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10 ways to be a better parent

10 ways to be a better parent.

Hi all, today I really wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on 10 ways to be a better parent to your child. Lately, it’s been quite a struggle for me during this winter break and not just because the kids get restless, but because we’ve been pretty sick and are BARELY feeling better towards the very end of it. My husband is sick now too, but on the mend. We all haven’t had much sleep.

Even though we were sick this break, we still managed to have a good time with friends and family. But, I did notice my patience was wearing thin because I wasn’t getting much rest and the kids still wanted me to play. Kids have so much more energy than sick adults, that’s for sure. They also bounce back a lot quicker than we do when sick.

So, sick in bed I came up with 10 ways to become a better parent that have helped me somehow get my act together and build patience up for my beautiful babies, despite my annoyances and the frustrations life throws my way.

10 ways to be a better parent.

  • Take a mom break. It would be best to switch with your partner so you can at least get an hour to yourself. It’s not beneficial to you or your children to be angry and loosing patience. You need a clear head in order to survive parenting and make the best decisions for your kiddos. Significant other not there at the moment? Ask a trusted friend or relative to take an hour out of their day to help you out so you can breathe. I took several breaks because well, with shivers and chills it was kind of impossible to not take a break. Honestly, if you have that type of support in your life that’s so nice. Don’t take it for granted, because others don’t get that.
  • During your mom break; PRAY. Take that hour to pray to God, listen to worship music, and write to God. This can help you in so many different ways. God wants to help us is every way, shape, and form to be a better version of ourselves. Sometimes all we need is to vent to God and let Him know how hard our day is going. He wants to know. Don’t push God off to the side when you know you need Him. Make time for Him, even when there feels like there is NO time. That’s probably when you need Him the most.

Distraction is necessary, sometimes.

  • Distract your kids. Yep, I said it. I know I am not the only mom who gets annoyed when your child asks you to play the same game over and over again. Honey, as much as I would love to play Hatchimals, princesses, and saving the castle, but I NEED A CHANGE OF GAME. Laughing out loud, but seriously. Distract them with a more bearable game you can deal with. There’s all sorts of options: memory games, tic tac toe, reading, and coloring. You can also switch to a fun TV show you don’t mind watching either and pop some popcorn when you’re over children games. Do what you CAN deal with, not what others think you need to do. You’re the mom.
  • Time to go outside. Head out for a walk and get your daily steps in. Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what a parent needs and it can feel like a break too. The kids will appreciate it and be able to ride their bikes and scoot on their scooters. So, don’t ever question the happiness fresh air can bring. Personally, I feel so refreshed after a walk and it allows me to have a breather while my babies are distracted.
  • Take an hour of quiet to brainstorm fun activities to do with your child. I live by this advice. Whenever I get a chance, especially with breaks coming up, I always brainstorm a fun list of activities to do with my kids that I want to do too. The lists are always different, but they meet all of our needs. Taking the time to brainstorm this list out can only help you out and help create fun memories with the kids that you can enjoy. Kids get tired too, from school and the same routine yearly. It’s hard learning new things and growing up. So, make sure you’re fitting time in for them and activities they like and want to be apart of.

The rest of the ways on how to be a better parent.

  • Focus on what you WANT to accomplish as a parent. Do you have patience already and those fun activities are being done too? Ok, that’s great. It really is and you should give yourself a pat on the back. Some kids don’t even have that attention, so you’re doing great, mom. Now, it’s time to focus on the daily routine. Are your children cleaning up the messes they are creating? What will make you an even better parent is helping your children clean up after every task. It doesn’t just cut the work in half for you, but it’s teaching them a valuable lesson. Children should be cleaning up after themselves, they have to at school too. It’s never too early to get them into the routine!

Make sure you’re putting effort into parenting.

  • Always be empathetic. When your toddler is yelling and throwing things, it’s so easy to just throw your hands up in the air and declare it’s the terrible two’s. Whatever, they’ll get over it. You can still help them. Understand and realize your toddler is feeling frustrated, so talk to them like how you want to be talked to when you’re feeling frustrated. Try to understand and offer compassion. Put on your best listening ears and realize they’re trying to communicate something to you. Put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic.
  • Don’t ignore your child. Spending time with your children is very important and the more you ignore them, the more they feel the rejection. Rejection isn’t a good feeling. Spending time with your child nurtures them and helps them grow. When your child is trying to get your attention, pay attention to them. Even if it’s work, you’ve got to pay attention to them because what you feel like is a small problem, isn’t small to them. You’re the parent and you need to provide the encouragement and love they need as they’re growing. A happy home is a blessed home.
  • Make sure you’re creating yearly goals you want your child to accomplish. This one is a very important parenting tip. I would have appreciated my parents setting yearly goals for me, because I think that would have made me a more capable and smarter person. This isn’t completely necessary, it’s something extra. And I think it’s amazing and nurturing to do, as parents. If your child is shy, you can put them in an afterschool activity like dance or ballet, or a sport and they can make more friends. Check in on that progress in a year. It never hurts to set goals for your child. You’re helping them out so much when doing so.
  • Invest in their education. Yes, and yes. Does your child fall behind in school or are you a parent that just wants them to learn more and more? Well, I’m that parent. Starfall is a really good educational program. I use the free version and it’s helped my daughter, but I also buy her grade level workbooks and we do 4 pages weekly out of them as extra. I hear good things about ABC mouse, but I’ve never purchased it. Do what feels right for you and ask your child’s teacher for their opinion on what to use.

I hope you enjoyed my 10 ways to be a better parent. I truly feel if you’ve clicked to read this, you’re already an awesome parent and going to be an even better one. God bless you and your kids and until next time,



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  1. As mom’s we must take care of ourselves better and sometimes, even if it means locking ourselves in the bathroom, we need a break. Be an hands on mom from a step remote is how I gave my son freedom and yet I was right there when needed it.
    Great post!.

    1. admin says:

      Yes, mom self care is so important. I’ve definitely been neglecting myself this week, as I’ve been sick and taking care of the girls while working on the blog. I’m actually about to go grocery shopping. I can’t wait for a break!

  2. […] thank God for blessing me with yet another week. Everyone loves the weekend and I am no different. As a busy mom of two, I look forward to resting from all the carpool and waking up early. My children get tired too […]

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