christmas activities for families

Christmas activities for families

Christmas activities for families. 

christmas activities for families

Are you looking for amazing Christmas activities for families? My family LOVES Christmas and everything about Christmas! 

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We enjoy doing Family Christmas traditions so I went ahead and created our own Family Christmas bucket list. I decided to share on my blog with you all! 

Hopefully, these Christmas activities will inspire you to have amazing Christmas family traditions and add to the ones you already have. To us, we love this Holiday because it reminds us of Jesus’s birthday and all the good in the world there is because of Him. 

Christmas can be pretty overwhelming so I created the Ultimate Christmas Planner Bundle to help you plan ahead during this busy Holiday. I love to have everything organized in my personal rings planner just for Christmas so I can accomplish all of my goals and spend a nice holiday with my family. 

Let’s go ahead and get started. 

Christmas activities for families- an awesome Bucket list! 

  • Decorate your Christmas tree together as a family. This is the beautiful Christmas tree we have currently and I love the color, it’s so pretty. 

  • Pick out a special ornament yearly for each child. My kids LOVE this tradition, it’s fairly new because we started it when my youngest was born. 

We’ve gone before to Michael’s and made it a family trip where they got to choose their favorite ornament to put on the tree. Of course, now it’s easier to just order their favorites online and add it that way to the tree. 

These two down below are the ones my daughters picked last year and they’re just so cute! 

Kurt Adler Waltz Of Flowers Ballerina Ornament

Christmas Lighted Gingerbread House Ornaments, Set of 3

  • Bake Christmas cookies with your kids. 
  • Make some hot chocolate with marshmallows for a late-night cozy snack. 
  • Create paper snowflakes to decorate around the Christmas tree.
  • Wrap Christmas gifts up together. 

More Christmas activities to do. 

  • Go see the Christmas lights on the houses. Either go on a drive or take a walk down your neighborhood. 

My kids love to see the Christmas lights on other’s houses. You can also decorate your own home with Christmas lights too! 

  • Make homemade Christmas cards with your kids and send them out together! 

In my family, we constantly make homemade cards. We make all cards from Birthday ones to Christmas cards. 

I just think it adds personalization and thoughtfulness to whoever is receiving it. We love to make cards as a little craft project during the day! 

  • Donate old toys that your children no longer use. 

Make time to go through your children’s toys and ask them which ones they’d like to donate. Let them know another family could use them at this time of year! 

This really brings the Christmas spirit to life and God is smiling when we help others. Donating old toys and clothing is a great thing to teach your child to do during the Holidays. 

  • Make a Christmas playlist with your children and have a family Christmas dance party. 

One of my favorite songs to listen to with my kids is, Feliz Navidad. They love that song! 

Create an amazing Christmas playlist that your family loves. That way you can listen to it all December long! 

I usually grab my children one each and let them decorate theirs on their own. They love this family Christmas tradition! 

The last of the Christmas activities for families. 

Here’s the last of the Christmas family bucket list! 

  • Take Family Christmas photos. 

This is a must for me! We’ve had our pictures done professionally for Christmas but we also like to take them ourselves. 

We like to put one of the photos as a card onto our Christmas tree yearly. It just makes it feel cozier. 

  • Write a letter to Jesus saying Happy birthday and all you are thankful for. 

I like to remind my children why we celebrate Christmas so much and the history behind it. Usually, we’ll do a Christmas craft along with a story to help them understand. 

  • Make some s’mores outside! 

This is a great time to sit around the fire and make some s’mores. Christmas is about spending time with family and creating great memories to look back on. 

My children love to listen to me read them a bedtime story every night. This would be a great time to switch it up and read Christmas stories instead! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 20 Christmas activities for families to do. Hopefully, these ideas have given you the inspiration to add to your Family traditions list. 

What’s next on mrsplanahead? More Christmas content is coming up!

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My self-care workbook is almost out as well! I’m so excited about that too. 

Thanks for tuning in and until next time,

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