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Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

50 blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

Are you a lifestyle blogger that’s running low on blog post ideas? I know exactly how you feel.

While running my website I have discovered it’s a TON of work. Not only do you have to come out with fresh content at least twice a week, but you are also promoting your blog at the same time.

When it’s time for me to create a new blog post, sometimes I run into writer’s block. Writing so much wears me out.

It’s very helpful to see online lists of lifestyle blog posts ideas for inspiration. This motivates me to create great and helpful content.

As bloggers, creating fresh and new content is just part of the territory. It’s helpful if you get used to creating new content weekly.

Plus, I’m sure you mom bloggers understand that you’re also busy running your household. Hectic much? Yes, I totally get it. And you are a hard worker! (Just thought I’d let you know.)

Writer’s block happens.

Writer’s block used to never happen to me! Then again, I wasn’t a website owner back then.

Not knowing what to write happens to the best of us writers. Whenever that happens, it really helps to take a break.

Just don’t forget there is inspiration all around you. Take that inspiration and simplify it into bullet points. When you simplify your thoughts out, it becomes easier to write out more content.

This will not only help you get rid of writer’s block but you can also come back feeling refreshed. The important thing to remember is to continue to write.

I use WordPress for my blog and what I love most about it is that it’s available in a mobile app for me. It’s so convenient to draft a blog post and just come back to it later.

Take advantage of these busy moms!

The fact that we can draft up a blog post on our phones still makes me so happy! I don’t always have a pen and paper on hand as a busy mom.

I’m usually super busy with my kids and my toddler ends up taking away most of my paper.

Lifestyle blog post ideas for bloggers are easy to come up with.

This is so true! It’s EASY. If you love to write about emotions, expressing yourself, and helpful advice then this IS your niche.

Lifestyle blog posts don’t need to be all holiday posts or fashion posts. Nope, you can write about what you’d like.

That’s the beauty of lifestyle blog posts, you can pick the topic.

On mrsplanahead, I truly do love to write blog posts that help, motivate, and inspire moms and women. I try hard to write meaningful content that will help my readers during their journey.

I love to help people feel better about themselves and I know how it feels like a mom to have postpartum depression, feeling that as a stay at home mom your only duty often feels like just taking care of your children.

What I want to do is build a community of faith-based stay at home moms who want to encourage and motivate one another. Life is stressful enough as is, so it’s always nice to have friends and cheer each other on in our day to day lives.

50 lifestyle blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

Let’s go ahead and jump into these 50 blog post ideas for bloggers.

  1. Ideas on how to start a blog.
  2. Why you decided to become a lifestyle blogger. Share the events that led up to this huge decision.
  3. Helpful tips and advice on creating the best content for your audience.
  4. Tips on how to make money blogging.
  5. Day in the life of your productive morning routine. (Trust me, I always read these types of posts. I’m always looking for ways to make my morning routine better!)
  6. How to write a well-structured blog post.
  7. Ways on how to drive traffic to your blog.

Lifestyle blog posts don’t need to be just all about blogging.

You don’t just need to write about blogging. As you grow into blogging, you will naturally WANT to share your journey with your audience.

Why? Because you’re a blogger. It’s what you do.

You write your own life experiences to try to help others that land and subscribe to your website. However, there are more topics than just blogging.

Marriage, motherhood, parenting, and many more topics are so easy to write about and still share your personal experience with.

Write helpful content that is filled with great advice and tips worthwhile of being clicked on. Your goal as a blogger should be to HELP and to care for your audience.

8. Write your life story.

9. Journal prompts on whatever topic you choose.

10. A list of your favorite books.

11. A list of your favorite authors.

More lifestyle blog post ideas.

12. How to clean your home with a messy toddler.

13. Your top 20 helpful mom hacks.

14. The best phone apps you recommend.

15. A list of positive affirmations.

16. Your planner system for the current year.

17. Any goals you want to accomplish this year.

Get creative with lifestyle blog posts.

18. Motivational and inspirational quotes you make up yourself.

19. A list of your hobbies.

20. 20 arts and crafts projects to do with your kids.

21. 50 fun activities to do with your kids.

22. A list of places you want to travel to.

23. A brain dump of everything you are needing to get done. (Watch it turn into a great topic!)

24. Healthy habits for women.

25. A list of healthy foods you eat.

Make sure your posts are meant to help others and spread kindness.

I love to read kind and helpful posts. The negative and sad posts I don’t usually read for too long. Being on a self-love journey has me not wanting to go back to being negative.

I make sure to focus on the positive and being a better and healthier version of myself. To me, that’s important in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

26. Self-love post. (You can write about how to love yourself or your journey leading up to self-love).

27. Self-care post. (Self-care routines are great here or what you think self-care is and why it’s so meaningful).

28. Your favorite skincare routine. (You should probably include your favorite products too!)

29. The best self-care routine you want to share with others. (Share your own self-care routine!)

30. 50 ways to spread kindness and cheer.

