5 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 affordable Mother’s day gift ideas.

affordable Mother's Day gift ideas

Are you looking for affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas because you’re on a budget? You’re not the only one, I’ve been on a budget before and I’ve also had to look for some affordable gifts for my mother.

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You can still get your mom something cute that’s pretty cheap. As long as you add sentiment and a creative twist to it, you can actually get some decent gifts for cheap.

And I’m all for that.

I’ve come up with a list of 5 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will definitely love. Mother’s Day is a super important holiday, I should know.

I’m a mom of two and I truly appreciate any gift given to me on that day. Whether it’s from my sister or my husband, it’s all very much appreciated.

To me, it just shows me how much my loved ones care for me. And it reminds me of how awesome it is to actually be a mom of two amazing babies!

Still, not all presents need to be extravagant and honestly, budgeting is a smart idea. If an affordable gift is given to me, I still love it and I think it’s just a smart idea to save some money.

Most of all, Mother’s Day is a great holiday but you don’t need to break the bank in getting your loved one a precious gift that they actually will cherish for a long time to come.

You can get your mom the perfect gift here and use code LOVEALWAYS10 for 10% off your purchase.

Create Your Personalized Book of All The Reasons Why You Love Mom

Show your wife appreciation on Mother’s Day by getting her a gift she absolutely will love.

A Mother’s Day Gift That She’ll Love Forever

A thoughtful handmade Mother’s day card is always the way to go.

5 affordable and budget friendly mother's day gift ideasTrue story: I never thought my handmade cards made much of an impact in my mother’s life but I found out they did when I skipped one year of writing her a personalized letter and had just bought it from the store.

She asked me where was her personalized message when she read through the card.

However, I was actually a little surprised. I know she loved my cards but I didn’t think she would look for the message.

This goes to show that writing letters and putting them in your cards are the best and pretty meaningful. Make sure to write your loved one a letter because it means a lot to them.

First of all, handmade cards and written letters are sweet, thoughtful, and caring. You can get Hallmark cards at the Dollar Tree for only one dollar!

Above all, this is so affordable, meaningful, and goes a long way. I always get my cards from the Dollar Tree and still find them to be beautiful with thoughtful messages written inside.

Expressions From Hallmark

More affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

My mom loves little home décor items. Honestly, I find these cheapest to get at the Dollar Tree.

I love little home decor items too and I do enjoy storing them in the living room or in my room. It’s a sweet reminder that someone appreciates me and it’s nice to look at.

Not only are they super pretty, but they have meaningful messages and quotes written on the inside for you. There’s usually a little space for you to write your own message there, too.

Some of these items let you put a picture in there and you can write a message also.

In addition to all kinds of other gifts, they have tons of little goodies on their website and my favorite’s include tin prayer boxes, which include a notepad.

I love writing my prayers down and sometimes I’m so busy I don’t have a moment to myself until I get to bedtime. Having a little prayer box on my nightstand is so helpful.

I’m a busy working from home mom that also homeschools my children! So, I truly feel busy at all times.

Being able to write a prayer down is so nice and soothing to me. That gift is very meaningful.

Also they have decorative accents, religious décor, and beautiful rose bushes. All only a dollar which we all know is super affordable and you can find them down below.

Shop For Home Décor and Accessories Today! Visit!

Framing pictures are always a great gift idea.

Generally, everyone likes a framed picture as a gift. I’ve noticed that my mom loves when I give her a framed picture of her and my daughters.

Pick out a meaningful photo for your mom or any mother that you’re giving this gift to. If you’re looking for an affordable Mother’s Day gift for your sister, try a photo of her and your children.

Add some sentiment and pick a pretty frame to go along with it. Sure, it’s no Starbucks card (though it doesn’t hurt to gift that along with it), but it will last a lot longer and mean a lot more to her.

One of my favorite affordable gifts for Mother’s day is a cute little gift set that’s already made. Also I love receiving them too and looking through all the little samples!

Furthermore, new scents to try and different types of bath soaps and lotions is always fun gift. However it’s the thought that counts.

5 Affordable and budget friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Make her a nice homemade dinner and give her flowers.

Do these things because your mama just wants to spend time with you! Above all, she loves you and there’s nothing more thoughtful than making her a dinner and inviting her over.

Finally, she will appreciate the gesture more than a fancy gift. I love when my husband makes me a homemade, delicious dinner on Mother’s Day.

And I do love when he buys takeout. Noticing a pattern for Mother’s Day?

Moms deserve someone to make them DINNER on that day. That means a lot more than just a simple gift, don’t you think?

I do.

Moms are awesome. We’re always so busy doing things for others, that it’s nice to have a day to be recognized for it.

All moms around the world are great! Celebrate this day with your loved ones and be happy.

God is good and he loves us all. And he loves all moms too!

I hope these tips and ideas help you get your mother the perfect gift! God bless and enjoy this special holiday.

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  1. Amber C. says:

    You know, now that I’m older I don’t really buy my mom gifts. I like to take her out to do things. Sometimes it’s just a nice lunch or dinner that she’s wouldn’t normally do by herself. I have just found that the experiences (kind of like with the handwritten note) mean so much more than a random object she’s has to find a place for because of the time I spend with her.

    1. admin says:

      It’s true, they just want our time! Thanks so much for reading.

  2. Cards are best way to express feelings with some hand written notes. I totally agree with idea of making some home made healthy ,favorite food of mom and spend quality time with her on the great day and make her feel special.


    1. admin says:

      Yes, i plan to do so this year! At least a letter

  3. What greats gift idea’s! I think i’ll go with the picture frame idea this year

    1. admin says:

      Always a great one!

  4. Natalie Eng says:

    Such great ideas! It’s always the thought that counts and moms usually have everything lol so this is great inspiration!


    1. admin says:

      Thank you!!!

  5. Great ideas! Something personalised like a letter or a photo is definitely much more special! Cooking a meal is a good idea too that I’ve never done. I was panicking that I’d forgotten Mother’s Day when I realised it was different in the US than in the UK!?

    1. admin says:

      Haha omg! I need to get my mom a gift soon too!

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