Christmas coloring pages

Christmas coloring pages

Christmas coloring pages.

Are you looking for Christmas coloring pages? I LOVE the Christmas season and my kids love it too. 

Christmas coloring pages

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In our home, part of our Christmas traditions includes coloring fun Christmas pages. It’s never a bad idea to get a few Christmas coloring books either. 

For me, Christmas brings out all the fun home decor ideas. Not just that, it’s my favorite Holiday because God wants us to be kind to each other, give, and lend a helping hand. 

These are the values I try my hardest to teach my children. What are your goals for Christmas? 

Feel free to leave them in the comments down below. For me, Christmas is complete when I put up this beautiful white Christmas tree with ornaments.

To me, decorating for Christmas is especially fun to do with my children. We love to put Christmas tree lights up and the shining star on top of the tree.

My children love to pick out their favorite Christmas music and bake Christmas cookies with me. It’s part of our Christmas traditions as a family.

We love to make Christmas fun and create family memories together. This is definitely the time to create scrapbook memories!

Free Christmas coloring pages down below.

I’ve created these free Christmas coloring pages down below as a freebie. Use for your personal use only, please!

Just subscribe and you’ll receive a password to access my free resource library page. I truly hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment down below if you did!

Christmas coloring pages

Fun activities to do during Christmas with your kids.

There is so much to do during the holidays that it can be overwhelming! What I like to do is to get organized with my personal planner.

I like to stay on top of holidays, birthdays, and special events. I’ve even made these free planner inserts you can use to help you stay productive and get things done!

Planner inserts help keep me organized and ahead of things. Otherwise, it’ll all pile on top of each other and overwhelm me.

With Christmas, it’s super important to do everything with time. I’ve made the mistake a few times of not being ready and doing everything last minute.

Big mistake! I probably paid a lot more for gifts than I even needed to.

You want to make sure you get gifts when they’re at a discounted price. I always try hard to save money for my family and this helps.

Plan out your Christmas ahead of time. This includes recipes, things to buy, and presents to get ready.

Not only will this help you reduce stress but you won’t be up till midnight wrapping up presents! This will give you much more time to enjoy the holidays with your family.

Christmas does NOT need to be stressful. You can enjoy it, it’s possible.

Make sure to take the time to get organized. Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Keep Christmas for the kiddos fun!

If you have kids and want to help get your children get into the Christmas spirit, you can check out Pinterest for great ideas. I use Pinterest for all of my Christmas craft needs when it comes to my children.

There are so many great video pins out now, even showing you how to make the craft. This helps a busy mom out!

I’m pretty visual so video pins help. Video pins are an amazing idea for Pinterest.

Be sure to check out Pinterest when it comes to Christmas crafts, decor ideas, and much more. I always look at it for inspiration when it comes to decorating my table during the Holiday season.

Of course, I use Pinterest for cooking crock pot recipes too. Those are the best!

I can’t tell you how many times Pinterest has saved me for dinner. To keep Christmas fun for the kiddos, you want to make sure to stay involved and look up ideas to make it more fun.

Try making a Christmas bucket list. I made a Fall bucket list that I enjoy using and placing in my planner.

Brainstorm ideas on how to make Christmas fun for your kids. I always ask my kids what they want to do for Christmas and I’m always surprised by their answers!

You’ll never know until you ask. I hope you find a way to make your Christmas more enjoyable.

Coloring pages for Christmas.

Christmas coloring pages for kids is an amazing way to get your children into the holiday spirit. A fun memory I have is us drinking hot chocolate while coloring Christmas pages.

Make Christmas fun, but don’t forget to teach your children Christmas values. I try teaching my children more about God from this Children’s Bible.

They love it so far. Christmas is the best time of the year!

My children love to wrap presents with me and make cards. We always have cardstock paper on hand at home.

Try to create fun traditions to make Christmas more enjoyable for the kids. There are many more ideas on Pinterest.

What I enjoy is picking out gifts for relatives with my kids. It’s always neat to see what they come up with.

And we love baking Christmas treats together too! Making Christmas cookies is always a good time.


I hope you enjoyed this free printable! There are plenty more printables in my free resource library.

Make sure you’re subscribed to be able to use them, for your personal use only. What’s next on mrsplanahead?

More holiday content is on it’s way! I really enjoy the Holiday season, so this gives me joy.

How are you planning to spend your holidays? I’ve been looking up recipes and getting cute stuff to decorate for the holidays.

Pinterest is an awesome tool for inspiration as well. I love using it!

I pray you have a blessed holiday with your family. Get the relaxation time in while you have it!

I’m hoping to come out with more content soon! Stay tuned and God bless you.

Until next time,




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