family weekly meal plan

Family Weekly Meal Plan

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Family weekly meal plan.

Hello all, today I wanted to share my family weekly meal plan for a family of 4. I am a busy stay at home mom of 2 children and it’s no secret it can be very difficult raising littles, not to mention expensive. Even though my husband and I ultimately decided for the good of our family I would be a stay at home mom of our 2 children, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Nothing in life is ever easy, especially if it’s worth it.

One of the things I knew I had to focus on was budgeting and meal planning. Meal planning isn’t just helpful to our family, it’s something I can control. I strive for my family to be well fed on an affordable budget. So, I have created a family weekly meal plan that I wanted to share with you.

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Weekly meal ideas.

Monday- Bean, cheese, and rice burritos.

This dish is my husband’s favorite. You can add sour cream and salsa to your burrito and don’t forget the cheese! Burritos these simple are definitely budget friendly and also very healthy and nutritious for your children and yourself to eat. It’s important to stay strong and healthy, especially if you’re trying to stick to a strict budget.

My kids really enjoy these burritos. What my picky children love to do is open up the tortilla and eat the rice, beans, and cheese on the inside first and finish up the tortilla last. Occasionally, I do need to separate the food for them. My oldest likes quesadillas and rice and beans on the side, which you can easily turn these burritos into.

family weekly meal planning

Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo pasta with broccoli.

Making my family this dish is awesome because it’s so healthy and nutritious and they love it so much! We purchase organic chicken each time because that’s what we are comfortable with. Eating organic isn’t mandatory in our family but whenever I spot a good deal on organic food, I do make sure to coupon and grab it. The kids enjoy mixing broccoli into their dish and of course, putting sufficient Parmesan cheese on their pasta. For dessert, I will usually grab Kroger brand cookie dough and make a baking sheet filled with cookies.

family weekly meal planning

Wednesday- 2 frozen pizzas and salad.

Pizza is always a must have. Now, I do not grab the cheapest pizza’s that I see. Why? Because I do have a sensitive stomach. Trying to coupon as much as you can is essential here, especially if you are sensitive or have food allergies trying to live on a budget. You never know when an item you like is on sale or has a coupon available to download and clip. Make sure to have your rewards member card for your most used grocery store and clip those coupons! They really come in handy.

As for salads, I do grab a cheap one although it gets tiresome. I’ll spurge a little once we’re sick of that particular flavor, and grab an organic family size salad that will last us two weeks. Check your local grocery store’s salad deals and I’m sure you can find some amazing and affordable options, if you just try.

family weekly meal planning

Budgeting your family weekly meal plan doesn’t have to be hard.

Thursday: 2 large cans of tuna and white rice.

Tuna is a fun and easy family friendly dish to make. I love to add chopped onion and celery to mine mixed with mayo. With leftover tuna you can make tuna sandwiches for lunch the next day or just have some tuna and dip it with tortilla chips. The kids love it and get full! 2 large cans definitely stuff our family for the night.

However, if you want to store leftovers I’d grab an extra can. Leftovers aren’t really included in this meal plan, but I can say even with a family of 4 we almost always have leftovers. To store your food in affordable containers, grab some from the Dollar Tree. I always grab plastic containers there and they’re only a dollar. You can purchase yours here with free shipping to your local store: Free Shipping to your Local Store

Friday: Spaghetti with organic ground turkey.

For my family, my children prefer ground turkey over ground beef. With so many recalls out there lately and preparing so much home cooked meals I do like to purchase organic chicken and meat to attempt to stay on the safer side. That and of course cooking meat very thoroughly is super important. Spaghetti is a fun and affordable family dish.

I tend to purchase the Kroger brand pasta and with my member card, it’s only a dollar. Purchasing the Kroger brand spaghetti sauce isn’t so bad either, usually around $1.79 for a sauce jar.

You can get better at family weekly meal planning.

Saturday: Soup night.

Okay, this may not seem like the most fun and delicious family dish. But, let’s think OUTSIDE the box for a moment. What’s your favorite soup? Have you considered trying different soups? Different flavors? At most they cost 2 dollars and some change, tops. Listen, my kids aren’t a fan of soups currently but eventually I know they’ll learn to get used to it.

With a family of 4, you’re looking at soup night for about $6. Super cheap and affordable. Of course, you can make homemade soups I’m sure your family will enjoy. However, I consider this a break from cooking and simply just heating up. Cooking too much tires me out and I don’t meal prep. Since I’m at home, I just cook an hour before dinner starts.

family weekly meal planning

Sunday: Deli chicken, macaroni and cheese, and fresh green beans.

Every grocery store has a deli and I’m sure you have a favorite. Personally, I love the deli because a) it’s more affordable than takeout and b) it gives you a much needed break from cooking. Of course, you don’t need to purchase just deli fried chicken, there is also baked. Also, you can make your favorite homemade chicken recipe. Occasionally, I will. Honestly, cooking 7 days a week is tiring and my picky family prefers fresh and hot home cooked meals vs. refrigerated and that’s fine by me.

family weekly meal planning

Family weekly meal planning with kids is easy.

Budgeting and meal planning isn’t easy, especially if you’re not into cooking and you enjoy fast food. However, this is a very affordable and healthy alternative to spending money on takeout. In this meal plan I don’t include the portions needed for leftovers, or any special ingredients or recipes so you can make these meals taste even better. This is mainly for you to get a better idea on what to add to your weekly meals for your family.

Meal planning is something I do consistently month after month, year after year. I don’t regret the amount of work I put into it, because I know in my heart it’s for the good of my family. Do yourself the favor if you’re financially struggling, take a look at your food expenses. If there’s anything you can fix there, you should! You could save yourself $200-300 a month and take a lot of pressure off each other about finances.

I hope this meal plan has helped you in some way and encouraged you to save money.

Until next time,



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