10 ways to save money on a tight budget

10 ways to save money on a tight budget

10 ways to save money on a tight budget!!

10 ways to save money on a tight budget
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Are you wanting to save money for your household? Do you need help getting there?

Help is here!! I am a stay at home mom of two small children and I enjoy finding ways to save money for my household.

Even though I am a work from home mom, I still like to keep us from spending on things we do NOT need to be spending money on.

I know it’s difficult to stop spending money but it’s just something new to get used to. Make sure you subscribe to keep receiving more of these helpful tips.

It truly helps my husband and I when I focus on budgeting. Since I am the one who meal plans and grocery shops the most, it’s important I stay focused on saving money each trip.

I don’t go out of my way to make the most expensive meals. That doesn’t mean my meals taste bad. There are ways to eat healthy and still budget.

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Saving money is so helpful to my small family.

10 ways to save money on a tight budget

Let’s go ahead and get started on 10 ways to save money on a tight budget because saving money can never wait!

10 ways to save money on a tight budget.

  • MEAL PLAN. Grocery shopping is SO expensive am I right? That’s why it’s so important to stay organized and plan ahead.

I stay organized with my planner system with EVERYTHING. It’s helpful and therapeutic to me if I can find everything I need in one spot. What helps me the most on saving money for grocery shopping is writing out JUST what my family and I need for the week.

Then I go on my most used grocery store’s app and find any items on sale for the week. You can usually find this under the weekly ad for that week.

Finally, I write my list according to that. It helps to set a weekly budget that you and your partner have agreed on.

I’m speaking from personal experience but for a family of four, you should be able to set your budget at $125-$150 a week. No more than that is necessary, as long as you’re shopping store brand and looking for deals.

Purchasing in bulk is a great idea. It helps to sign up for a rewards card from your most used grocery store and request coupons. And it helps to stay organized.

The Erin Condren life planner is so incredibly helpful to get your finances and life in order. You can get yours here in the link down below:


Coupons are very helpful when trying to save money.

  • Couponing apps. I cannot recommend enough for you to take the time to create a separate folder in your phone labeled: Couponing apps to help keep all of your couponing apps in order and easily accessible.

I like to always have my favorite store’s apps already installed in my phone and create an account with their rewards card, to get special coupons and discounts. This is very important because you could be missing out on new weekly coupons that might not seem like much, but adds up and saves you even extra money.

10 ways to save money on a tight budget

How to save money on one income.

  • Cut down on takeout, completely if possible.

If you really can’t live without the takeout, download your favorite takeout place’s apps to use some of their coupons. (Some of my favorite places don’t even have coupons).

Have them saved to your phone, ready to use when you’re out and about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled to pull up my coupon with a crying toddler and a messy purse.

The tricky part is remembering to use them before purchasing each time! Making a folder labeled for Takeout apps is helpful in that case.

Takeout DOES become pricey, especially if you’re eating out every other day. Limit your takeout intake and keep track of how much you’ve saved. You’ll be very surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I do eat takeout occasionally and it’s not all bad, plus we are human and can’t cook all the time. Just try to have some coupons on deck.

They come in the mail at times. Save them for until you use them all up!

Reducing your phone bill can help you save a lot of money per month.

10 tips to save money on a tight budget


Oh, pricey phone plans. What a pain, right? Use a prepaid phone plan helps you save so much money. And I know what you’re thinking, prepaid phones are terrible.

While that may be true, you can actually purchase a great phone for a decent price off of E bay. Just make sure you purchase from someone who has great reviews and isn’t scamming anyone.

You can truly save so much money switching to a prepaid plan and it makes it all worth it. My husband and I got our phones from E bay once and we’ll always do that, whenever we need a new phone. They’re nice and more affordable.

  • Use cash back apps.

Ibotta is my personal favorite. I always use this and even though I haven’t made much from it, it literally hurts to throw away receipts I know I can get free money from just by submitting my old receipts.

Don’t forget to download fetch rewards, though it takes forever to accumulate points FREE gift cards aren’t ever a bad thing. We constantly shop and always have tons of receipts laying around.

Before you trash them, submit them and save your coins.

  • Cancel your cable.

Just stick to internet and using Netflix! Cable is way too expensive and not necessary, especially with all the free shows you can watch nowadays by using a cheap subscription for Netflix.

Looking for a particular movie you really want to watch over and over again, but is not on Netflix? Purchase that movie off of YouTube and re watch it on your YouTube account.

Cable is pricey and in my opinion, not worth the monthly expense.

10 ways to save money on a tight budget

More ways to save money on a tight budget.

  • Workout from home and cancel your gym membership.

Gym memberships add up and can become pretty pricey. You can even purchase some equipment for a low price off of Walmart’s store website and use the equipment for working out at home.

You can also see which favorite free workout app I use daily from my phone in this blog post: The Best Workout App For Moms.

Save money by making your favorite drinks at home.

  • Make your own coffee or tea daily at home.

Starbucks is too pricey when you’re trying to save your money. Copy your favorite breakfast at home and make your own coffee or tea.

You’ll save so much money. There may even be some cash back from the coffee you buy at the store on Ibotta’s app and also coffee coupons on your local grocery store’s app.

Even though I enjoy a good breakfast that I don’t have to make, realistically if I’m trying to budget my money and cut down on extra expenses, this is one of the first ways I’d start.

Stock up on your favorite breakfast items. Eggs, orange juice, coffee, bagels, pancake mix, and oatmeal are essential to eating a good, healthy, and affordable breakfast. 

And I bet there are plenty of coupons for those items.

Make sure you are shopping sales.

10 ways to save money on a tight budget


Head on over to the clearance racks and grab your new clothes from there, especially your child’s clothes. The clearance racks are just as good as the ones regular priced.

Target is super affordable for children’s clothes. They always sell five dollar shirts and four dollar pants that are super cute. I’ve been shopping there for years for my children.

The styles are cute and they love to pick their clothes out. Walmart has very affordable clothing as well, even cheaper and just as good.

  • Buy brand items from the Dollar Tree.

 I use this tip constantly because the Dollar Tree has great items for only a dollar and I’d recommend to ANYBODY trying to budget and save money, to shop there. When you’re short on cash for the week, make a list of what you need and you can definitely go stock up on supplies at the Dollar Tree, to save you some cash and help you out in your time of need.

Shop at the Dollar Tree with free shipping to your local store in the link down below:

Free Shipping to your Local Store

10 ways to save money on a budget

If you’re committed to saving money for your household, you can follow these top 10 ways to save money on a tight budget without a problem.

Let me know in the comments down below, if any of these ways have worked out for you! I hope you have found these ways helpful in saving your money.

Until next time,



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