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15 fun activities to do with your kids

Fun activities to do with your kids.

fun activities to do with your kids

Do you ever have those days where your children are pretty bored and keep asking you to play with them over and over again? If this sounds like you, this will be such a helpful post because I’m providing a list of 15 fun activities to do with your kids.

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Some of these activities are to do inside your home and others for outdoors! I find it so helpful to have a couple of lists of activities to do at home and places to go outside.

I keep these helpful lists in my planner. My planner is how I keep my sanity between working from home and also being a homeschool mom!

I have compiled a list of fun activities to do with your kids. These are some activities that my children personally enjoy and I hope you enjoy them too!

The more time you make for your children, the stronger your relationship will be. It’s important to me to spend plenty of time with my children and us having a good time.

That’s why I picked these fun activities out for them! They love them.

Planning out activities is beneficial for your children.

It can be so busy as a stay at home mom and sometimes we tend to forget our children want to have fun too and participate in sports and dance! What I find helpful is to keep my favorite planner handy at all times and check every single morning to see what we’ve got going on for the day.

I used to forget so many things before my planner life took over and I must say, this has helped keep my entire family on track so much. Even though I do have my off days (sick or just taking a day off of blogging for my mental health) my planner is my go-to.

What helps me is to plan out some fun activities to do for the entire month for the kids. Then, if I need to purchase anything I will plan out my amazon order on a sticky note to place an order.

From there, I’ll transfer it to a week at a time and that helps remind me when I have a fun activity going on for the kids. It’s something they look forward to often.

15 fun activities to do with your kids.

This list I came up with I made for my oldest daughter and me! We recently had three-day breaks from school and I couldn’t help but notice how bored she was getting since I’m always blogging.

Blogging can take up a majority of your time if you let it. The key is to follow your schedule accordingly and prioritize your time wisely.

Make sure you’re putting enough time into all areas of your life. I know it can be easy to neglect certain areas because you’re so busy trying to get everything accomplished on your website.

The thing I learned about blogging is that it’s a LONG race, you can say. Blogging work is never truly over.

It’s ongoing and it’s just wise to just accept that from the beginning. Not only that but blogging can become addicting so it’s smart to just stick with a constant schedule and you’ll reap from the results over time.

I am a stay at home mom but I do a blog as much as I can and generally I like to be on the computer at least two hours a day if I can. However, that’s not fun for a child especially if you’re home for break.

And the only reason I’m blogging for only 2-3 hours is because of my kiddos wanting their mommy. Learn to split your time up wisely.

So, I decided to go ahead and see what I could do to keep my oldest entertained until she starts her sport in the upcoming month. Blogging from home is a blessing in disguise and I hope she realizes how much I want to spend time with her, which is why I chose to work from home!

Fun activities to do with your kids.

  • Paint fun cards for each other or family members. 

My daughter and I love to paint cards for family members and they enjoy receiving a thoughtful gift! We always have plenty of cardstock on hand and painting supplies.

Crafts are so much fun and my daughter and I love to do weekly crafts together. I’d recommend to always have a tub of craft supplies available upon a top-shelf.

They are so helpful to pull out on a rainy day, too. I have a specific arts and crafts storage organizer for my oldest daughter since we do so many projects and activities!

Personally, I like to keep my desk space mine only, so I got her this great organizer from Amazon to place in her room. It’s worked great so far and I love that it doesn’t take up so much space.

I have plenty more mom hacks that you can check out. What I enjoy most to do on mrsplanahead is to provide life hacks for my audience that are super helpful for my subscribers.

More fun activities to do!

  • Try fun indoor/outdoor scavenger hunts to do! You can order online which is super convenient and keeps your kiddos entertained!

  • Come up with fun and creative drawings and draw them with chalk on the patio or sidewalk. 

My kids LOVE drawing with chalk outside. They get so creative with their drawings too!

We always order our chalk from Amazon and they are such amazing quality. I can’t imagine my kids not playing outdoors without it.

  • Blow bubbles outside. (My kids love doing this together. It gives you a nice break to just watch them having fun and getting along). 
  • Make brownies, cake, or cupcakes together.

Baking is so important to do with your kids. That and cooking plus teaching them to clean well can only benefit your children and help them learn life skills they will always need!

