Christmas movies to watch

Christmas movies to watch

Christmas movies to watch. 

Christmas movies to watch

Are you looking for the best Christmas movies to watch this holiday season? You’re not alone! 

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I’m constantly looking for new and amazing Christmas movies to watch. I’m a huge Hallmark Christmas movie fan. 

My family enjoys watching Christmas movies and we like to start early to get into the Christmas spirit. I always get my Christmas gifts a month before and I like to watch my Christmas movies starting November. 

Can you blame me? If you love Christmas, you’re on the right blog. 

Let’s jump right into these awesome Christmas movies to watch. Don’t forget to bookmark this post so you can come back to it! 

20 of the best Christmas movies to watch. 

  • Elf with Will Ferrell. 

If you aren’t already in the Christmas spirit, Elf will definitely get you there! My kids love to watch this movie with me over and over. 

It’s pretty funny and makes for a great family movie night. 

  • A bad moms Christmas. 

I love this movie! This movie is great to watch with your mom best friend or sister. 

It’s funny, though it has some parts I wouldn’t want my kids to see so I always watch this one alone! I’ve seen it a few times already and it always makes me laugh. 

  • Christmas survival. 

I love this movie! It perfectly describes how hectic having family over can be. 

If you want to laugh and watch this with your loved one, it would make for a great movie treat. I highly recommend it. 

More Christmas movies to watch. 

  • Christmas wedding planner. 

This movie is a great one to watch if you love unexpected endings, which I do. Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch in suspense at how this love story plays out! 

  • Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Come on, you know I had to bring this one into the mix! Everyone loves how the Grinch stole Christmas. 

My kids absolutely love it so much!! Christmas isn’t the same without the Grinch. 

  • Christmas with the Kranks. 

This movie is perfect for all the cranky people at Christmas. I know quite a few grouches and it reminds you of the importance of Christmas and family. 

This is a must-see family movie night! Make sure to pop some popcorn to go with it. 

  • A very merry mix-up.

This is such a cute and sentimental fun Christmas movie to watch. I’d recommend watching this with your loved one on a cozy date night in

More Christmas merriment. 

  • Dear Santa.

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! I truly love this one and watch it every Christmas. 

It’s a warm-hearted romantic Christmas movie. I’d recommend watching this with your significant other. 

  • Four Christmases.

If you want to laugh this Christmas, you need this movie. Vince is so funny and combined with Reese, I’m always laughing. 

I highly recommend watching this one for a few laughs and a good time. 

  • Tyler Perry’s a Madea Christmas the movie. 

You can’t go wrong with Tyler Perry! This movie is a must-see for some Christmas cheer. 

  • Office Christmas party. 

This is a funny movie to see! Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses. 

  • Santa Girl.

I love this movie and so does my oldest. This Christmas movie is perfect for your daughter and you to watch together! 

  • Christmas in the Heartland. 

What a beautiful movie to see during the holidays! I highly recommend it. 

The last of the best Christmas movies to watch. 

  • Switched for Christmas. 

Candace Bure is another one of my favorite actresses! I highly recommend watching this for Christmas. 

  • A shoe addict’s Christmas. 

More from Candace I definitely recommend watching this Christmas! 

  • Get Santa. 

This is an adventurous and hilarious Christmas comedy! I love this one and watch it yearly. 

  • A Cinderella story Christmas wish.

This movie pulled at my heartstrings! Cinderella gets me every time, though this one is more of a modern version. 

I love it and highly recommend watching it. 

  • The Family Stone.

If you love family dramas during Christmas, you’re in luck. This one is perfect for that! 

  • His & her Christmas. 

Such a classic. It may be an oldie but it’s still a goodie!

  • Home alone. 

Ending the Christmas list off with another classic! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas movie list of 20 must-see Christmas movies and you have new Christmas movies to look forward to watching. 

Honestly, I love all Hallmark Christmas movies. They’re my absolute favorite. 


Christmas is my most favorite time of the year! I love celebrating it and enjoying traditions with my family. 

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I’m excited to post those soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to receive a notification of when they’re out! 

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    This is such a great list! I always love watching Elf and Christmas Vacation! Christmas movies are the best

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