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Dealing With Stress As A Stay At Home Mom

Dealing with stress as a stay at home mom.

Have you been dealing with stress as a stay at home mom? It’s no secret or surprise that being a stay at home mom can be emotionally and mentally draining.

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Lately, I feel have been feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, to say the very least. Not only is it difficult to deal with toddler tantrums but it’s tough being a work from home mom, too.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom
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Taking care of young children is a lot harder than a lot of us mothers are willing to admit. But why? Why don’t we discuss it more often?

I’m feeling overwhelmed lately and I DO want to discuss this issue.

My youngest was up all night with a cold that her sister brought from school. I dug around my bookshelf for inspiration while cleaning and found an amazing book I highly recommend for all the busy women out there. “Too Blessed to be Stressed” 3 Minute Devotions For Women, by Debora M. Coty.

She mentions a bible verse in her book that spoke to me this morning.

“If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me.

I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest. This yoke is easy to bear, and this burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30. 


God is telling us to rest in Him. Thank you Lord! How great is He?

When does anyone ever tell us to rest?

Stress can become overbearing as a stay at home mom.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom

Stress can take over your whole DAY, if you let it. Days can turn into months and months can turn into years. Stress is just not something you want your body to get used to.

It’s not good for us. Also it’s not good for our children to see us moms overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out. Our children mimic us. They are a reflection of US and observe us constantly.

They are learning from us on how to be when they grow up. It’s important to learn how to deal with your stress as a stay at home mom in a way that benefits all of your family and you!

Stress has always been a huge obstacle in my life I need to overcome. However, I wasn’t managing it well. And yes, I’ll admit that sometimes I STILL don’t manage stress well.

God can bring the healing into your life that you’re seeking.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom

But just knowing God said it’s okay to come to Him? To rest? That he’s gentle and humble and actually cares? Yes, this always makes me feel better.

Too often moms feel alone when their babies are young. A child is a CHILD, they need mama more than anything. You cannot deny this because we truly know it, we can feel it.

 It’s stressful when you have multiple children and have so much to juggle. Between taking care of baby, there’s also homework, cleaning, cooking, grooming, grocery shopping, and trying to breathe and get five minutes of peace to yourself.

STRESS. It’s right there. You can feel the tension building in your shoulders. And it’s OKAY. You are only human.

Breathe in and out. Give yourself a BREAK.

Speaking your positive affirmations help.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom

But you are an amazing human.

An amazing woman.

Say it with me.

I am an amazing woman. 

Are you feeling less stressed now? Good. Here is more on my positive affirmations. Positive affirmations changed my life completely and for the better.

Don’t underestimate what simply saying positive things about yourself aloud can do for you. The negativity was really getting me down and I was sick and tired of feeling the same, day after day.

So, I decided to do something about it. And I hope you do the same too, if you’re going through negativity in your life.

Make sure you are saying your positive affirmations aloud, mama. And if you ever run out of positive things to say about yourself I have more positive affirmations for moms that you can read up on.

I always use my daily devotional prayer to help me out in the morning when I am feeling stressed.

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Feel free to join me in prayer if you’d like;

Prayer can help you deal with stress as a stay at home mom.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for my beautiful children, and my busy schedule, even if I am feeling stressed.

I pray for less stress in my life, and help managing stress so I don’t negatively affect lives. Lord, I want to be more like you.

You are so patient and so kind. I want my children to see that side of me, instead of stressed out mommy. Thank you in advance for helping me, because I know you will. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 

I hope this prayer helps you as much as it helped me. Don’t forget to pray when you’re feeling stressed.

More helpful tips for dealing with stress as a stay at home mom.

dealing with stress as a stay at home mom

If prayer and taking time to read isn’t doing much for your stress, there are other things that you can do. There are so many healthy habits to take into consideration.

Going for a walk, journaling, planning, and video chatting with a friend can be so helpful. You don’t need to ever deal with this stress all on your own.

Remember that God loves you and wants you to do what’s best for YOU. Your family wants you happy and healthy too.

God bless.

Till next time,




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  1. I can Imagine the stress moms go through when the kids are young leave a lone when they are not feeling well. The responsibility and decision you make is not their choice so it has to be well set. Thank you for quoting Matthew 11:28-30. It has given me strength.

    1. Of course, thank you so much Joyce ❤️

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