best planner system

Best planner system

Best planner system.


Are you looking for the best planner system for 2020? I’m here to share mine because I truly love my planner system.

Not only do I find it efficient and productive, but I’ve never had a better working planner system in all my years!

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The planner system that I had before helped me a lot when I was a stay at home mom, but now that I have a website to run, I need more help.

This is the best planner system I have ever had. I’m stoked by how much my productivity has increased and I’m super excited about my website in the future.

I use multiple planners for my planning system.

Planning is something that I love to do and take seriously. Without my work task list and personal home task list, I’m not sure I’d get anything done without forgetting something.

My planner system is meant to help me be productive at work from home. I work on my website and I make a monthly income from ads.

My book is almost out. I need my planner(s) to help me accomplish my tasks and get things done in a timely manner. What I love the most about my planners is that even when I become busy with my kiddos, I have someplace to look at where I left off.

Currently, I am using two planners. One I call my “home/personal” planner and the other is my work planner meant only for work, specifically.

If you’re a blogger and you aren’t using a planner, I’m a little surprised. I have no idea how I’d get things done without a planner system in place.

Having a list pad won’t do for me because I can’t work well with clutter. Also, I may end up throwing away something I needed to keep.

My personal planner.

best planner system

This is my personal B6 stalogy that I house in a May Designs traveler’s notebook I found at Target. I really love the pink design, so I don’t mind housing my B6 in it, though it is a little big.

The B6 size for me is pretty near perfect and I enjoy the personal size too. I love this stalogy but I must say that I do wish I had more pages and that makes me miss my a5 hobonichi Techo. The size of that is perfect for a ton of writing, too.

For my planner system, I enjoy using this bullet journal. I also love my planning supplies such as my highlighters, washi tape favorites, and must have tabs for my planning system.

These are my favorite planning products and I constantly use them for my planning system!
My B6 stalogy is pretty simple for what I use it for, especially now that I’ve separated my work and home planning. It’s a lot less cluttered than it was before. In the front of my stalogy I always preplan my months out in advance.

Currently, I don’t print and cut out any inserts. I know a few planner girls who glue or tape them into their stalogy. All of the layouts I create I draw out on my own.

Basically, I draw them out and just use a ruler. However, I will decorate my pages with whatever washi tape and stickers that I have on hand.

How I functionally use my stalogy.

Since I preplan my stalogy, I divide up my pages for at least six months. For those months I draw them in at the beginning of my stalogy and I put the three months before the six months firstly.

Having those three months there ahead help me plan out my future appointments and my daughter’s school events. It’s so helpful as a mom to have this laid out in a place you look at daily.

When I divide out my pages I do a monthly overview, highlights of my day, goals sheet, inbox, spending tracker, gratitude log, and positive affirmations. Then I do a habit tracker for the month, income page (pay period), bills of the month, my daughter’s progress in school, and my youngest’s notes.

The rest of my pages are monthly tasks and blessings of the month. Every week I set up a weekly page that includes events/appointments that week, a to-buy list, and a meal plan.

From there, every week I have my daily pages set up. Since I don’t have enough pages in my stalogy to add anything extra, I tape in additional pages.

The best planner system I’ve had yet.

Sometimes I use pretty paper or regular paper and I tape it in with clear tape. The pages are notes/brain dump, a prayer of the week, weekly review, and motivation.

For my daily pages, I make a tracker to track my vitamin, how much tea I drink, and how many glasses of water I intake. Also, I write what we eat for dinner daily at the bottom of the page, as a family to make sure we are eating healthy and on the plan.

It’s important for me to track what I drink because I’m not a huge water drinker. That’s not good for me and I’m trying to better myself with water.

That’s the great thing about a bujo planner, you can customize it to fit your daily needs. It may be a little more work for the upkeep, but it’s well worth it.

