date night in ideas for married couples

Date night in ideas for married couples

Date night in ideas for married couples.

date night in ideas for married couples

My husband and I stay indoors a lot, so I took the time to make a list of creative date night ideas for married couples.

Even though we are indoors now way more than usual, we also stayed home a lot more than others due to lack of childcare and of course, I’m just a homebody anyway.

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I’ve always loved the idea of date nights, but it takes a lot more effort to plan and do rather than just going out and having a good time.

Being indoors often can become boring and I do hear a lot of married couples usually just go back to the main date night in idea, a movie night in.

Movie nights are simple, but if you do that for many years, it can become boring and not fun anymore. This is why I suggest you keep your date night in ideas fresh and new.

As much as I enjoy the movie date night, I really like to think of a new date night in ideas every once in a while and change it up.

It really helps if you keep a list of them in your everyday planner so that you can check them off and try out new ones once you’re done!

Keep your date night in ideas fresh and new.

It’s easy to get into the same boring cycle of date night in ideas, so I hope this list does help you out and give you some new ideas to look forward to and to try.

Keep in mind, that date night in ideas is meant to reconnect and spend time together, enjoying each other’s company.

I have always enjoyed date night in ideas because of having kids, but it’s also more than that.

To me, it’s nice to enjoy a quiet night in with my husband and spend time together.

Going out is difficult to do without a sitter and a lot of places are super crowded.

It’s just not ideal to take my young children out with us everywhere, especially when one still naps.

We do enjoy dinner out with our children, but we also love having time alone together.

Being married with kids does end up taking a lot of our alone time away, so having these ideas handy really helps to have something to look forward to!

Once you are a parent and limited on childcare, date nights become something you look forward to.

It’s worth it to invest some time and energy into making them enjoyable and fun.

Date night in ideas are very important for your marriage.

Even though I’m a work from home mom and busy with homeschooling my kiddos, I still like to make time for my husband and me.

It’s true that our lives are so different now than before kids and we are busier now more than ever.

Since I homeschool throughout the week, I end up working at night. Also, my husband works hard labor so he is pretty much tired at the end of the day.

I definitely would say that I try to have at least one date night a week that I plan out, just because we are pretty busy and tired throughout the week.

If you’re doing more date night in ideas, that’s so good!

Because I know how tiring it can be raising littles, homeschooling (during these times), working, and trying to relax a little!

Hopefully, as things get better (God willing), we will be able to have more date nights in!

It’s important to make time for each other in a marriage and take the time to reconnect after a long day of work, being apart from each other.

Making time for each other shows each other how much you care and love one another.

These date night in ideas will come in handy when you are staying in so much lately and hopefully help your marriage become stronger.

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean your date nights need to become boring!

Date night in ideas for married couples.

  • Cook a dish together you’ve never tried before. 

Cooking together can be fun! My husband and I don’t usually cook together but when we do, it’s a nice memory to look back on.

Try cooking a new dish that you’ve never tried before so that things can be interesting. This couple’s cooking book has so many neat and exciting recipes you can whip up together!

Make sure it’s a dish you both have been wanting to try!

My husband and I recently purchased an amazing waffle maker to make homemade waffles for breakfast.

  • Popcorn and Netflix.
  • Put away electronics and talk to each other about your goals and dreams.

Seriously, electronics take up so much of our time. As much as I love working from home, I really need to put my phone away so that I don’t have any distractions.

Whether it’s scheduling pins or answering comments, I feel like I’m pretty much always on my phone.

That can become distracting if it’s all of the time.

I really want to work on keeping my phone away from me due to work reasons and focusing more on being present.

Who else needs a social media detox, or is it just me?

Try putting both of your phones away for a whole entire night. Spend that time you usually use scrolling on your phone, to actually talking to another.

Answer work e-mails and important messages/calls before your date night in begins.

Making time for each other with no interruptions can’t be that hard! It just requires a little more effort.

Painting together can be so relaxing. Plus, you can become better at painting different things.

