fall coloring pages for kids
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Fall coloring pages for kids

Fall coloring pages for kids.

Are you looking for free fall coloring pages printables for kids? Then, you have come to the right place!

As much as I LOVE everything fall-related, my kids also love the fall season and I try my hardest to make fall a fun time for them. Seriously, who doesn’t love all things fall?

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My kids love crafts and I love to help them create their favorite ones. We are fans of the art studio set kits.

What I love the most is that we can put away our coloring supplies in the set it comes with and put it right back into the closet. It’s so convenient! 

We have had so much fun making out own finger puppets gluing them onto craft popsicle sticks. They love to craft with me!

The fall season can be fun for kids too!

Besides coloring, my kids also enjoy playing in our backyard during the fall season. They enjoy their outdoor kid chairs, sandbox, and outside chalk time. Not to mention their water boat on hot days!
The fall season is the best! I love the fall season.

Here are my favorite 15 self-care ideas to do during fall, if you want more fall inspiration for your upcoming days. I enjoy fuzzy fall sweaters, scented candles, and fall skincare routines.

Fall is my second favorite time besides winter/ Christmas time. My kids love the fall weather and the fact that it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas time!

There are so many fun fall movies to watch with your kids. We also love to bake fun fall treats together.

Try baking some pumpkin pie together and making muffins. It’s so fun for my daughters and me.

We love mother-daughter activities to do together and we try to cook together as often as we can. Celebrate fall the way you’d like to!

Free printable fall coloring pages.

Here are four free printable coloring pages you can use for your personal use. My kids love coloring this!

This is for your personal use only not to be copied or sold. My kids love the coloring pages that are fall-related.

They love every season as long as I make it fun for them! Coloring pages are an awesome way of doing that.

During Christmas, we especially love coloring Christmas trees and presents. My oldest enjoys doing word searches too.

You can also help your kids make the coloring pages fun by dotting the paper with glue and sprinkling glitter onto it. Kids absolutely love this stuff!

Make sure to subscribe down below to receive the password to my free resource page for the coloring pages. There are a ton more free printables you’ll love for your personal use only!

fall coloring pages for kids

More autumn printables in the works.

What I LOVE the most about seasons is decorating my planner with printables. My current planner system is using an A5 staology with this cover.

I mostly tip in printables with my favorite washi tapes. In an upcoming post, I am going to be releasing more freebies for personal ring size planner sizes that are fall quotes and beautiful fall images.

There is nothing I enjoy more in my spare time to do than to decorate my planner. That’s my “me-time” and for me, it’s super relaxing.

Creating printables are awesome to me because I like new designs and layouts in my planner every once in a while. I also use Instagram for inspiration.

There’s so much planner related inspiration there and it really makes me happy! I am loving being apart of the planner community on IG.

Feel free to follow my Instagram @mrsplanahead. I’m on there frequently.

I used to post planner related content (which I am sure I will start to post again) but I wanted my audience to see a little more of my family and I. So, I post more lifestyle-related content on my stories but I plan to get back into planning content back on my IG feed, which I am so excited for.

If you follow me from here, leave a comment and let me know! You’ll find planner inspiration on my IG, for sure.

Future fall printables and planner system.

I am so excited to create new free printables for planners! Currently, I am working on cute fall decor printables and thinking about doing that for every upcoming season and just starting up a little collection for mrsplanahead.

For my subscribers, they will be the first to know when these printables will be out. Make sure you have your notifications turned on so that you don’t miss out!

I actually want to touch base on my planner system. I’m in the works of changing it up for the rest of this year and next year so I will be releasing new posts on this planning system soon.

As much as I love my current planner system, I’ve actually gotten way more busy than I was before. I will always keep my staology close by in case I need more writing space on certain days.

For now, I am excited to dive into personal size rings and start my new set up. What I’m really excited about is to organize my life instead of trying to figure out how to keep adding sections!

My life has become so hectic now between working from home and now homeschooling my kids! It seems like I have an endless amount of to-do’s to get through and I need it all in organized sections vs. a notebook.

Fall coloring pages for kids and so much more!

On mrsplanahead, I recently decided to start adding more printables for kids. I didn’t do that before but since I make so many for my own kids, I’ve decided to share them with mrsplanahead’s subscribers too, for personal use only.

I have many more free printable ideas coming up, I’m sure of it. However, I would like to say that I’m really happy I started to.

Making my kids their own coloring pages has been fun and their own crafts. They love it and honestly, it saves me a shopping trip!

As long as you have a printer and ink, you’re good to go! Printing from home is so much easier than having to go out and find what you want to buy.

I will definitely have more free printables available for the Christmas season coming up for kids. I’m thinking of more coloring pages and maybe some crossword puzzles.

Make sure you’re subscribed to receive first notice when they’re out. I hope you enjoy them!


Enjoy your free printables! I love creating and designing these in my spare time.

My children enjoy it too and I always get special requests from them. Since I’m working from home, I enjoy thinking of fun indoor activities to do with my kids.

Hopefully, you enjoy these free coloring pages printables. Leave a comment down below if you’d like more and if you used them!

I’ve been thinking of making crafting paper printables but I am unsure of what I would like to make. I’ll need some time to think up of more fun ideas.

I’ll put more thought into them but I would love to make more free coloring pages printables! Let me know if you’d like any new ones coming up for more holiday seasons.

They don’t take me too long to make and sometimes I need a break from all the writing I do! So, this is something new and fun for me.

What’s next on mrsplanahead?

As most of you know, I have dedicated this month to God and I’ve been really focused on that. I created a free faith bookmark you can get from my previous post.

There are two more blog posts left to complete the month. I’ve found it so fulfilling to write about God and it’s given me a lot of inner peace.

All while I am finishing up this month, I’ll be writing more fall-related content. There may be one or two more freebies coming up.

As I’ve mentioned before, I actually used to create a freebie with every post but that got to be too much. So, now I limit the freebies to at least two new ones a month.

Bear with me as I finish working on my site and come out with new content at the same time! It’s a lot of work to do but I’m happy creating and editing away.

Feel free to leave me comments down below or send me an e-mail about what you think of mrsplanahead. I check my e-mail weekly and I will get back to you!

I’m so excited for the future and to be doing what I love for a living. With two new e-books out, I’ve been so busy but I am excited to announce, a new one is one the way!

My subscribers will be hearing first when it’s out! God bless you and thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time,




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