Christmas gifts for husband

Christmas gifts for husband

40 Christmas gifts for husband. 

Christmas gifts for husband

Are you looking for amazing Christmas gifts for husband? You’ve come to the right place! 

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Every year I make a Christmas gift list for all family and friends. When it comes to my husband’s gifts I do put a lot of thought into what I get him. 

Here are a few examples of what I’ve gotten him that he’s loved for our wedding anniversary. Either way, this gift idea list is my husband approved, so that’s a great thing! 

Christmas gifts are super special. I like to see my family’s faces when they open their gift and it makes me happy when they love it. 

Here’s a list of Christmas gifts for her. This is a great gift idea list for your BFF, sister, aunt, or friend! 

Gift idea truths. 

When it comes to giving gifts, I do my research. I always want to make sure that the person I’m giving the gift to is so happy to receive it! 

Thoughtfulness is definitely something that just goes along with gift-giving. I prefer a sentimental gift over anything. 

It helps to brainstorm a list out in your planner of your husband’s favorite things. It’s helpful to keep the same list for a while. 

I like to write down family members’ favorite brands and gifts too. That way it’s easier to pick a gift out. 

My planner system is helpful when it comes to prepping for the holidays. Apart from daily planning needs, I also have my most used crockpot recipes in my planner. 

As much as I love cooking, I don’t remember all of my crockpot recipes so I need them in my planner. Using a planner system is smart and functional. 

Christmas gifts for husband. 

  • YETI mug. 

  • Drone. 

  • Michael Kors watch.

  • Otterbox phone case.

This is a GREAT phone case that protects your iPhone super well! I love my pink Otterbox and mine came with a pop socket attached to it. 

  • Men’s laptop case.

This is such a beautiful briefcase for men. I truly love how sleek it is and it’s super convenient and necessary.

More Christmas gifts for husband. 

  • Apple iPad. 

  • Back and neck massager.

My husband loves this! I got this for our 8th wedding anniversary and we love it. 

It’s perfect for neck pain if you work from the computer and find your neck aching. Lower back pain also disappears with it too. 

I highly recommend this one! My husband gets a lot of back and neck pain from work and this really helps. 

  • Heating pad for back pain. 

  • Desk organizer for smartphone, tablet, watch, and keys. 

This lovely gift is super convenient and pretty neat if I must say! I love the style too. 

  • Comfortable men’s slippers. 
  • Dickies men’s crew socks.

  • Toolbelt for men. 

More Christmas gift ideas for him. 

  • Nutribullet.

  • Beard kit for your husband. 

  • Breakfast sandwich maker. 

Last of the Christmas gift ideas. 

  • Hammock. 

The best gift for your husband. 

I know it’s hard to pick the perfect gift for your husband! Trust me, it can’t always go perfectly each year.

All I can say is that whatever you get your husband, make sure it comes from the heart. One year I made my husband a homemade gift from an idea I got from Pinterest. 

It was to make a little anniversary jar and fill it up with cute cards that say stuff like, good for one massage, favorite dinner, etc. Honestly, when I gave him the gift I felt like he didn’t really like it! 

Well, funny thing is that years later we found the rest of the gift and he was so sentimental over it! He even asked to use the rest of the little coupons. 

So, whatever you get your husband, just make sure it comes from your heart. The back massager I got my husband was specifically because of his neck and back pain and I knew he needed it. 

I think a gift is all the better when there is thought put into it. And don’t forget that letters don’t ever go out of style. 

My husband keeps all the letters I wrote him in a plastic pouch he keeps close. Putting in effort and thought matters. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 40 Christmas gift ideas for him. Hopefully, this has helped you find a gift for your husband or at least narrowed the search. 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? More Christmas gift guides coming up and then more holiday content! 

I’m really excited about my Christmas planner release. You can check out my planner printables on mrsplanahead’s shop

God bless you and until next time, 




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