Christmas gifts for her

Christmas gifts for her

Christmas gifts for her. 

Christmas gifts for her

Are you looking for amazing Christmas gifts for her? Or maybe you aren’t looking and are just looking for amazing gifts for your friend or family member.

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Either way, you’ve come to the RIGHT place. I’ve come up with 40 amazing Christmas gift ideas for her that she will LOVE. 

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. One of my most favorite places to shop and order online is Amazon. 

It’s just easier for me to order gifts for my family online and just send it to them. Not only is this super convenient, it also helps me check off my list faster and not go through the hassle of in person shopping. 

I used to ALWAYS feel the stress of Christmas shopping because I was always headed out to the store way to close to Christmas time. It seemed like I was always hunting around for the best present out there and someone had already gotten it. 

Tip #1 to having a successful Christmas: Shop in advance. You’ve got to do this, especially if you have a lot of friends and family to shop for! 

The last and best tip of all, just order online. I’m a fan of this because I feel like I’m way too busy during the day to run a ton of errands. 

Christmas truths. 

I’m a homeschool mom that also works from home. Not only is my schedule super packed and I run a website but I also just opened up my shop, Mrsplanahead’s printables. So, to say I’m busy is the truth. 

What I have found to save me so much time is truly ordering online. There are few moments I get to myself during the day. 

Even when I am super tired at night, I do like to glance through my favorite everyday carry planner. When I glance through is when I like to place my online orders. 

It’s like my happy place because I can focus without interruptions. That’s where the beauty of online shopping comes in for me. 

There’s nothing like shopping online and having something ready for her. It can be hard going everywhere with two kids. 

Another Christmas truth that isn’t talked about enough is you need to have a Christmas planner. Planning a fun Christmas can seriously overwhelm a person! 

But, having a Christmas planner makes it all worth it. You’ve got to get organized. 

Christmas gifts for her. 

These gift ideas are pretty chic and girly. I love girly Christmas gifts that are useful to me.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you choose the perfect gift for your friend, mom, relative, anyone! Let’s jump right in. 

  • Beautiful Christmas red dress.

I love this color and how this dress wraps around you snugly. Not only is it beautiful and chic but it matches well with this Holiday season!

She can wear this out at a party or just at home for Christmas dinner.

  • Comfortable and beautiful Christmas boots to wear out. 

Personally, I love wearing cozy yet cute boots during this cold winter season. These beautiful cozy boots will go with almost any outfit during this cold season.  

  • Ice Pink YETI mug.  

  • iPhone case otterbox with a pop socket. 

This is my favorite otterbox case. Not only is it super durable and works great, but I love the color. 

The pop socket really helps if your hand tires easily from scrolling too. 

More Christmas gifts for her. 

  • Beautiful Women’s pajamas for her. 

  • Comfortable yet cute Jessica Simpson slippers. These slippers are my very favorite. 

I use them all of the time around the house. These are so warm too! 

  • Rose gold desk organizer. 

  • Rose gold MacBook case. 

  • Gucci Bamboo perfume. 

  • Adorable pink pan set for her.  

  • Red wine t-shirt casual long sleeve dress. 

  • Super cute Michael Kors Leopard beanie. 

  • Beautiful makeup organizer. 

  • The original slow cooker crockpot.

If your loved one doesn’t have this one, she needs it! I love my crockpot because it is so helpful and saves so much time as a busy mom. 

The last of the Christmas gifts for her. 

  • Beautiful iPhone stand for her.  

  • Beautiful and classy Women’s stylish blouse, perfect for any occasion. 

  • Classy denim Women’s jeans. 

  • Cozy and comfortable women’s robe. 

  • Anne Klein bangle watch and bracelet set. 

  • Leather keychain bracelet with tassel.  

  • Echo dot with Alexa.  

  • Women’s Bible devotional set. 

  • Michael kors sunglasses.  


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 40 Christmas gift ideas for her. This list was so fun to make and I love all these items! 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? More Christmas gift guides for sure. 

Make sure you’re subscribed to receive a notification whenever a new post is out. I hope you have safe and fun holidays coming up! 

God bless you and until next time, 



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