healthy habits for women

Healthy habits to start

Healthy habits to start.

healthy habits to start

Are you looking for healthy habits to start? I don’t know about you but I have been looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

So have my kids and husband. It’s so hard to deal with all of these pesky viruses and when it runs through the whole family.

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Well, even now more than ever it’s so important to keep ourselves hydrated and healthy. So, I’ve come up with a list of my personal favorite healthy habits in hopes if you haven’t implemented these already into your routine, that you’ll start soon.

Keeping yourself healthy is so important for your well being and helps you take care of those who are sick, which as moms we know is necessary.

Starting healthy habits can seem daunting, but it’s truly better to start early rather than late. Make sure you are keeping yourself motivated daily in order to change your lifestyle to be more healthy.

Your body will thank you in the future.

Self-care is very important.

I love self-care and everything about it. Whenever my kids are sick or my husband, I tend to put self-care in the back burner and end up wearing myself out.

Being a work from home mom can really take a toll on me. Not just that, but I’m also a homeschooling mama.

I’m so busy taking care of others that I can forget to take care of myself. Remember to put yourself first, at least one day out of the week.

I like to have a Self-care Sunday so that I can focus on myself at least ONCE during the very busy week. It’s important to take the time to care for yourself, mentally, and physically.

Make sure you’re taking the time to care for you. I like to do my own mani’s at home as a way to self-care.

It really makes me feel like I’m pampering myself (and saves me money!) I put my favorite products I always use down below.

You also want to make sure you are mentally healthy and ready for what comes in your way. Keep in mind, some of these habits will include self-care and they are good for you.

A list of healthy habits to start.

  • Drink lemon water.

Staying hydrated is so important. However, I’m not a fan of water.

I like icy cold water and I will drink it but I notice I’m not very consistent. So, changing it up sometimes isn’t a bad idea!

I cut up some slices of lemon and put it in icy cold water and drinking my water is now bearable. Anyone else not a fan of just plain old water?

Let me know in the comments down below if you use anything to make your water taste better. It really helps to have a water bottle with you all the time.

It reminds me to take small sips daily and keep myself hydrated. I always keep it next to me while I blog or just am playing with the kids.

  • Wake up EARLY.

I’m not saying to wake up early on your weekends because I really would hate to be like that. I’m not even a morning person, I literally had to become one.

Just stick to what you ARE comfortable with. Wake up early, I’d advise, at least 5 days a week. It’s important to get your mind right first.

And THEN you can handle your day. My husband wakes up early every single day but he does notice when I wake up earlier on the weekends, I get worn out.

It’s true. Since we’re both super busy throughout the week, we like to lay in bed for an extra hour and rest more instead of getting up and starting an early routine on the weekend.

No, I think rest is very important too even if you’re not fully asleep.

Prayer helps restore our weary souls for the week.

  • Make sure you’re praying as soon as you wake up.

Praying is so important. I love to pray with God and spend time with him. He listens to all of my doubts and fears.

There’s not enough time I get to really spend time with God daily. I wish I had more and I’m working on balancing it out.

But I love the time I get to spend with him. God loves you and he misses you while you sleep.

When you wake up give thanks to God for all he’s blessed you with today. Don’t forget how much he loves you.

  • Read your Devotions every day.

Sis, read your Bible. I know how easy it is to not read your Bible, but get yourself a nice Bible that answers ALL of your questions and helps you read well.

Some of us don’t do well reading an older school version of the Bible. I know I’m like that.

Focus on your devotions in that case. But. make sure you’re reading them and making time to learn more about God.

The more you learn about him, go to him, and talk to Jesus, the more that you are growing yourself in spirit. And that’s very important to do when you’re trying to change to a more healthy lifestyle.

Healthy habits begin mentally.

  • Say your positive affirmations aloud in the mirror, looking at yourself.

I say my positive affirmations daily with my eldest every day. My youngest is getting the hang of it too.

Saying your positive affirmations with your children can only benefit them. You’re instilling confidence and peace in them at a young age!

That’s absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to say my self love positive affirmations daily because I have gotten so used to saying them and I now believe them wholeheartedly.

Don’t get mad at the journey, just be grateful you have the opportunity. God is good and you can’t forget that.

By loving yourself, you’re loving him. The more you say positive things about yourself and actually AFFIRM them by speaking them out into the universe, the better it is for you and your life.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive affirmations.

  • Be positive and encourage yourself daily, instead of putting yourself down.

There is NO point in starting your day off negatively. Be kind to yourself because there are plenty of bad people out there, ready to judge you.

Make sure you’re being kind to yourself. We all have enough to deal with, so at least loving ourselves can make the day go a little more smoothly.

  • Realize you are doing the best you can and that’s good enough for today.

Eating healthy matters.

  • Eat your greens and if you can’t eat them, then drink them.

I love broccoli and thankfully, my kids do too. If you aren’t a fan of the greens, become one! Take supplements if not.

It’s important to feed your body the good stuff so you don’t get sick so quickly. I’ve been focusing on eating better to boost my immune system.

Get yourself some healthy green smoothies if that will help you out. Just make sure you’re helping your body out!

  • Cook yourself homemade foods as much as you can throughout the week versus takeout.

Takeout is NOT good for you! My husband would love reading that.

He used to call me the takeout Queen. But you know what, too many sicknesses around here and unfortunately, take out isn’t making me feel any better.

Homemade food makes me feel so much better. For my lunch today, I had a glass of cold lemon water, organic popped popcorn, and a regular turkey and cheese sandwich with pickles.

This meal filled me right up and made me feel good versus a Whopper I would have grabbed before at Burger King. It’s more affordable too!

  • Go on a walk whenever you get the chance to. You need to exercise and breathe fresh air.
  • Clean your home daily and start your weekly cleaning routine if you haven’t already.

I don’t have a set in stone cleaning routine though you can check out my old cleaning routine here, I am working away at a new one.

For now, I just vacuum the living room daily, wipe down the kitchen counters and table daily, clean the bathroom weekly, and the rooms weekly too.

I recently purchased Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning spray for my table and countertops and I love the smell. Get yourself cleaning products that smell good to keep you motivated to keep cleaning throughout the week.

Down below, I’ve listed the must-have cleaning supplies that I always use. These are AMAZING products I love to use.

It’s important to disinfect too weekly to get those germs OUT of your home.

  • Take your vitamin every day. 


There you have it my 12 favorite healthy habits to start if you haven’t already. I hope these healthy habits inspired you to clean up your home and drink all water.

Here’s another healthy tip. Disclaimer: I’m not claiming to be a health expert, but I love black tea.

I made a switch from coffee to black tea about a year ago and have never looked back since. Coffee was always giving me stomach issues.

Even though I felt more awake and charged, my stomach was paying the price! So, I checked online for healthier alternatives.

Black tea is my absolute favorite. I use a bit of milk and sugar to make it taste great.

You get used to the taste after a while. Here’s my favorite black tea brand down below.

Stay hydrated and I wish you health this season.

Until next time,




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