3 top bible verses of faithfulness.
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3 Top Bible Verses Of Faithfulness

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3 top bible verses of Faithfulness.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 top bible verses of faithfulness. I absolutely love the book of Psalms and the books of Proverbs in the Bible. In addition I truly enjoy reading and re-reading these books because of all the inspiration, faithfulness, and love written in them. And I naturally gravitate more to these books because I find them so helpful and inspirational in my life. You can purchase your own beautiful and helpful Bible here: The lowest-priced ministry Bibles by the case are available only through Biblica Direct – Let’s change the world together with God’s Word!

“May your faithful love comfort me as you have promised me.” Psalms 119:76.

I can’t tell you enough good things about the Lord and his faithfulness. The Lord has blessed me tremendously and has shown me so much mercy throughout the years. I don’t doubt his faithful love, in fact there’s nothing on earth I trust more than Him.

Dealing with gossip.

“Proud people have treated me badly without any reason. May they be put to shame. I will spend time thinking about your rules.” Psalms 119:78.

This verse stands out to me because of having to deal with gossip. People can often say hurtful things and go out of their way to affect your day with their negative vibes, and it’s messed up. Therefore it hurts. However, gossip can be hard to deal with. This particular verse reminds me to stay on the right path, keeping God’s rules in mind daily and putting the negative words out of my mind.

“May my heart be without blame as I follow your orders. Then I won’t be put to shame.” Psalms 119:80.

This verse reminds me to stay on the right path, no matter how many times I’d like to throw in the towel and give up. Rules can be hard to follow. With the Lord’s unending love, mercy, and support this makes me want to follow His rules. The Lord has blessed me with my family and I am always grateful for that. I don’t know where I’d be now without them, and that’s all thanks to the Lord.

Join me in a quick prayer if you’d like.

Daily prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for another amazing day you gave me to enjoy. Thank you for blessing me and loving me. Please guide me and protect me today, and for the rest of my days. Please guide me in the right path and help me make decisions that benefit my future and please you. In Jesus’ name I pray,


Like always, I hope you enjoyed some of these scriptures. Let me know your favorite bible verses in the comments below.

Have a great night. God bless.

Xoxo, mrsplanahead ❤️bible verse

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