Becoming closer to God

Becoming closer to God.

Are you looking to become closer to God and build your relationship with him? Before I continue, 2020 is here and all I have to say is:
Blessings on blessings.

Praise the Lord, we’ve made it to another year!

God loves us so, so much and unconditionally too. This past year has been trying, but I’m excited for this upcoming year, especially with a positive mindset. 

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Do you know how AMAZING it is knowing that God loves you so much enough to forgive you even at your lowest points in life? Not just to forgive you when you feel bad but just to listen to you vent and actually care about what you are saying?

That’s beautiful.

A truly amazing feeling once you appreciate Him.

I’ve been setting goals out for 2020 and one is becoming closer to God. I’ve been putting off focusing on my relationship with God and I’m ready to start anew.

I miss taking the time to talk to God and pray. However, I’m actually going to be getting a study Bible and focus on studying the Word this year.

This is exciting because I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time. Are you wanting to become closer to God? What are some ways you plan on getting there? 

You need the right tools to get there. Purchase your Bible first off, if you haven’t already.

Reading the Bible is so very important when it comes to building and strengthening your relationship with God. Purchase your Bible in this link hereAre you struggling through this life alone? Are you lost? Find your way to God with

I also use a free Bible app for whenever I am on the go, I can look up a scripture if I need it. To be honest, I don’t usually do this. 

Social media isn’t everything. 

All too often we are sucked into this social media lifestyle. And it’s not everything, it really isn’t. Even though many have made it seem to be.

We’re now texting instead of having face to face conversations. Personally, I’d rather talk face to face than behind a text all day long.

Social media and cell phones can’t replace spiritual connection, in my honest opinion. It can’t replace in real life experiences. We need our friends and relationships. 

Often, I watch old movies because it reminds me of a simpler time when there was limited technology and blogging was barely becoming a thing. There was more to do with what was being written, the STORY, than what was trending. 

Moms need God, too.

I remember my parents were so old school and my siblings and I didn’t have all this high tech stuff growing up. It was a lot easier to pray. A lot easier to read and write and focus.

Times sure have changed, am I right?

But besides this high tech change, God is right there still waiting on you and I to make more time for Him. I’m guilty of not spending enough time with the Lord.

And I can admit that. I always get overwhelmed by the kids and managing this household when I know I need to spend quiet time at God’s feet. It’s hard trying to make time for anything!

When you’re a busy stay at home mom all too often you feel isolated and as if you’re the only one dealing with the kids.

Well, guess what?

You heard right. Goodness, we are raising babies. If you’re a woman of faith it’s important now more than EVER to really spend time with God.

Get out your Bible, journal, pray, and listen to your worship music daily.

Putting off time with God doesn’t help you at all.

When I don’t spend enough time with the Lord, I can slowly feel my patience fading. I’m not in a happy or thankful mood, I find myself becoming unhappy with where I am at in my life.

This can affect my relationship with family, my husband, and kids. 

Does that benefit you?

To feel this way? Do you start to feel impatience and unhappiness when you don’t spend your quality time with God?

I know I do.

You don’t need to just dismiss your needs because you’re a busy mama. As a wife and mom, you need to focus on your relationship with the Lord even more so than before.
You truly won’t regret it. If it helps you, follow your Christian community online and make friends. They can help you stay focused on your journey with God. 

Happiness is a prayer away.

Not sure if this sounds cheesy or not, but this is how I FEEL. Because when I pray I can feel like I am telling my troubles to God and He knows me and understands me.

He knows my struggle and He knows yours too.
When you let Him into your world, you’re helping yourself out. You’re helping your life become a whole lot easier especially if you’re tired of dealing with the struggles of motherhood and being a wife all by yourself.

God doesn’t want you to deal with struggles on your own. I don’t even want to deal with struggles on my own. So, I simply don’t.

Praying to God is the first way I become closer to God. Then, I surround myself with people who love Him just as much as I do.

Next, I go to church more often. The praise and worship music always help me feel closer to God. Then, I try to make it an established routine.


So that I don’t have to go through my walks in life without Him. That’s why I do what I do and tell others about it. Because, He loves you and I unconditionally and it’s important to share. 


Don’t let another day go by without praising God. He loves you and is waiting to hear from you. I pray that the Lord helps you find that peace and happiness you are searching for.

I pray he showers blessing after blessing upon your life and you find joy in your life.

Until next time,


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  1. Jesus is truly the lover of the soul! Going to Israel impacted me immensely, but my solo journey through Israel changed my life & love for the Lord for ever! If you seek Him, you will find Him.

    1. admin says:

      Amen . This is amazing

  2. I start my day with prayers and gratitude. The closeness with God is on hearts and it is comforting as a mom to feel that love and warmth

    1. admin says:

      That’s such a great way to start the day. I always pray with my girls but praying with God on my own gives me such peace inside. Just to give Him all of my worries.

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