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God’s protection in scripture

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God’s protection in scripture.

God's protection in scripture
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Hello all, today I wanted to discuss God’s protection in scripture. God loves us all so very much and proves it in his Word. Times can become difficult in life, trying situations can occur, and praying to God really has helped me during those trying times. Praying often lessens my anxiety and gives me hope that no matter the situation that God will help and provide.

I owe everything to the Lord and I know He takes care of my family and I, no matter what. That’s why I’ve searched in God’s word and have come up with a few verses that state how protected you are by God. I’ve created and designed a free printable of these beautiful scriptures as well. You can add it into your planner or tape to your fridge as daily reminders of God’s protection. Let’s get right into God’s protection in scripture. 

Does God promise protection?

My family has had a trying past year but thankfully things have been looking up. We always put God first and try to teach our children this everyday. I even teach my children Sunday school lesson plans at home because I value God’s ways so much and I want to make sure they learn about Him. Keep in mind that even when we go through trying times, the Lord is our rock. He protects us through hard times. There’s proof in the Bible.

God most certainly does promise protection and honestly, I am glad he does. Not only does this give me more confidence in His word but also it helps me focus on the promises he makes us in the Bible. When I was little, I would love to read scripture over and over. One of my most favorite book is Proverbs. Also, Psalms. It’s hard to pick ONE favorite book. Everything is written so beautifully and I am in awe of what’s in there.

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God hears our cries.

Whenever you are having trying or difficult times, don’t fear. God will always be there to protect us all. God listens to our cries for help and mercy. I trust in God so much and know He will always  protect me, even when I am feeling down about myself. A lot of times we can get so down and negative about ourselves because we are hearing it from others. I encourage you to ignore the negative vibes others are trying to conflict you with. Positivism is key in this life and hopefully you can learn to focus on that in order to move forward in life.

God's protection in scripture
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Scripture of God’s protection for us.

Here’s your free printable you can download below. 

_God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea._

God's protection in scripture


Is God’s protection unconditional?

God is so good and he never abandons us, even in our most difficult and worst moments. Even when we are acting downright terrible, the Lord still loves us. I have had a few moments I am not too proud of, due to lack of patience or just having an off day. I’m a mother of two and life can be pretty hectic. Mom life, am I right? However, He still cares about us despite our flaws and protects us. Shielding us with His love is so selfless. He is THERE. He loves you, no matter what. God’s protection in scripture tells you time and time again that his protection is unconditional.

Unconditional. You heard right. How awesome is it that God loves us unconditionally and his protection is forever?

Have faith in the Lord.

If you feel like you don’t have ENOUGH faith, just know that’s completely normal. I’ve gone through that as well. Actually, for many years. Praying for faith truly helped me throughout that period of time to be able to have more faith. Don’t give up and keep on praying. Good things take time and a lot of prayer.

God's protection in scripture
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How to pray for God’s protection.

I am so, so grateful for God’s mercy and kindness each and every single day that passes by. The best way to talk to God is through prayer. I always feel so much closer once I have worshiped the Lord and prayed afterwards. Singing to God and praising him gives me such peace inside my heart. Praying to God is so easy and simple. Just speak to Him as you would your best friend, with respect. Feel free to pray with me today, and say these words with me:

God's protection in scripture


Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for protecting me Lord, when I needed it the most. Thank you for forgiving me whenever I do something wrong and accepting my apology, even though sometimes I can’t even accept my own. I am so thankful for your continuous love and mercy. Thank you for blessing me each and every day, Lord. Help me be more like you.

I’m sorry for any mistakes I have made today Lord. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please forgive me.

I pray for strength Lord, for the upcoming week and for guidance Lord, to make good choices that only benefit my family and I, in a good way, Jesus. Choices that follow in your footsteps.

I love you so much Lord and I’m so grateful for this amazing day. In Jesus name I pray,

Amen and amen.

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God's protection in scripture
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I hope this prayer has helped you only in the best of ways.

Until next time,



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