15 ideas for your bullet journal

15 Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

15 ideas for your bullet journal.

15 ideas for your bullet journal

Are you looking for inspiration for your bullet journal? I always am and I’ve created 15 bullet journal ideas to fit your journaling needs. This is my second month trying out bullet journaling and I must say it has worked so well for me.

I’m so impressed by the bullet journal system. The thought behind it is obviously came from a brilliant mind.

What I now use my bullet journal for is similar to how I used to use my pocket ring planner. I love planners but I found it easier to manage a bullet journal with minimum work.

The idea came from planner Instagram for me, short for the planner community that’s online. I saw so many bujo layouts that are pretty and that immediately caught my eye.

I was really struggling with my pocket planner because I didn’t want to keep printing out my inserts. Also, it was becoming a little too pricey.

Overall I was not satisfied with the pocket planner and I began looking into new planner systems.

With a ring bound planner, I kept finding it time consuming to set up constantly. Bullet journaling began sounding a lot more appealing to me because of the freedom it came with.

Cute weekly layout available with instant download.

bullet journal ideas

I created this cute girly weekly layout available in sizes A5, B6, and personal. You can purchase it here for only $4! 

The reason I created this cute weekly layout is because I like for my planner to look pretty to be able to use it functionally everyday. It can become tedious to plan in a layout I am not happy in.

I have discovered when my planner looks cute and matches my personality, it makes me smile. Part of planning is to accomplish but it never hurts to have you love the way your planner looks.

I like to have multiple weekly layouts and daily all printed and ready to put into my planners whenever inspiration strikes. This keeps me so motivated to keep planning and being productive!

I needed more than my original planner system.

15 ideas for your bullet journal

As amazing as my planner system is, I knew I needed something more. In between building my website and writing on the platform Medium offers, it was all getting to be too much for me.

Being a work from home mom can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. It’s key for me to manage my time wisely and efficiently.

More planning space was required now.

I use a blogging work notebook and you can check out more about that in one of my previous blog posts. It’s a great post especially if you are a blogger, on how to use a traveler’s notebook for functionality for your website! How I Use My Standard Sized Traveler Notebook For My Blogging Needs.

So, to recap I have my basic planner system and work content traveler’s notebook. I was missing a planner for basically everything else.

In other words, I needed a personal planner where I could keep my trackers and take some necessary notes on my children. Not only that but I needed a place to jot down all of my home notes and things I needed to buy.

I have been using this bullet journal system for two months now. And although it’s a lot of creating, I promise you it’s easier than using a ring planner because you don’t have to punch any holes at all or constantly cut up new inserts.

Doesn’t that sound grand?

A bullet journal is so customizable.

You can also print out free printables if you don’t like sketching out a quick layout yourself. In addition to the number of pages the notebook comes with, you can also washi tape in more pages if you need to.

To be honest, I have to washi tape additional pages in. There’s no way I can fit six months to a year in just one notebook unless I add pages in.

There are many ladies on planner Instagram that order notebooks with a lot more pages. Some people need a lot of pages.

I know that I’m one of those people but I hate carrying heavy items, even if it’s just around the house. And I’m constantly running around my home due to my kids keeping me busy!

However, when I run out of space I will usually order a new one to continue on. The staology I use only can be used for around six months.

I do know many planner girls who have made it work for the entire year. It really depends on how much sheets you use per month and then you can divide it up for the year.

What I use for my bullet journal.

15 ideas for your bullet journal

For my bullet journal I use an a6 staology. At first I was worried about the size, but it has proved to have quite enough pages.

I have been thinking about getting the b6 size and I’ve used the a5 hobonichi techo before too. I love all planner sizes!

Furthermore, here’s a list of 15 bullet journal ideas you can use. Keep in mind, these have been working for me for the past two months.

I find all of these necessary for my mental health and also work schedule that I have created for myself. Planning is a trial and error process because not everyone can get the right planner system right at once.

You’ve got to make the planner meet your needs and everyone’s changes over time.

Let’s get started.

15 ideas for your bullet journal.

  1. Monthly overview
  2. Highlights of my day (two pages)
  3. Goals for the month.
  4. Inbox
  5. Spending tracker (two pages)
  6. Monthly Gratitude Log (two pages)
  7. Positive Affirmations (two pages)
  8. Habit tracker (two pages)
  9. Income page Pay period
  10. Bills of the month
  11. My kid’s progress sheets (two pages, one for each)
  12. Monthly tasks (chores and pending stuff I need to get done)
  13. Blessings of the month
  14. Dailies (a day per page for the month)
  15. Weekly page view (Includes meal planning aside)

Bullet journaling is meant to fit your needs.

15 bullet journal ideas

I’m really grateful to be apart of the planner community on Instagram because they inspire me daily with beautiful planner pictures to start my day off right.

Inspiration for me is always appreciated because I am a content creator and love inspirational things.

A planner is meant to fit your needs. You need to write your to-do lists and get it done. You need to get your tasks done and accomplished.

There’s something beautiful at looking back at the month and re-reading what you were grateful for each and every day. For the small wins, I document small “wins” on the days I’m proud of myself for accomplishing something.

This can be anything from being published in a publication on Medium, a blogger reviewing one of my posts, or just completing my workout for the day! As for the weekly and menu plan, I tend to keep those on one page where I can flip back and forth because when I look at my weekly view I like to plan my meals out as well.

There you have it! I hope these work well for you. Thanks for reading and until next time,




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