My daily pages aren’t anything super special, they are usually cleaning tasks and activities I want to get done with the girls. All in all, my personal planner benefits me greatly. There, I have a special place just focused on home and myself.

I am so happy with my personal planner bujo system. And I have tried a lot of different planning systems, but this has been the most flexible and functional planner system for me.

My work planner.

best planner system

When I wanted a work planner, I wanted a personal size planner so that I could easily carry it around with me from room to room, since I’m always with my kids! I also use these amazing inserts for extras in my planner.

Personal size rings are my favorite size when it comes to carrying around a planner. I also create my own inserts for blogging that go in there.

When it comes to my work planner, I like it to just be used for work. This planner is solely used for my website, nothing more.

The weekly inserts I use came with the planner and I just write tasks to check off for my website that I want to accomplish. I highlight the tasks once they are complete.

My productivity has increased when I got a planner solely focused on work. Piling both work and personal into one planner wasn’t the best choice.

best planner system

Having a list insert is beneficial for my website.

For this list insert, I keep track of my blog posts in order to create fresh pins for them weekly. Having your blog post titles listed out on paper helps you have something to glance down at while you create your pins for the day.

I create fresh pins three times a week. I’d say it takes me a couple of hours each time, so I save a day to create and a separate day to upload and schedule them.

Since I do have to maintain my website I use list pages like this for tech support questions, stuff I need to do for my book, blog posts I need to edit, and new blog post ideas.

Typically I don’t like to create a ton of lists because I’ll end up just wasting space and not actually accomplishing anything. It’s better for me to have less written down because I don’t do well with clutter.

Having list inserts is so beneficial for any type of work planner. I find it helpful to keep a chunk of them in there because you are constantly writing down lists. Lists are so good for brain dump along with notes pages.

Keep track of your finances in your planner system.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your finances when you are running a website. However, in my work planner, I like to keep track of our monthly expenses too and include my business expenses.

My husband usually keeps track of our monthly finances and I just write out the neater version of our monthly budget. We usually look back on my planner because it’s neater!

I may change up this insert so it’s just one for my small business. Since I want this planner to solely be my work planner, this insert isn’t making too much sense to me. We’ll see.

Finances are very important and if you have a work planner, I highly encourage you to keep a finance section. When you are the owner of a small business, it’s so necessary and helpful to keep track of.

Having a password insert really helps me remember a ton of passwords. This is helpful to any business owner. You should always have your passwords written down somewhere for safekeeping.

Notes pages are helpful in any planner system.

Okay, so with my notes pages I use them for a number of things related to my website. For now, I do like to keep track of my monthly subscribers and the number of monthly sessions.

It’s important for me to keep track of the growth of my website because I do like to know that my hard work is paying off. And if it’s not, I can see what I need to work on the most.

I also write out blog post ideas and bullet point out what I want to write in the blog post. This planner in itself has helped me so much with my small business.

Get your freebie for your planner down below!!

In my planner, I enjoy writing my weekly review down. I do this on the page down below I created and I write down different categories of my week I want to review on.

On the back of the page (if you print double-sided) there’s a prayer of the week you can fill out. I love to write my prayers weekly and pray for the safety and health of my family and me.

The best planner system takeaways.

Do you have a perfect planner system you’d like to share in the comments down below? Don’t be shy! I love talking all planner things related.

Not only do I enjoy reading planning posts but I consider them into applying it to my planner system. If you have a planning post you’d like to share, leave it in the comments down below and I’ll be sure to check it out.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my planner system for 2020 walkthrough and I hope the pictures I took were enough. Subscribe to mrsplanahead for future related planner posts.

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What’s to come.

I have a lot of plans for mrsplanahead and I’m so excited as days go by when I am getting more and more accomplished on my website. I’m learning so much and I’m taking you along with me during my blogging journey.

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I want to thank you so much for those who are already subscribed and have been returning to mrsplanahead. I appreciate you so much and I hope I’m creating the content you deserve!

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