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Children’s behavior chart

Children’s behavior chart.

children's behavior chart

Are you looking for a children’s behavior chart? You’ve come to the right place.

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I’ve created one for you to use for your personal use only, for free. I’m a work from home mom who homeschools and I know it can get frustrating sometimes.

To have to work from home and also homeschool requires a lot of patience, hard work, and dedication. What truly helps me keep it together is my personal home planner that has everything for my kids and home into one.

I highly recommend you getting yourself a planner system to help stay organized. Another very helpful tool when it comes to staying organized with my children is having a reward system in place.

Teaching your children how to do their chores and giving them rewards for completing them is a very smart thing to do. My children clean up their room and help with the mess they create in the living room.

It’s helpful to me because I get help with cleaning and teaches them to put away their toys. I always have a clean-up basket in the living room where we put the toys there and move them in their storage cube container later on.

Free children’s behavior chart printable.

I created a helpful children’s behavior chart printable, for your personal use only. It’s free and I hope you enjoy it!

children's behavior chart

Make sure you subscribe down below to receive the password to my free resource library. This children’s behavior chart can be printed and laminated if you’d like.

You can put a clothespin on it and move it according to your child’s behavior. Make sure you’ve got a helpful reward system set into place!

This will help you out a ton. I hope you enjoy my free resource library and there are a ton more free printables inside.

How can a behavior chart help your child?

This is a really good question. Since I started homeschooling my child, I have found some days can be more difficult than others.

And that’s completely normal. Homeschooling is different than your child going to public school.

Even if you’re not homeschooling your child, behavior charts are super helpful to have when your child is young and you want them to act well with good manners. Having a reward system in place will help so much too.

A behavior chart will help your child understand limits on their behavior and will also help you see when it’s time for a time-out for your child. I like to call it time to reflect on their behavior.

I tried to make the printable as fair as possible, with plenty of times to have a chance before time-out time. Honestly, it’s a very useful tool to have in your household.

A reward system is helpful as well. You can create your own to fit your household.

How do I help my child with behavior problems?

This is another great question to have. Let’s go ahead and walk through the free printable sections.

As you can see green for the whole day means super amazing. Your child did great for the day.

I highly recommend having your reward system in place. Once a month, I get my children a toy if they behave.

They have something to look forward to, an amazing treat! This helps me out on the tough days that we have.

I let them know if they aren’t acting well minding their manners, then I will not be getting them their toy. They’ll usually act well right after that, for the rest of the day.

However, some days aren’t perfect. When your child gets into the orange section which is, warning- it’s time to cool off and calm down, then it is time for some breathing exercises.

In my home, when my oldest is having a difficult time we practice breathing in and out. This also works amazingly well for my toddler.

Try breathing exercises. If that doesn’t work, ask your child what’s wrong and why they feel this way.

Sometimes, talking can be the best thing you can do for your child. When they feel like you’re listening to them and hearing them out, it will do wonders!

Some children need more communication than others. And that’s completely fine.

It’s up to you to figure out what your child needs.

When it’s time for a time-out.

There always comes a time for a time-out. We go through them in our family a lot too!

I usually like to do a 5-minute time out for my kids. It’s up to the parent to choose how long a time out should be.

For my kids, I really don’t like their time out to be too long. The reason being, I just feel like that’s too long to go by without trying to talk about what’s going on.

Sometimes, my child will need a little more time to be alone but usually, not. I will come in and talk to the kids and see what’s going on and try to resolve the problem that’s going on.

As a parent, you need to decide when it’s time for a time-out. Some days will be harder than others.

The children’s behavior chart is meant to help you and your child. A guide is very useful to have.

Do behavior charts work?

I believe they do and it depends on how a parent uses one. You must have a lot of patience and be kind when disciplining your children.

Also, being a consistent parent is very helpful for your children. I try to remain firm, consistent, kind, and helpful with my kids.

Behavior charts do help a lot. Don’t just use a chart and stop talking to your child or trying to figure out what helps them, though.

Having a chart doesn’t solve everything. You need to put the time in to be a good parent to your child and help them through life.

Make sure you’re putting the time in and taking your parenting seriously. Staying consistent shows your children that you are very reliable and gives them a sense of security.

These are all good things for your child. So, yes behavior charts do work depending on how you use them.

Another reminder, reward systems are also a good thing to have along with your behavior chart. My reward system with my children is very consistent.

I highly recommend you create your own to fit your family’s needs because every family is different. A quick example of my reward system like I mentioned earlier, is a toy a month.

Another is cleaning up toys and messes in order to watch a family movie and have a popcorn night. And it just goes on and on from there.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Leave a comment down below if you did!

I hope this behavior chart helps you and your child. If so, please leave a comment down below how you’ve used it.

Remember to have patience with your children and give them lots of love! Try to be as kind and positive as possible.

God bless you and until next time,



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