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Homeschool tips and tricks

Homeschool tips and tricks.


Are you looking for valuable homeschool tips and tricks? I’m here to help you get just that.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a homeschool mom? That’s me! I’ve been there so many times. 

That’s why I decided to come up with 10 realistic and helpful tips to help you get through your homeschool day, mama. 

Honestly, these tips are from my personal experience. I have my good homeschool days and then there are ones when I cannot wait for the weekend.

Being a homeschool mom isn’t super easy, you’re actually teaching your child important subjects and it can quickly become frustrating, especially if you’ve never taught children before. 

Have no fear, God put it in your heart to be a homeschool teacher. I know God did that for me. 

I’m so grateful that he did, because my daughter has excelled in a homeschool environment. All children are different, but my oldest really needed some guidance, help, and love from her mama.

I took a leap of faith and started homeschooling in 2020. After almost a year of homeschooling with the Ron Paul curriculum I decided to 100% continue for another school year. 

God put it in my heart to nurture and teach my children. My toddler will be starting pre-school with me as well. 

I have 10 amazing tips to help a homeschool mom out and I think they are super important and valuable tips. 

10 homeschool tips and tricks to help you.

  1. Start your morning off with a prayer.

Right before you even open your eyes and your mind heads straight to everything you need to do, focus and pray to God first. You need to thank God for letting you live another amazing day.

Don’t dread the day. Start your day off with thanksgiving in your heart.

You have so much to be thankful for as soon as you open your eyes. When you pray to God ask him for patience, strength, and wisdom to make the right decisions for you and your family throughout the day. 

2. Make your bed, get showered, dressed, and do your makeup.

Just because you’re a homeschool mom doesn’t mean you NEED to spend the day in your pajamas, hair unkept, and no makeup on. I do this plenty of times, by no means am I perfect.

However, I do find that with getting ready consistently, I tend to feel better about myself.

My husband compliments me and my children compliment me. Sometimes, when I see family and friends about they also do too!

That makes me feel good about myself! Showering early does help a lot.

That wakes me up and helps me feel more prepared to start my day. The days we go out on walks or to the stores to do errands, I shower later.

But, when we are home a full day I get up, shower, do my makeup, and dress up. This helps keep away depression and laziness.

Trust me. Don’t skip this step and make it a habit. This is such a necessary tip. 

How to successfully homeschool?

That’s easy. Get into a clear mind space before beginning each and every day.

How else are teachers successful?

Teachers are amazing people to get tips and advice from when it comes to homeschooling your own kids. You need to have your home clean and organized before starting everyday.

Homeschooling in a cluttered space/area is a recipe for disaster. This takes away from your productivity and my kids don’t really like to be in a dirty area and try to learn.

So, for your kids just make sure everything is cleaned up and organized daily, just like it is at school.

3. Time to clean up the living room, kitchen, and rooms you are mostly in during homeschool days.

Ideally, this tip would be done the night prior. However, not every day pans out that way.

If you have more than one child, this step can be hard to complete 100%. After I make a home cooked dinner, I do get tired and don’t clean up my kitchen or living room.

It’s an extra half hour of clean up in the morning, so do take note of that. Clean up your living room, pick up and put aways all of the kid’s toys, and vacuum crumbs off the living room floor.

Make sure to start your dishwasher up and wipe down the kitchen counters. Freshen up your kitchen table and sweep the floors.

This gives you peace of mind. If this is done, it doesn’t matter so much if everything else is cluttered.

What’s important is you can teach now in a clean space and that will help your day be more productive. 

4. Grab a full cup of water.

You NEED to stay hydrated, mama. Listen, if you’re homeschooling, working from home, cleaning, and cooking you are going to be busy.

WOW. It’s a lot to handle.

Make sure you’re taking your vitamins daily and drinking water. The #1 mistake I made when my oldest was little was not staying hydrated enough.

Now, with two kiddos I am constantly with my water bottle. So, be smart and hydrate throughout the day.

Always lug around that water with you. 

More valuable homeschool tips and tricks.

