christmas gifts for girls

Christmas gifts for girls

Christmas gifts for girls. 

christmas gifts for girls

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for girls? You’ve come to the right place. 

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I’ve made Christmas gift guides for your husband, a Christmas gift guide for her, and one Christmas gift guide for toddlers

These holiday gift guides come from my family’s favorite gifts and toys. I truly hope you enjoy these amazing suggestions and find what you’re looking for! 

Christmas is almost here! I’m so excited to announce the Ultimate Christmas planner bundle is out in my shop. 

Use this amazing Christmas planner bundle to organize your Holiday and prepare! This planner bundle comes with everything you may need for this upcoming Christmas. 

30+ best Christmas gifts for girls. 


This is an amazing Vtech watch that’s perfect for your daughter! She’ll love it. 

The fact that this beautiful microphone for kids is wireless and Bluetooth is pretty awesome. This makes the perfect Christmas gift!! 

My daughter LOVES the Barbie doll sets. There are so many she has and loves. Here’s another down below. 

More Christmas gift ideas for girls. 

My oldest loves makeup! However, I prefer to use non-toxic and safety tested makeup to play with. 

This nail polish set down below is something I like for her to use for nail polish. 


Christmas gifts can be easy to shop for with a guide!

My daughter LOVES anything popteenie!

My kids love this dollhouse! I highly recommend for hours of fun.

It’s a really great toy for siblings too. 

This is also a toy my oldest loves. A barbie closet is perfect to add to the dollhouse (that’s what my kids did)

My daughter loves enchantimals!! These are so cute for kids to collect. 

More Christmas gifts to check out!

My daughter loves this enchantimals set! They’re so well made too and very nice. 

Princess dolls are so cute. My oldest loves having her Princess doll collection and it always makes for a cute gift!! 

My daughter LOVES Polly pocket. I think every girl does, I used to have one when I was younger too. 

This flamingo floatie compact is so creative and worth grabbing! 

The last of the 30+ Christmas gift ideas for girls. 

My kids love the Ramona collection! These books are amazing and would make a great gift. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed these Christmas gifts for girls. If you did, leave a comment down below and let me know!! 

I love the Christmas holiday season and everything about it! Creating these gift guides has been so much for me this year. 

Now that I’ve finished the Christmas gift guides and Christmas planner I do feel great about it. I’ve been wanting to finish up these projects for quite some time.

What’s next on mrsplanahead? More Christmas blog posts coming right up! 

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Christmas traditions are coming up and I’m so excited to share our family traditions with you. I’m big on celebrating Christmas with my family and I’ll share more in-depth why in the next blog post. 

I’m working on an amazing self-care workbook and that will be out shortly! I can also say for a fact I’m working away on New year’s content and I truly hope you’ll enjoy. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. God bless you and until next time,



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