10 ways to save money on a tight budget

8 ways to save money on groceries

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8 ways to save money on groceries.

Hello all, today I wanted to share 8 ways to save money on groceries. Being apart of a family of 4, I know how pricey and expensive food can get if you allow it to be. It’s key to have a weekly menu plan in order to ensure you aren’t overspending on food. It’s very easy and affordable to feed a family of 4, as long as you have the right mindset and don’t get distracted while shopping in stores.

It’s important to not get side tracked while shopping. The goal is to save money. Now, let’s go ahead and dive right into the 8 ways to save money on groceries

How to keep your grocery bill down.

Coupons, coupons, and coupons.

  • Using coupons are so useful and helpful when you are down to your last dime and need some help. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about using coupons in your time of need. Even saving 2 or 3 dollars every single shopping trip truly add up and make it worth your while. Plan ahead of time. Every single Sunday, I check my favorite local grocery store’s weekly ad on the app for sales that are going on and coupons I can clip. I shop mostly at a Kroger store because I find it affordable, however I have heard of many other stores that are even more affordable.

8 ways to save money on groceries

How to spend less money on groceries.

Set a budget and stick to it.

  • Don’t overspend. This is such a basic rule and not everyone follows it because we all WANT things. We can’t be perfect and stick to the budget each and every single time. However, keep in mind it really is best to budget with a family and you’ll soon find out with a few months of practice, that you really don’t NEED a ton of food. Think of healthy and nutritious meals that fill you up and you can easily save this way.

Eat all the leftovers.

  • And I mean ALL of them! You don’t always have to reheat your dish up, you can think creatively and use the food in different ways. For instance, with tuna you can use crackers or turn it into a sandwich for lunch. You end up spending less money on groceries when you take the time to eat the leftovers in your fridge. Instead of grabbing takeout, finish all the food before purchasing more.

save money on groceries

Stick to sandwiches for lunch.

  • This tip is pretty self explanatory. Actually, I’ve done this a few times when we have been short on cash. Every day for a week, I ate sandwiches. I soon came to find out that I REALLY needed to keep some items handy in order to not be completely miserable having sandwiches for lunch daily. Pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, fruits, a variety of chips, and different types of nuts and yogurt to pair along with the sandwiches is a smart thing to purchase before starting that week of tedious sandwiches, believe me! Bland sandwiches are the worst.

Cook breakfast and dinner.

  • Who’s guilty of purchasing a bunch of waffles and frozen sausage biscuits for the week? I am. And I found out that you ARE spending extra on this, even if you are using coupons. Let me explain. You can purchase a waffle and pancake mix for at most $3.00. But, do you eat waffles every single day? No. Make enough for the week but also switch it up by having eggs and yogurt for breakfast too.
  • Think smart for budgeting and you will start to make your own changes for meal choices. Limit your takeout for dinner. This is where meal prepping comes in handy and I’ve heard wonders that this can limit your spending on takeout. I don’t meal prep because I’m a stay at home mom and I make dinner that day, as I’ve mentioned before my husband and kids prefer hot, fresh dinners and are a tad picky.

8 tips to cutting down your grocery bill

Check your weekly store ad every single week.

  • By far, this is my most helpful tip when it comes to saving money on my grocery bill monthly. Why? Because I mostly shape my weekly meal plan based on what’s on sale, clearance, or the deals offered in the weekly ad. Every good grocery store has one, and I highly recommend picking a grocery store that provides one, if yours doesn’t. Weekly ads are so helpful and so is buying what’s on sale for the week. Getting those treasured groceries on sale is the best, because you aren’t paying full price.

Make sure when you’re looking through the store you grab those Buy 1 get 1 free items.

  • I’ve come across this scenario quite a few times at my local Kroger store. My favorite items to see the Buy 1, get 1 free tag are the hair ties for girls. We always run out of them! Getting 2 packs for the price of 1 is amazing. They have similar tags for grocery items too.
  • Be on the lookout for those and grab them when you can! Increase your inventory that way and learn to stock up, even when you don’t necessarily need the items. Just purchase the extra item in order to save yourself some cash for next time. As parents we all know how often our children run out of an item and we always wish we had extras on deck.

Buy most of the generic brand food.

  • Saving money on my groceries with this tip is an understatement. Purchasing generic brand food is so cheap! Now, please don’t get me wrong. Some of the generic brand foods are plain, flat out gross. I don’t like generic brand soups and personally you won’t catch me eating them. Just because I won’t purchase those, doesn’t mean I haven’t tried them. Usually, I try every generic brand and see what my taste buds can handle. Surely, we can all admit that the higher priced brand food is usually more tasty than generic brand. However, some generic brand foods really aren’t that bad and they are super affordable. I highly recommend trying them all out and picking which ones you prefer.
  • Not only are these great tips for saving money on your groceries, but I’ll also give you another tip to save some more cash. Grab some plastic tubs from the Dollar Tree and just stock up on them in order to store your leftovers in the refrigerator and also have plenty of containers to take your food to go. If you take your food to go you will limit those chances of being hungry and stopping for some takeout. Everything always $1 – Shop Now

I hope these 8 tips on saving money on your groceries have helped you in some form or another!

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