5. When times get hard during homeschool, take note that it’s okay to take a break.

You’ve got to embrace these breaks, trust me. My oldest takes a lot of breaks during school because all kids need them!

Well, guess what? Teachers need breaks too.

While your child takes their break, make sure you’re taking one too. I try NOT to work during breaks, I try to just drink my water and sit there.

Occasionally, I’ll clean up, and accomplish at least one chore I’ve been wanting to do. But, for the most part I just sit there.

I breathe and fill out my planner. I’ll write a prayer or fill up a daily in there. Just try to relax and take a break. 

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You decided to take on the role as a TEACHER. It’s just not going to be that easy!

Even if it is, congrats but we all know there are days when we are just so tired. So, don’t be hard on yourself.

You’re doing the best that you can do. 

7. Write out breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner ideas out.

I’m going to start doing this in my planner, very soon. I’ve noticed now that I’m homeschooling, my lunch ideas haven’t been that great (my oldest reminds me).

I’m going to dedicate a “menu” section to my planner and add every day of the week’s meals because I am just very busy. This will help me get back on schedule with great lunches for the kids.

My husband and I have always crafted our dinners weekly, very nicely. However, I have been a little off when it comes to breakfast and lunches.

I do want to get better at that and this tip will help.  

8. Prep for your school week either on Friday or Sunday.

You’ve got to prep when you homeschool. Even if you’re following a curriculum to the T, you need to plan it all out.

Sometimes, I notice my child may need a little extra help with a lesson or I note what she needs to practice more of for math. So, these notes are very valuable to me.

You can use them to help your child really learn more and understand certain concepts they are struggling with better. When you prep, print out everything you need for the week.

Anything you took notes on that your child may need, print it out. Organize your days out in your planner.

I use the Recollections planner horizontal layout. My husband got it for me as a gift and I’m so glad that he did.

I really needed something separate for my daughter’s education. It’s come in handy to keep us on track with our curriculum and any notes I need to reference.

I always write down her spelling words in a separate column too. 

9. Make sure to change your children’s clothes and get them ready as if they were headed out to school.

I know it’s much easier to keep them in their pajamas, but it’s not good for them. Just like you get yourself dressed, make sure you’re dressing your babies, and doing their hair.

Just because you are home, doesn’t mean it’s super easy for them. They’ll miss their friends, socializing, and  having that time at school.

What they need is routine, so being consistent in that area will ensure their success. In the beginning of my homeschool time, I used to let me kids be in their pajamas.

Towards the middle of the school year, I noticed that wasn’t such a great idea. When you’re in your pajamas, you’re not as productive as you can be.

Besides, my oldest loves dressing up for the day. So does my youngest! Just getting them ready and doing their hair is a great start for everybody’s day. 

10. Last tip of the list! Encourage your child daily.

I know homeschooling can be hard on the teacher. But, you’re their teacher!

Do you remember when you were in school and you used to love when your teacher complimented your writing or wrote kind comments on your assignments? I know I did!!

So, do the same for your child. I constantly draw happy faces on my daughter’s worksheets and encourage her to try her best during every single subject.

You got this mama, be a great encourager for your child.  

What you should know BEFORE homeschooling.

The Lord put it in my heart to homeschool my oldest daughter and now my youngest too. Make sure you feel like you’re able to homeschool well.

I highly recommend researching and watching some YouTube videos so you get a sense of what it will be like. Also, you will need to be patient with your child.

They’re not just your child, they’ll be your student. Learning is the goal here, so make sure you remind yourself about that before beginning.

Also, make sure to have plenty of supplies on hand depending on the grade level. Look up cool projects and fun assignments to do prior to the year starting.

Some of my favorite supplies that you may find useful are: Thick 3 ring binder to keep all of your child’s work, a printer that is equipped to handle homeschooling needs, and my favorite 3 ring hole punch.

This is just a few necessary things. I have a lot more, but these are my most used items.

I’ll make a separate post for certain materials.


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Leave a comment down below if any of these tips have helped you out! Until next time and God bless,



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