My oldest and I love making cupcakes together. I have more fun mother-daughter bucket list ideas too!

Spending quality time with your children is always something you should focus on. Children need to spend quality time with their parents because they have so much to learn from you!

Cleaning and decluttering can be fun too.

Now I know that children really don’t like to clean, from what I hear. However, my kids really enjoy it because I set up cleaning time as a “time to help mommy” and I have pink baskets ready for them to separate their toys into.

They always help me carry the toys back to their room and put them away. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring.

It can be fun and children like to see you help too or just engage and talk them through it. My children love to help mama!

We like to use pink storage bins to transfer the toys to and from the living room. One thing I don’t enjoy is walking back and forth, making multiple trips with the toys!

  • Declutter and clean the room you’re all in. 

When it comes to cleaning, I do turn off the television. That way the kids can really focus on helping mom clean.

We always clean at least once during the day. Usually, it’s picking up the living room at night and making sure it’s nice and tidy for the next morning.

We’ll even pick up their room a bit daily.

  • Vacuum up the halls and organize the house before we leave to go play outside!
  • Go on a walk outside and pick out pretty flowers. I’ve also made my own scavenger hunts for my girls and we go do them together outside. 
  • Make hot chocolate together and top it off with marshmallows, popcorn, and watch a new movie that just came out.

My kids love hot chocolate! My oldest especially enjoys this during Christmas time.

I believe we always make hot chocolate with marshmallows around that time! You can also pop a bowl of popcorn to go with it and pick a new release from Netflix to watch with your kiddos.

This is making time for your babies and doing something you both enjoy!

The last of the fun activities to do with your kids.

  • Fun park day outside. 

You can’t go wrong with a park day! Pack a picnic basket lunch to take along with you guys.

  • Read 5-6 books together. 

Reading is very important for your child. I read to my babies every single night and it’s done wonders!

Not only do they love to read but they love to listen. And of course, I love books and reading so I’m super happy they enjoy something that I do.

The more you read to your child, the more they’ll start to enjoy it. Learning and reading will help them out in school.

  • Catch up on learning online.

Personally, I love using Starfall and ST math for my children. Starfall has a free version, though I’ve been wanting to purchase the full program lately because it really does help your child learn to read and put together sentences very well.

I have wanted to try ABC mouse too but the reviews didn’t seem too promising. There are also wonderful subscription boxes out there filled with activities to do with kids that are educational.

When you are catching up with your child in their grade level, you get a chance to see how they are doing in school and how they are progressing. Don’t miss out on that opportunity!

Don’t forget to just have fun and spend time with your kids.

  • Dance party with dolls. 
  • Tea party with dolls. (Dress up too!)

My toddler loves Fancy Nancy because she drinks tea and acts fancy. She absolutely loves this doll and the tea set!

My children always want to play with these items.

  • Sing-alongs.

Netflix has plenty of them. My toddler LOVES Word Party and they have plenty of great and educational sing-alongs.

There you have it, these are the 15 fun activities to do with your kids. I really hope this has helped give you some ideas for the next time your children are on break and you find yourself not able to entertain them.

I was feeling stressed out too like I needed to come up with something for them to do but my mind was so focused on my work. If you feel like this is you, that’s not good, moms though I do understand.

You just really need to breathe and clear your mind. You will be so amazed at how much they VALUE the time you actually GIVE them wholeheartedly.

I am going to be coming out with a blog post soon on how to really mentally be there for your children wholeheartedly despite the many hurdles life throws at us. Stay tuned for that!


I hope you liked this post of fun activities to do with your kids. It’s important to make time to spend with your children so that they know you love them and cherish them!

Also, keep in mind that planning ahead can really help you when you’re stretched thin on time. I find that happening to myself far too often!

When you plan ahead, you’re setting yourself up for success. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish everything, but you may want to have an outline right there just in case.

That’s one of the reasons that I love planning ahead of time. It’s just helpful to refer back to throughout the week.

I’m very excited to share I’m done with my book! I’m going through this editing process and I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day, but it’s almost out.

Thanks so much for your patience and I’m going to be starting my e-mails up again soon, so you’ll be able to hear from me directly to your e-mail!

Don’t forget to subscribe.

God bless and until next time,




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