31. Favorite self-care products.

Traveling posts can be lifestyle ones too.

32. Top 20 places you wish to travel to and why.

33. The best place you’ve vacationed at.

34. Where you would like to honeymoon one day!

35. The last place you traveled to.

36. Your last favorite travel memory.

37. A list of places you’d like to sightsee.

Lifestyle bloggers can blog about marriage too.

As a lifestyle blogger, I often blog about marriage tips and advice. I’ve been married to my husband for almost eight years now and I enjoy sharing any helpful marriage tips that have helped him and me on our journey.

Feel free to share any helpful tips and ideas for marriage or your relationship! The beauty of lifestyle blogging is that there are so many topics you can cover.

Your readers are there to read the content YOU provide. When they subscribe, it’s because they enjoy it and want to continue reading what you offer! That’s a big deal. 

38. Top 20 marriage advice tips.

39. How you met your spouse.

40. Wedding anniversary ideas.

41. How to improve your marriage.

42. How to have a successful and happy marriage.

43 . Ways to have a long-lasting marriage.

44. Top 50 date night ideas.

45. 100 questions to ask your partner.

The last of the blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

46. A list of your favorite places to shop at.

47. Monthly goals and why you want to accomplish them.

48. Relaxing nighttime routine.

49. How to be a good parent.

50. Top 20 tips on how to clean your home effectively weekly.

There you have it! 50 lifestyle blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

I hope these 50 ideas helped you start writing a new blog post right away! Lifestyle blog posts are amazing to read in my opinion, and I am mostly subscribed to lifestyle bloggers.

What I truly enjoy are those who e-mail me at least weekly and who post weekly. This keeps me interested in their content and has me looking forward to reading more.

As a lifestyle blogger, make sure you’re creating new and fresh content.

I get that we are all busy, trust me I know how time-consuming it is to be a blogger and raise kids at the same time. Publishing a new blog post weekly really isn’t that difficult, though.

Perhaps publishing two blog posts weekly when you’re working on a product, is rather difficult. I tried doing that and couldn’t, so temporarily I am publishing once weekly.

Working on my book and publishing twice a week was becoming way too stressful. Since I create so many pins weekly, it was all too much.

Publish lifestyle blog posts weekly for your readers.

Running a business on your own with no help can be exhausting if you allow it to be. It’s important to only do as much work as you KNOW you can handle.

When you publish a blog post it should be AT LEAST 2,000 words- 3,000 words. Part of being a blogger is creating new content and doing that consistently.

New blog posts shouldn’t be something your subscribed audience is WAITING and hoping for. Come on, our audience doesn’t deserve that.

You’d be surprised at how many of your readers actually read your content. A way to check this is by going to the e-mail service you use (I use Mailerlite) and seeing how many actually OPEN and read your e-mail.

Look, I know it’s discouraging to see that most of your readers aren’t clicking your links, but if they are reading and not unsubscribing take that as a good note and continue on. You need a mailing list for quite some time, I believe to start getting more and more clicks.

Stay consistent publishing blog posts with your audience.

Eventually, those clicks turn into comments. And comments will make you happy inside!

You never know if your audience just needs more time to trust you. Reading through an e-mail doesn’t take that long.

Even though I’m subscribed to a lot of lifestyle bloggers’ websites’, I don’t really click and read through every single reader. I have many favorites, but I still am pretty busy.

Regardless, I am still subscribed and get to the e-mails when I can and when I want to. I always think of it as a huge win when one reader doesn’t unsubscribe.

Take it like youtube vloggers, I’m sure their subscribers don’t watch each and every single video. I don’t, even with my favorite vloggers.

However, when I get a free moment to myself, I do go back and check out the video. If I like it, I’ll watch it. Simple as that.

Takeaways on blog post ideas.

As part of being a blogger, we do go through tough times. Nobody said being a blogger was going to be easy. Choosing to be a blogger is choosing to do something you truly love to do, which is to write.

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspiration, and I’ve come across that feeling more than once, so I hope these 50 lifestyle blog post ideas have helped you out some. I do enjoy reading these types of lifestyle posts and I hope you do too.

I subscribe more to lifestyle bloggers because I like the variety of topics instead of just sticking to one. Life is amazing and wonderful with lots of different subjects to discuss, I really don’t want to be stuck on just one topic.

Being a blogger is a lot of work. Leave your website link down below if you want me to subscribe and also leave a comment, letting me know if you enjoyed this type of blog post.

If you did enjoy it, I may create more lists of blog post ideas to share with you in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive weekly e-mails on my new blog posts and to stay connected with me to receive exclusive content.

I hope your day is going by well and God bless you,

Until next time,



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