christmas gifts for toddlers

Christmas gifts for toddlers

Christmas gifts for toddlers. 

christmas gifts for toddlers

Are you looking for awesome Christmas gifts for toddlers? You aren’t the only one! 

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I’m always on the lookout for fun and educational toys for my youngest daughter. Christmas gift guides are amazing to have handy because you can really focus on what you want to get your loved one and cross it off the list. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed as the Christmas countdown begins? I know the feeling 100% so I went ahead and created the Christmas Planner Bundle that’s now available. 

This bundle comes with the following pages: Christmas traditions, a monthly list of December, Christmas cards to send, a Shopping list, Christmas movies to watch, Christmas gift list, Christmas Countdown, 4 beautiful notes pages to go along with the theme.

Use this Christmas bundle to get it all done this holiday season! That being said, I also have two more gift guides you will find useful this Holiday season. 

The Ultimate Christmas gift guide for men is out and the Bestselling Christmas gift guide for women is out also. 

Let’s go ahead and jump into this helpful gift guide for toddlers. I hope you enjoy it! 

Awesome Christmas gifts for toddlers. 

  • Vtech Rock and Bop music player Amazon exclusive.

My daughter loves this music player and I love that having Amazon prime gives me free shipping! I highly recommend this awesome toy if your child is too young for a little mp3 player or iPod for music. 

This is an amazing educational toy I highly recommend. 

  • Mega Bloks First builders Big building bag for toddlers. 

My girls love playing with these blocks together and building cute little princess towers. Honestly, these blocks were also my go-to for my oldest when she was a toddler. 

These blocks are super durable and affordable. They come in handy for about 1-2 hours of daily imaginative play! 

  • Minnie’s Happy helpers Rotary Phone.

My toddler really loves this phone. She enjoys having pretend phone conversations with us and I think it’s the cutest thing! 

This is a must-have toy for toddlers. 

More of the 30 Christmas gifts for toddlers. 

  • VTech touch and learn activity desk deluxe. 

  • VTech sit to stand learning walker. 

  • Melissa & Doug Bella butterfly tea set.

My toddler LOVES this amazing high-quality tea set. Honestly, I’m just a huge fan in general of the Melissa & Doug brand. 

All of my oldest’s toys when she was a toddler were from the Melissa and Doug brand. My youngest mostly has Vtech brand now.

More Christmas gifts to check out. 

  • Baby alive magical mixer baby doll. 

  • Melissa & Doug Dress-up tiaras. 

I don’t know about you but my toddler is obsessed with tiaras and crowns to play dress-up with. Having crowns and dress up princess clothes are a must for toddler fun! 

  • Vtech care for me learning carrier. 

My toddler loves this puppy carrier. She just loves to pretend to feed the puppy and take care of it, it’s the sweetest thing! 

  • Aurora World fancy pals pet carrier, peek-a-boo unicorn. 

This is another toy that’s a favorite of my toddler and I think it’s super cute. Unicorns are something my children have always loved and it comes in such pretty colors. 

  • Fisher-Price Laugh & learn my smart purse. 

 I have only the best things to say about this toy! Both my girls had this toy and they have enjoyed it so much!! 

Christmas toddler gifts should be a great toy, with great reviews. 

In my opinion, I like to get safe and educational toys for my children that have great reviews. That’s why I’m listing ones I think are great and still fun for toddlers to play with. 

  • LeapFrog Learn and Groove musical table.

It’s pretty much known that these tables are pretty awesome for toddlers to have and play with. My oldest had TWO of them, she loved them so much. 

I highly recommend these tables, they do help toddlers learn how to pull themselves up and kind of rest on it when learning to walk. My oldest did that a few times. 

  • LeapFrog my pal Violet.

This is another family favorite toy both my kids have had. Not only is this a cute toy for them to cuddle with but it’s also an educational toy that helps them learn. 

  • LeapFrog shapes & sharing basket. 

  • Fisher-Price Little people surprise & sounds home.

This is by far my toddler’s favorite dollhouse to play with by herself. My kids have a ton of dollhouses! 

  • Fisher-Price Laugh & learn my pretty learning lamp. 

  • Melissa & Doug beauty salon playset. 

More Christmas gift ideas for toddler girls. 

  • WolVolk 2-in-1 Vanity Set Girls Toy 

  • ToyVelt toy piano for toddler girls.

  • Tara toy princess necklace activity set.

Both my girls have loved this toy! It’s a great learning tool that’s super cute. 

  • FisherPrice my first set of 4 baby toddler books. 

  • Melissa & Doug take along sorting barn. 

The last of the 30 toddler girl Christmas gift ideas.

  • VTech Learn and discover pretty party playset. 


I hope you enjoyed this Christmas gift guide of 30 Christmas gift ideas for toddler girls. These toys are the best and I hope your little one has a very Merry Christmas. 

Have a blessed Holiday. What’s next on mrsplanahead? 

You guessed it. More Christmas gift guides are on their way. 

I’ve got one last one left to create and my Christmas planner bundle is already out, which I’m so excited about. I’ll be listing a few more inserts in my printables shop

Once Christmas gift guides are out of the way, I will still be writing a lot of Christmas and New Year content. I love the holidays, as you can tell. 

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