a good idea.

Since I knew I was not in the best of moods, I felt like speaking angrily wouldn’t accomplish anything. In fact, it could hurt some feelings that didn’t really need to be hurt.

I was frustrated because I didn’t get much sleep since my toddler was sick for two weeks. A tired and cranky mom never makes a happy one.

So, I made sure to go and take a nap. I felt super refreshed afterward.

It can really be something so simple as a tired mom needing a nap or a minute to herself. There are so many things that can go wrong causing you to lash out and take our frustrations out on your husband.

Try your hardest to identify how you’re feeling and why. Practice some techniques to help calm you down and get you to that positive mindset.

It won’t be easy or a perfect journey, but it’s a start. Just learn to hold yourself accountable and keep practicing.

Ask your husband how you can be a better wife.

Asking your husband what you can do to make your marriage happier and better is always a good thing to do. Communication is key in a marriage.

You can always do a check-in on your marriage every few months if you’d like. I love to do these weekly check in’s with my husband.

Basically, I sort of review of how our marriage has been lately.

The reason why is because I used to be so disorganized in our earlier years of marriage and I never wrote anything down.

Since I wasn’t keeping track of much, I couldn’t remember why we had that little argument two months ago. I mean, really, who does?

Basically, I’d forget (so would he) and it was getting annoying because it seemed to be a repeating argument.

So, I decided to write out a weekly review every single week, but not just about my marriage.

When I started using the best planner system I’ve ever had things really started to turn around in my personal life. Having a weekly review is so helpful for someone who’s looking to organize their life out and really discover why things happen the way they do in our lives.

All I do on Sunday is list a few sections of my life I want to sit down and review on. Usually, it’s marriage, work, my kids, meal planning, budgeting, and cleaning, to name a few.

I’ll just jot a few key points that happened that week and notes I think are helpful to read back on. It’s become super helpful in my life.

This is my favorite planner to use where I keep track of my life. I also use this beautiful cover for it.

Review your marriage with your husband weekly. Check-in on yourselves, together.

This will help your marriage out so much!

You are working on communication when you’re sitting down weekly to discuss your marriage and opening up to one another, growing closer in the process.

And that’s key to a happy and successful marriage.

Being a better wife is great to want to do, for your marriage.

Looking for ways to become a better wife is really amazing to want to do. I know it’s an unpopular opinion and I don’t really know why.

Being a wife is hard and a ton of work. Trying to be the best version of ourselves is good for us though.

When you learn to love yourself and take care of yourself that will reflect onto your marriage helping you become a better wife and person.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, that’s pretty amazing. If someone is telling you that you don’t need to work on areas to improve yourself, that’s fine!

But, if you’re feeling as though you need to work on certain areas, follow your gut, and make a list of things you think you need to work on.

That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Showing you love your husband is so helpful in your marriage.

Making him his favorite foods, going on trips that mean a lot to him, and communicating how you feel about him is so important.

Marriage isn’t perfect, nothing on Earth is. But, you can have a happy marriage. You can be a happy wife!

Your husband and you CAN be happy together. All it takes is an effort on both of your parts and a positive mindset to get things done.

Wanting to be better for your husband is so wonderful. I applaud your effort by even reading this and using the free printable.

Grab your free printable down below now! 

Make sure to subscribe to receive the password to my free resource library. 

This printable is a great 30-day challenge meant to help your marriage thrive!


Where to find more from mrsplanahead.

This free 30-day Challenge printable is a month-long. Which means you have 30 days to show your husband how much you love him.

I truly hope this printable helps you be more caring, loving, and thoughtful towards your husband.

Let me know in the comments down below (or an e-mail) if you enjoyed using this printable and if the challenge helped your marriage improve.

I may create another one for a second month if you let me know! My husband loves little gestures like this every single day.

But, not just once in a while. It’s important to stay consistent if you want your marriage to thrive and grow.

Until next time,

God bless,


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