Not only is painting relaxing, but it can become a hobby for you two to do together and bring you even closer.

  • Have a camp out in the backyard, make s’mores and everything!

More date night in ideas for married couples.

  • Rent a new movie you’ve never seen together.

Watching the same old Netflix shows and movies can become tiresome.

Watch something new together or a show you’ve been looking forward to watching.

Keep things interesting and try watching different types of movies instead of your typical usual movie list.

My hubby and I like to watch comedy some nights, romantic movies, and action-packed ones the other nights.

  • Dress up and take couples’ photos together. (Because who doesn’t love taking selfies?)
  • Have a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • Try a DIY project together (build something, a birdhouse, any other project you’ve been wanting to create and paint it!)

There are so many projects my hubby and I have been wanting to try! Try painting a room in your home a different color.

You can also look up any home projects you need to work on and get to learning!

My husband knows a lot about home renovation, so it’s something fun to learn and do together.

There’s so much good reading material out there. Is reading aloud to each other not your thing?

That’s okay, there’s also audiobooks available so that you don’t have to read aloud, you can just listen together.

Reading books together is fun for some couples and not for others.

If you’re a reader and your significant other isn’t, you don’t need to push reading together.

Audiobooks are an awesome solution to this common issue. There are many available on Kindle and other places.

I will say that marriage or couples’ audiobooks (the good ones) probably aren’t free.

So, keep that in mind, and when you shop around look for one that you both like.

  • Read scripture together and pray.

It’s so important to keep our relationship strong with God as a married couple. I love praying to God with my husband daily.

Even though life gets busy and we don’t always pray together as much as I’d like, I love every time that we do.

Praying together and reading the Bible is so spiritually fulfilling and helps strengthen our relationship.

And as a married couple, sharing your faith can only bring you two closer. Faith in God is something so important to have, and I wouldn’t want to experience it alone when married.

There are many great books out there meant just for husbands and wives that you can find in the audio version too.

There are many Christian books out there worth purchasing.

The last date night in ideas for married couples.

  • Have a bath night together.
  • Use these awesome bath bombs too and light some candles. Also, play some romantic music to relax.
  • Make each other face masks and apply them. 

A spa day is always a fun date night in idea for married couples. Try making a homemade mask or purchase one!

  • Massage one another with essential oils.
  • Crossword puzzle night.
  • Download “How well do you know me?”

These games are pretty fun to try and most are free. Look them up in your iPhone, they have a ton.

Just type in couples games free.

  • Play a game of charades.
  • Download “Never have I ever” (it’s free!)

Date nights are worth your time for your marriage.

Don’t take your marriage for granted.

During hard times, it’s a real eye-opener to see how much you need one another and everything you do for each other on a daily basis.

Marriage is hard work and often with everything going on daily in life, we forget to spend time with one another and keep each other happy.

It’s important to not forget to work on your marriage and to focus on one another. Here are 10 ways to make your husband happy; from a man’s point of view. 

My hubby does a lot for me and I do a lot for him, too. Make time for each other, cherish one another, and love each other, especially during these hard times!

Date night in ideas are great to try, they help you save money, and it can help you build a closer connection to one another. Spending time together as a married couple is ideal and worth it in the long haul.

Even though I am super busy most of the time and so is my husband, we are busy raising small children and I know how hard it can be to focus on your marriage.

However, not focusing on your marriage can be a big mistake. So, learn to appreciate one another and focus on each other, even if it’s just for that one date night hour or two.

Make the time and show some love. God gave you the gift of marriage so be sure to appreciate it!


I hope this post has helped you come up with some new in-home date night ideas. With these tough times, I’ve grown to appreciate my spouse more and love my children (if possible) even more!

I’m really hoping, praying, and encouraging you to take the time to reconnect and I hope that your marriage becomes stronger.

Life is too short to take each other for granted and be miserable. Do what makes you happy and spend time with your loved ones, creating new and fun memories to look back on.

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