6 tips for blogging
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6 Tips For Blogging

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6 tips for blogging.

Today, I want to share with you 6 tips for blogging. We ALL know how hard it is to do ANYTHING, as busy moms when your littles are running around with their non stop energy! They’re so lovable, but boy are they hard work! Firstly, it’s hard enough doing ALL of the cooking, cleaning, and bathing as a full time stay at home mom. How hard is it to fit full time blogging into your schedule as a stay at home mom? Trust me when I say, it’s pretty darn hard.

Especially with multiple children, depending on their ages. Even so, still hard. Babies go through different stages in their lives. There’s the newborn, infant, and toddler stage. Regardless, blogging is not impossible as a mom. And I’m here to share with you, 6 tips for blogging.

6 tips for blogging

Is it even a good idea to start a blog in 2019?

I believe it is a good idea to start a blog, even now. Blogs take a lot of time, energy, and patience. The most important thing though is time. You need time to learn about blogging. Nothing about that process is fast, unless you already know about websites and you aren’t just leaping into this. Blogging can be your creative outlet and let you tell your story. Sharing your story with the world is a beautiful thing. We can all use inspiration and friends while at home.

Why start a blog?

As a mom, I truly am busy. However, my love for writing has never faded. I NEED to write, it’s how I express myself and get out what I’m feeling. I think you should start a blog if you feel that exact way. The money that eventually (with hard work) will come, is better when your hard work pays off. To start your own blogging business is an adventure and a great learning experience. If this doesn’t interest you, I’d advise to think about this decision longer.

Blogging for moms can be challenging.

Mom bloggers know how hard it can be to write a post and how difficult it can be to promote your blog post with a crying, teething toddler clinging to your hip. I have had my fair share of toddler tantrums throughout the years and I explain how I deal with them here.

As difficult as it can be to blog with children, don’t be discouraged or loose hope because it is not impossible. I have a few tips for exhausted and busy moms out there on how to continue blogging and promoting your website, despite the obstacles headed your way. Another tip: Don’t loose sight of why you started. If you love what you are doing, you certainly won’t feel like you’re at work, dreading doing your tasks. It’ll come naturally and easily. You’ll also have a more positive attitude.

Blogging is easier with WordPress.

I use WordPress for my lifestyle blogging website and it is absolutely amazing, you can use the link here to get WordPress hosting which is a smart choice for moms who want to blog and aren’t so techy. WP Engine – Startup Plan

Not only are there plenty of free You tube tutorials that help you step by step with WordPress, you can reach awesome customer service for even the less tech mom. WordPress is so worth it, in my honest opinion. If you’re wanting to start your own blog, I would start with WordPress and watch some tutorials to familiarize myself with blogging. Learning is always worth it. Putting in time is, too.

6 tips for blogging

6 tips for blogging.

  • Write, write, and write some more. You began blogging in the first place because you have a story to tell and you can’t put the pen down, am I right? I’m assuming that’s how it genuinely begins for all bloggers with a story to share.

My advice is to write your content non stop. Your babies do play and nap. I know you’re exhausted, but take the time to write. The younger your children are when you start writing, the quicker they will get used to seeing you write daily. TRUST ME. My youngest has begun scribbling all day because she’s imitating what she sees so often. It’s truly adorable!

Writing out blog posts ideas is so helpful when you’re pinched on time.

Blogging is nothing without those awesome ideas swirling around in your head! Writing down ideas and content can be so helpful later on, when you’re running on low energy and not able to focus completely on the task at hand. Personally, I find writing out my blog posts helpful, even if it’s just a few bullet points to remind me of the point I’m trying to get across.

  • Focus on creating new Pinterest pins while watching your baby. You can always pin while watching your baby, just as you are scrolling on Instagram liking the latest trending outfit or mom pic. Which means you can definitely take the time to create new pins for all of your blog posts. Pin what’s trending while you feed your child. Don’t get me wrong, writing is important but so is promoting your work for new readers to tune in. Design new pins on your phone during naptime. I actually find that my better designed pins come from that time.
  • Take advantage of nap time. Our fussy babies need to nap EVENTUALLY! Don’t loose help and make sure you’re focusing on one of your blogging tasks at hand. I absolutely love to focus on my blog while she naps. If you have an older child home, you can set them up to play a few educational games on their tablet while your youngest naps.

Last of the 6 blogging tips.

  • Set an early bedtime. I cannot stress this enough. My children are used to me blogging so I do accomplish most of my tasks during the day. But, you can always take the time to work when they’re sleeping at night. Keep on promoting!

Pay attention to your blog.

Do that and set aside a few blogging video tutorials you have been meaning to get to and learn something new. Sign up for a few e-courses and keep yourself in the know how of the blogging world. Falling behind won’t help your blogging website out. You have to be attentive towards your website.

6 tips for fulltime mom bloggers

  • Ask for help from your partner. Personally, I do. Usually, when I am swamped I ask for help one weekend day out of the month when I am creating new content or typing it up. My husband will keep my littles entertained since we all do get tired and need to rest. While he enjoys spending time with them, I catch up on my blogging content. If you don’t post new content so much, you’ll just need two hours max.
  • Promote your old blog posts. You don’t always have to create new content and type it all out. I always promote at least 2 old blog posts and create new pins for them. That old content is STILL good content! Don’t let it become forgotten. Do you remember how much work you put into that blog post?

Learn to enjoy the blogging process.

Give yourself a break and learn to enjoy the creative designing process. If you enjoy designing pins (which I actually do), it’ll be a breeze. Personally, I love playing with the font, text, and color schemes inside the Pins I make. Don’t overwhelm yourself though, moms need to remember the importance of self care and to keep themselves happy and healthy too.

6 tips for fulltime mom bloggers

Blogging isn’t easy but you WILL know it’s meant for you the minute you start missing it when you stop. Don’t stop blogging or believing in yourself! Being a busy mother shouldn’t hold you back from writing and promoting what you want. Your voice is unique and meant to be heard.

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