15 bullet journal ideas

15 Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

15 ideas for your bullet journal.

15 bullet journal ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your bullet journal? I am always looking for any type of planner inspiration, so I went ahead and created 15 bullet journal ideas to fit your journaling needs.

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This is my second month trying out bullet journaling and I must say it has worked so well for me. I’ve never loved and enjoyed bujo planning so much!

Honestly, I’m so impressed by the bullet journal system. The flexibility of this system is what bought me closer to it.

What I now use my bullet journal for is similar to how I used every single one of my old planners. I love planners but I found it easier to manage a bullet journal with minimum work.

The idea came from planner Instagram for me, short for the planner community that’s online. I saw so many bujo layouts that were so pretty and that immediately caught my eye.

I was really struggling with my pocket planner because I didn’t want to keep printing out my inserts. Also, it was becoming a little too pricey.

Not just that but I felt like a lot of time and energy comes with setting up and maintaining any type of ring planner. That goes the same for any disc-bound system.

Overall I was not satisfied with other planners and I began looking into new planner systems that were more manageable. I wanted something that I could do basically anything in.

With a ring-bound planner, I kept finding it time-consuming to set up constantly. Bullet journaling began sounding a lot more appealing to me because of the freedom it came with.

The staology’s are the best notebooks out there for bullet journaling.

What I found that works for me best are the B6 staology’s. It has 365 pages and the paper is so amazing in texture, yet durable.

I split up my planner into sections and from there I divide and count out the pages I need. Usually, a Staology lasts me about 5-6 months.

I try my hardest to make one Staology make it for half a year. With my bujo planning system comes a few planning materials I always need.

Here are a few of my favorites I really need to make my system organized and cute. Also, sometimes I will print out other daily layouts, weekly, and monthly to mix it up a bit and so that I won’t have to hand draw so many sheets out.

The avery mini tabs are a must for labeling all of my months out. I love the pastel colors and they’ve remained one of my favorite products for bujo planning.

Pentel pens are perfect for the Staology paper. I have found that this pen smears less in the notebook and also it writes super smooth in it.

As for highlighters, my favorite’s will also be Midliners. The colors are so pleasing to the eye and they last a very long time.

And lastly, I always need post-it notes in my planner for literally all the lists and little items I constantly need to get and don’t want cluttering in my notebook. I love these light pastel type colors.

I needed more than my original planner system.

Being a work from home mom that also homeschool’s her children was becoming a bit overwhelming, planner wise. I knew something had to change with my planner system.

It seemed too scattered and all over the place. I’m not a huge fan of having a stack of planners that I can’t keep track of.

Even though I use a personal size Filofax as my workhorse, I still use my B6 staology as my everyday carry. I use this planner for literally everything.

This is the Kikki K I have. Personally, pocket size is way too small for me and personal is just right since I’m constantly lugging my planner around from room to room, taking care of the kids.

I don’t have this color, I have a light pink one. The rings are super durable and I must say way better than the Recollections ring planners at Michael’s.

After getting a Kikki K planner, I highly doubt I’ll buy a Recollections ring planner ever again. If anything, I’d try out a Filofax or get another Kikki K.

One thing to keep in mind is that personal size really isn’t big. For now, I don’t mind that because I’m always carrying my planners around but I can see myself switching to a slightly bigger size for more space to write in.

15 ideas for your bullet journal.

  • Monthly overview.

In my bullet journal, I have a separate page for a monthly overview. I have all 15 of these pages that are listed down below, in front of every new month in my bullet journal.

In my monthly overview, I like to write out the days of the month and put down anything coming up for the month. This is where I list important appointments, bills that are due, and anything fun coming up.

  • Highlights of my day (two pages)

I love this idea and I’ve been writing the highlights of my month for quite some time now in my different planning systems. I’ll write down a funny memory or a loving one, even small (or big) accomplishments!

  • Goals for the month.
  • Inbox.

On my inbox page, I like to write down ALL of my pending tasks for the month. This helps to keep me on track and actually highlight off tasks when I’m done.

More of 15 bullet journal ideas.

  • Spending tracker (two pages)

I like to keep track of what I spend online and at stores. This keeps me on track budgeting wise.

  • Monthly Gratitude Log (two pages)

I really enjoy writing down daily of what I am grateful for. It reminds me to be more grateful and humbled each and every day, plus it’s so great to look back on.

