30 days of positive affirmations

Do you want to change your life in 30 days? My 30 days of Positive Affirmations Ebook will help you change your negative mindset into a positive one in just 30 days. 

I used to have a very negative mindset. It was affecting how I was living daily. Then, I saw a sermon on YouTube from Pastor Joel Osteen and it completely changed my life.

From there I started researching everything there is to know about positive affirmations and applying them to real life. It was hard to start saying my positive affirmations daily.

But, I did it anyway. I struggled a bit but I learned. I would say them driving my oldest to school every day with her.

We started to look forward to saying the affirmations. It was a hard couple of months, just verbally saying all of these amazing and wonderful things about myself.

A few months later, I saw a difference in me. A huge, drastic change. 

I went from making $0 a month from my blog to making over $500 a month. My marriage got so much better.

I became a happy mother and started making money from my blog from home. My work ethic improved.

My confidence grew. My relationship grew with God.

I started to find happiness in every little moment. My appreciation for life grew.

This happiness changed my life completely. And now, I want to help YOU.

It’s your turn to feel this happiness, grow confidence in yourself, and watch your self-love grow from within you.

30 days of positive affirmations will take you on a daily journey for the next 30 days. You’ll receive many affirmations to say daily, encouragement, and real-life stories to go along with them.

After 30 days you will find yourself much more confident with yourself. You’ll be more confident in your abilities on how you handle situations that come up in life.

You’ll realize how much God loves and believes in you. Not only that, but your once negative mindset will also be forever changed.

You’ll have a positive mindset after 30 days and be a much more happier and fulfilled person. Your loved ones will take notice and that will make you so happy!

I’m so excited for you to go on this journey. I know it’s going to be life-changing and so good for your life.

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