halloween coloring pages for kids

Halloween coloring pages for kids

Halloween coloring pages for kids.

halloween coloring pages for kids

Are you looking for free Halloween coloring pages for kids? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

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I love creating coloring pages for my kids to color in. They love everything about the holidays and that includes coloring!

Often times I am very busy since I work from home and I homeschool my children, so fun coloring sheets make them happy. Working from home doesn’t give me a lot of downtime and can get a little boring for the kids which is why I like to come up with fun activities.

When I’m super busy with a project, they enjoy coloring alongside mommy. You can’t ever go wrong with coloring sheets with kids!  

My children enjoy using their art studio set kits when they color as it keeps their messiness down to a minimum. Now, if your child is a messy toddler (like mine) you should use this mess-free drawing board!

My baby loves hers and to be honest, I love it a lot too. I’ve had so many scribbles on the walls from my toddler that I always have a magic eraser on deck.

Also, I always have a lot of paper available because my children go through it so quickly! It’s better to have extra around, I’ve learned!

I also have some fall coloring sheets that my kids love and hopefully, yours will too! Coloring pages just never go out of style and are always a fun activity to do with your children.  

Halloween coloring pages for kids.

Grab your free Halloween coloring page down below! There are fun images to color that are Halloween related.

There will be plenty of coloring sheets coming up for Christmas as well. I’m super excited to make those because I love Christmas time!

I hope you enjoy these free Halloween coloring pages for kids. Don’t forget to subscribe down below to get the password to my free resource library page. Enjoy! 

halloween coloring pages for kids

What are the benefits of coloring for kids? 

Honestly, I do color with my children when I want to unwind and chat with them. We enjoy talking about the pretty images to color and picking which colors to use on them. 

Also, getting crayons and extra markers in bulk is always a smart idea. My kids love to craft and color so having supplies is important for days we spend inside.

I keep our art supplies in this organizer to keep things less cluttered. It’s very frustrating to have a messy house afterward so I got all I needed to keep our home organized.

The benefits of coloring are really great and worth looking into. Children love coloring for a reason!

When I am stressed and anxious I enjoy coloring with my kids. It’s therapeutic and calms me down.

There are a lot of adult coloring books if you don’t want to color children’s coloring pages, which I totally get. I only color with mine because they want me to!

Honestly, I never used to be into coloring when I was younger. However, I do enjoy sketching a bit.

Try coloring when you’re feeling anxious and stressed out. Watch those terrible feelings disappear!

Painting also helps relax me too and there are plenty of Youtube tutorials on how to paint for beginners. I recommend watching them!

More on Halloween coloring pages for kids.

I also created free fall coloring pages for your children! These are four pages and they go with the fall season.

Enjoy them!

fall coloring pages for kids

On mrsplanahead, I try to create new freebies every single month. There’s a lot of categories I have to cover.

From marriage, holiday, self-care, lifestyle, mom tips, and much more I do try to cover freebies for all of these categories. You can check out my free resource library page for even more freebies.

Coloring pages are a great way for kids to have fun and parents to spend time with them. I created a mother-daughter bucket list to create even fun memories with my children!

Creating bucket lists are fun to do. I like to have them in my personal home planner, ready to go!

Spending time with your kids is important, especially during the Holidays. I love creating Holiday memories with my kids and taking pictures to look back on.

Sometimes, I’ll memory keep with a side of journaling, and other times I will just collect our photos in an album. Either way, I enjoy it!

Other fun Halloween crafts to do with your kids.

There’s so much to do when it comes to crafting with your children! I always check Pinterest to help get my creative mind going.

There have been so many times when I’ve subscribed to get an amazing freebie that my kids want. They have made unicorn headbands!

You can also cut out paper doll templates with paper outfits too. There’s so much more on Pinterest.

Pinterest always has a ton of great ideas on crafts to keep kiddos entertained. More fun crafts include: decorating your own trick or treat bags, adding some DIY touches to costumes, and decorating your home Halloween style.

You can decorate deco pumpkins Halloween style and display them on your front porch. Making a Halloween haunted house is always fun to do!

That can be so much fun for the kids. You can use white silly string to give it a sort of spooky look which I’m sure the kiddos will think is awesome.

There are so many more ideas that you can check Pinterest, Google, or Facebook. For Christmas, I’m always browsing online for inspiration.

Halloween coloring pages for kids.

I hope you love these free Halloween coloring pages for your children. There will be more coloring pages coming up soon, super excited about that!

I’ve been thinking about creating worksheets too for kids. Let me know in the comments down below if you’d be interested in getting these free worksheets.

Since I started to homeschool, I’ve come to realize worksheets are a huge part of learning. You can learn more about how I homeschool my child.

Worksheets are fun for me to create so I may start off with some simple math and reading. I sure hope you’ll enjoy them!

My child loves fun reading worksheets and math ones. The boring ones aren’t super interesting so I want to make her more.

I’ll share them when I’m finished!

Takeaways and what’s next on mrsplanahead.

The holidays are almost here! I’ll be working many hours on getting fresh new holiday content added to my site!

I’ve already posted my current and updated planner system as promised to my subscribers. They come with free planner inserts, for your personal use only.

That being said, I’m going to take a break from planning content to focus on Holiday content. You can expect holiday gift guides as well.

It’s been very busy and hectic in my life lately since I’m homeschooling for the first time. Between struggling to learn how to work from home and teach, plus trying to potty train, my toddler, let’s just say it’s been real!

Here’s to hoping 2021 will be an awesome year filled with great things, in the name of Jesus. I’ll be praying for health, happiness, and safety for us all.

Until next time,




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