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Amtico is perfect in the kitchen

Amtico is Perfect in the Kitchen

AD Guest post| There’s no doubt about it, your kitchen is just as much a sociable area for family and friends
as it is a place to cook. Living rooms are no longer the only place where guests gather and
admire your home.

So, when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen vinyl flooring, you want a brand that
delivers multiple types of durability, lessens the amount of time you spend maintaining it’s
gleam and incomparable functionality that meets your needs.

It’s because of all these reasons that homeowners now choose Amtico luxury vinyl flooring
over regular tiles, laminate, and even hardwood flooring. Amtico helps tackle spills and
moisture problems that can be a struggle for other flooring options to fight against.

What’s Wrong With the Ceramic Tile

The early adopters of vinyl flooring may have experienced some teething problems, but the
quality, detail, and durability of vinyl flooring has drastically improved and usurped its
authentic material alternative in recent years.

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has come on leaps and bounds since its inception in the
flooring department. It is now the alpha male of the flooring market because it makes not
just maintenance and style collaborations around the home easier, but your overall lifestyle

Let’s compare it to if ceramic tile had a place in your home right now. You risk it cracking
open after contact with dropped cutlery or cups, which comes with an expensive repair price
tag. Whereas with luxury vinyl tile, you get a flooring material that doesn’t crack and saves
money if you find it necessary to replace them for any reason.

Even the lowest price Amtico plank flooring such as Signature or Amtico Spacia collections
give comfort to each step you take, with cushion quality and unfathomable compatibility with
underfloor heating. Achieving genuine warmth throughout the home without risking a shift or
warping in your tiles or planks is essential over the winter seasons.

A Range with Range

With more than enough options in natural wood and stone design, the cheapest Amtico
flooring UK is the best Christmas present you could ask for.

Alongside all the benefits built into the flooring during manufacturing, you also have the
bonus of being able to expand your creative flair with endless style and shade options. This
allows you to unleash your inner interior designer and enjoy the flooring design process as
you browse the plethora of alternate designs the Amtico collections hold, instead of fretting
about making a good investment.

The hardware layer puts a stop to those little scuffs and marks that appear almost
immediately after regular flooring has been laid. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) doesn’t stop at installation either. The Amtico warranty promises your home a long term period of style,
durability, and easy maintenance, so you can spend more time around your loved ones,
instead of cleaning up after them this Christmas.

Kitchens love Amtico because they allow you to enjoy your social gatherings and family
dinners together, without the immediate panic that you will be scrubbing your floor when the
events are over.

It’s time to enjoy spending time in your kitchen with Amtio luxury vinyl flooring.

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