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Blog post ideas every blogger needs to know. 

blog post ideas

Are you looking for amazing traffic increasing Christmas blog post ideas for bloggers? You’ve come to the right place. 

This post contains affiliate links. Upon purchase, I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. My disclosure is here.

I’ve been blogging since December 2018 and I have been slowly writing and creating blog posts. However, I’m going to go ahead and advise you: if you haven’t started seasonal content, now is the time to begin. 

Blogging usually starts with a passion to write and share with the world. That’s how I started. 

My husband helped me get started on my blog and I eventually began making money from it. This year, I’ve been focusing on seasonal content. 

Better late than never right? I haven’t just been focusing on seasonal content, I’ve also created the Ultimate Christmas Planner bundle to help you with the busy holidays coming up. 

This planner bundle has EVERYTHING when it comes to Christmas planning. I’ve been using it daily and it’s helped me reduce the stress of the Holidays. 

Getting organized for the holidays is key to reducing stress. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the blog post ideas! 

31 Christmas blog post ideas. 

These Christmas blog posts are super fun to make. I’ll let you know which ones have increased my traffic so far. 

Keep in mind that content does take a while to take off. I have seen MANY bloggers mention that it takes around 1 year to really gain traction on your seasonal content. 

That’s why I mentioned earlier that it’s better to start now rather than never! I’ll separate these blog post ideas into sections that are relevant, in case you want to skim through to find your niche and blog post idea quickly. 

We’ll start off with the all favorite gift guides. There’s a reason everyone loves gift guides and that’s because of affiliate marketing. 


I did mention that I was going to say which blog posts have increased my traffic and this one is one of them! Make an awesome gift guide for men. 

This was so fun to make but I’ll be honest, it didn’t get me a lot of views for some reason. 

This toddler gift guide didn’t bring me a lot of views either. Keep in mind it hasn’t been a year though! 

  • Christmas gift guide for girls. 
  • Blogger Christmas Wish list. 
  • Christmas gift ideas for any family member. 
  • Your personal wishlist guide. 
  • Stocking stuffer gift idea guide. 
  • Black Friday deals gift guide. 

More blog post ideas for Christmas. 


  • Family Christmas bucket list. 

I did make this one and it hasn’t gotten a ton of views but I also haven’t been promoting it very well because I’ve been so busy creating seasonal content. Which is why they always say, pre-plan your content!

You’ll have more time that way to make it great and not feel rushed. 

  • Free Christmas coloring pages for kids.

If you make a free Christmas coloring book that will definitely get you more subscribers! I’d subscribe for a free coloring book for my kids so keep that in mind. 

  • Free Christmas handwriting template to help your child write. 
  • Christmas crafts for kids. 


  • Free Christmas recipe card template. 
  • Free Christmas planner printable. 

Everyone loves free printables. You really can’t go wrong with these posts, especially if you’re sharing to Pinterest.

Just note that it does take a while to build traffic for these posts, in my opinion. Let me know in the comments down below if you’d like more blog post ideas that have given me a lot of traffic for my site! 


  • Skin routine for self-care with photos included. 
  • Favorite Christmas makeup products. 
  • Christmas makeup routine (include photos)

The reason I say to include your photos is that everyone wants to see photos instead of generic ones. You have a better chance of connecting with your audience this way and making money through affiliate marketing. 

Even more blog post ideas! 

  • Cute nail designs for Christmas (include photos)

Nail design posts are pretty popular for Pinterest. I haven’t had the time to photograph my nails every time I do them but I am going to do that soon! 

Use a cute filter with sparkles, those are the ones I click on when I get on Pinterest!


  • Christmas home decor ideas. 

I haven’t created this one yet, but I did make one for the fall. It didn’t get me as many views as I hoped it would.  

This particular blog post did bring me traffic quickly. I recommend making one of these! 

You learn something new every day. I had no idea movie lists were so popular! 

I’ll be making more of these too. 

  • New year’s resolutions. 
  • How to budget for Christmas. 
  • How to work from home during the Holidays. 


The last of the Christmas blog post ideas. 


  • How to pre-plan blogging content for the Holidays. 
  • Instagram Christmas themed content ideas. 


  • Christmas cozy date night in ideas with significant other. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of blogging ideas for Christmas! As far as traffic to your site goes, it does have a lot to do with your DA and other factors. 

Don’t lose hope and remember that blogging isn’t a super quick get rich fast type of thing. Blogging is work and it will always be work. 

The key is to not lose hope or motivation. This needs to be a job you love to do and you will succeed. 


Are you interested in driving even more blog traffic to your site? Personally, I found much success on Pinterest and by using Ell’s customizable Pinterest templates. 

They are worth every penny and make you back even more! Ell is amazing when it comes to Pinterest and she’s helped me so much. 

I love blogging and on mrsplanahead, I love to share tips and advice with my fellow bloggers. Whether you are a new blogger or you’ve been here for a while, we all know that blogging is all about learning new things. 

Blogging is meant for people who love to learn constantly and don’t stop! I hope you have a safe and amazing holiday. 

Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments down below. Make sure you’re subscribed and turn on your notifications to know when a new blog post is live. 

Until next time, 

xoxo, mrsplanahead 


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