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Best Fitness App For Android

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Best Fitness App for android.

best fitness app for android

Working out is so important for our health. However, it can become discouraging when you are constantly trying new workout methods to fit your needs, and none are working out for you. That’s exactly how I felt after my second child. It was starting to feel like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake off the weight. It was such a nuisance, I knew something had to change.

Loosing weight can be frustrating.

Not only was my doctor telling me I needed to loose weight at each and every doctor check up (which can be annoying to hear), but my self esteem wasn’t doing too great. I think all moms can agree with me that once you have your baby, it’s hard to wait to snap back into the way your body was before pregnancy. But, the truth is you need to give your body time to heal from having your baby. You can’t rush the healing process, nor should you have to.

Part of taking care of yourself means loving yourself and giving yourself a break. You’re a mom!

Loosing weight can be difficult the first year after having a baby.


Because you’re so darn busy caring for your baby. And you shouldn’t feel badly about focusing all your attention on your child. However, taking care of yourself should be a priority. You can’t take care of others if you aren’t focusing on taking care of yourself.

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I’d like to tell you right that second I found the best way to lose weight for myself. However, that wasn’t the case. It took me months to find this app. This was only because I had exhausted ALL other options. I had tried pushing the stroller as often as I could for an hour or so. Sure, I was burning enough calories but my back began hurting. My baby was growing heavier and heavier and it was harder to push uphill.

Try different workout methods.

Working out methods don’t have to always be the same. As we get older, loosing weight can change. It’s not so easy to just loose weight after 2 or 3 kids as it was with just one or no kids at all. What I’m saying is, don’t loose hope or give up on your weight loss journey.

best fitness app for android

Which is the best free fitness app for android?

What I found helpful during all this time is my cell phone. I mean, I can surf the web while my baby naps and thankfully I came across the best free fitness app for android you can ask for. But, first I did try other various workouts.

First, I tried YouTube videos. Some helped, but I still wasn’t loosing any weight. Not to mention having the workout video playing in the background made both my kids want to jump in and it was harder for me to complete the workout- interruption free.

I’m here to help you out by sharing with you the workout app on my android device that has been helping me lose weight significantly for FREE. Yes, for free.

Best Workout App For Moms

Now, I am unsure why it’s free for android and not for the iPhone. However, I believe both phones are completely different and provide different services. Double check with your iPhone, I am saying it’s free for me on my android device.

Side note: Personally I do prefer Android over iPhone. The truth is I feel like I am able to get more use out of my phone for free versus the iPhone.

Anyhow, let me go ahead and jump right in!

The app I use that’s changed my life around for the better is called the Female Fitness Women Workout for Android. Below, I have shown you how I searched for it on my android device. Hopefully this helps you locate it quicker on your phone.

best fitness app for android

Best fitness app for android.

This app is so amazing because there are 3 different levels you can choose from. I started from beginner and slowly have made my way to intermediate. There are 3 levels because everyone is different and that’s perfectly fine.

best fitness app for android

What I really like about this workout app is that it covers everything! There are different types of workouts to fit your needs. Personally, I hate certain types of workouts. I’m no fan of cardio and I prefer squats. There are some exercises that work better for others. Everybody is different and loses weight at their own pace, according to their body type.

best fitness app for android

These different workouts are super beneficial because you can work on different areas of your body whenever you want. In addition, it keeps track of every single day you workout and what workout you have completed that day. It’s nice to know when you’re on track!

Sometimes I’ll forget if I worked out last week and it bothers me because I have a workout log in my planner for keeping track that I like to have filled out. Luckily, the app itself keeps track for me! Now, keep in mind this workout app does have ads but it’s really not that bad! I still use it every single day. A little notification pops up to remind me if I haven’t yet completed my workout.

Consistency is key for results.

Another important note, I have stayed consistent. If I miss a day, I usually complete my workout the following day. I do not miss workouts often because I am on a mission to lose weight, because it’s necessary now for my health.

best fitness app for android

Other weight loss tips.

Even though I use this app every day consistently, I also have changed my eating habits greatly. I do eat smaller portions throughout the day, and I try my best to minimize snacking. It really helps to have yogurt in the fridge and even some ice pops to snack on instead of something like, delicious cookies and slices of cake. I love sweets so this is pretty difficult for me.

Working out cannot be complete without a healthy diet. I’m not at all a huge fan of dieting, I will be completely honest with you. Dieting and me, we don’t mix well!

However, I recognize I need to eat well in order to shed a few LBS! I highly recommend to munch on your favorite healthy snack. For some reason, I love protein bars and salads. Don’t eat too much though, just enough to fill you up.

Another tip I have is to drink a full glass of water before each meal. If you do it daily, you won’t be so hungry. Drinking black tea daily, instead of coffee for some reason has helped me loose weight also. I’m not claiming to be a weight loss expert, I only share what has worked for my diet. And so far, black tea has helped me loose weight. I like to drink my black tea like coffee. Basically, hot with some milk and 2 cubes of sugar.

best fitness app for android

I hope this app truly helps you if you decide to try it out. If you do, I recommend trying it consistently for 30 days before judging it. I wasn’t a huge fan the first week either. Let me know in the comments below how it’s going for you! Good luck on your journey of weight loss.

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