  • Positive Affirmations (two pages)

As most of mrsplanahead’s subscribers know, I say my positive affirmations daily. I like to write them down daily in my bullet journal to remind me of them.

  • Habit tracker (two pages)

The habit tracker I make is hand-drawn and takes up two pages due to the 30-31 days in a month. I’ll track personal, work, kids, cleaning, and other stuff in there daily.

The last of the 15 bullet journal ideas.

  • Income page Pay period.

Since I have my own business and so does my husband, I like to keep track of our income on a page monthly to refer back to. This also keeps me motivated and on track for my website.

  • Bills of the month.
  • My kid’s progress sheets (two pages, one for each)

I want to elaborate a little more on this neat idea for a bullet journal page if you’re a mom. For both of my kids, I keep a separate page for each.

I’ll just list any issues they’ve had that month, anything we need to work on, or any milestones. Also, I like to keep a sticky note on that page of anything they need from the store or anything they’d like for their wishlist.

Keeping this one page for each of my kid’s monthly has really helped me out. If I want to suprise them with a gift, the sticky note comes in handy!

Also, this keeps us on track with school work or any assignments my oldest needs extra help with. And this helps me out so much so I don’t forget anything.

  • Monthly tasks (chores and pending stuff I need to get done)
  • Blessings of the month.
  • Dailies (a day per page for the month)

That’s it for the 15 bullet journal ideas.

What I always keep track of in on my dailies is a little hand drawn tracker on the tops right side of the page. I draw a triangle for my vitamin, two squares for the black tea I may drink, and three circles to keep track of glasses of water I drink.

Usually, I don’t drink two full cups of black tea because that’s a little too much caffeine for me but that’s how I keep track of my caffeine intake. Same with my water intake and to remind me to take my vitamin daily.

Honestly, that system has really reminded me to stay hydrated, limit my caffeine, and take my vitamins daily. It’s not a perfect system and many times I’ve forgotten but it’s come in handy for the most part.

  • Weekly page view (Includes meal planning aside)

Sometimes, I will print out some freebies from certain planner groups I like and tape those into my bullet journal with double-sided sticky tape. Other times, I will just hand-draw out my weekly view with a simple Monday- Friday, and dates to the side.

I always try to include my weekly meal plan off to the side and fill it out as I go. The reason I don’t pre-fill it out is because I’ve noticed that I will change around my meal plan way too often for pen!

A bullet journal is so customizable.

You can also print out free printables if you don’t like sketching out a quick layout yourself. In addition to the number of pages the notebook comes with, you can also washi tape in more pages if you need to.

To be honest, I have to washi tape additional pages in. There’s no way I can fit six months to a year in just one notebook unless I add pages in.

There are many ladies on planner Instagram that order notebooks with a lot more pages. Some people need a lot of pages because of all they need to fit into one notebook.

I know that I’m one of those people but I hate carrying heavy items, even if it’s just around the house. And I’m constantly running around my home due to my kids keeping me busy!

However, when I run out of space I will usually order a new one to continue on. The staology I use only can be used for around six months.

I do know many planner girls who have made it work for the entire year. It really depends on how much sheets you use per month and then you can divide it up for the year.

Still, just having the option to tape in pages gives me a bit of comfort. It really helps me to keep all of my personal planner pages into one notebook and it’s a wonderful memory keepsake to look back on.

Bullet journaling is meant to fit your needs.

I’m really grateful to be apart of the planner community on Instagram because they inspire me daily with beautiful planner pictures to start my day off right. Some mornings, I will wake up just to scroll through my planner feed to get me ready to start in my bullet journal yet another day.

Inspiration for me is always appreciated because I am a content creator and love inspirational things. Not just that but new ideas are always needed because I like to try out new planner related things.

A planner is meant to fit your needs. You need to write your to-do lists and get it done.

Also, you need to get your tasks done and accomplished. This is how you move up in life and have fulfillment.

There’s something beautiful at looking back at the month and re-reading what you were grateful for each and every day. For the small wins, I document small “wins” on the days I’m proud of myself for accomplishing something.

This can be anything from being published in a publication on Medium, a blogger reviewing one of my posts, or just completing my workout for the day! As for the weekly and menu plan, I tend to keep those on one page where I can flip back and forth because when I look at my weekly view I like to plan my meals out as well.

There you have it! I hope these work well for you. Thanks for reading and until next time,




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