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10 Mommy life hacks

10 Mommy life hacks

mommy life hacks

Do you feel often feel overwhelmed by everything you have to get done daily as a mom?

Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 mommy life hacks that seriously make my mommy’ing of two so much easier.

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Being a work from home mom can be rather difficult and time-consuming.

I mean, not just because you’re running around doing chores.

You’re also the #1 go-to for hugs and cuddles and coming up with creative games to play with the kids, on top of your already busy life.

So, basically, your hands are beyond full.

You’re a super busy mom. And you hardly catch a break.

Even though that’s to be expected as a mommy, you still deserve some hacks that can help free up your limited and precious time.

And all moms want this!!

Or at least make it easier on yourself.

So, I’ve come up with my top 10 mommy life hacks that personally have made my life way easier and my time management is better.

Mommy life hack #1

Kids LOVE to make and create crafts. I mean, you can entertain them for HOURS on end.

I have a craft drawer filled with stickers, glitter paper, washi, and markers. Why?

Because sometimes you don’t have a day outside planned out for them.

Some days with my work from home schedule I don’t have the time to take them on outings.

There are rainy days or just days you don’t want to take the children out because you need a breather. All understandable because we aren’t perfect.

And sometimes, days just don’t go as planned.

No need to sit there and wrack your brain trying to come up with some last-minute solutions to keep your kids entertained.

These art studio sets are an amazing idea because you can finally say goodbye to all the lost crayons, markers, and pencils.

Say goodbye to cleaning after them because they’ll be safely put away back into the set when done.

It’s so awesome.

Not just that, sometimes I just need a day inside and a few minutes to myself while I do some chores or I do my makeup. I always feel like I have a ton of stuff I need to catch up on.

And it seems like there’s never enough time.

Don’t all us moms feel that way?

Try to get as much done as possible during naptime.

  • During naptime, try to get one task accomplished off of your to-do list for the day.

I always wake up early (weekends not included, because I actually WANT to lay in bed a little later on weekends) and I get ready for the day.

When I first open my eyes, it’s go, go, go with two kids.

My morning routine is meant to be super productive during the weekdays.

So, when my toddler is napping I know I have about an hour and a half to two hours of time to myself.

My oldest never naps but she still lets me have my time to get some stuff done.

My planner helps me with my mommy life hacks.

During this time I like to catch up on my cleaning chores and work-related stuff. Maybe once a week I’ll squeeze in a nap if I’m extra tired.

The days I’m sick because of the kids bringing home something from school are truly my exceptions.

Or when I’m just feeling tired and run down.

But, usually, I have a mountain to-do list I need to get done. This can include a variety of things.

Thank goodness for my Bujo planner system that gets me through the day.

I use this amazing bullet journal for my planning system and these are my favorite tabs to use for label months.

Also, these are my favorite highlighters and I use this planner pouch to carry all my planning stuff in.

But, usually, it’s either:

Mopping floors, setting up my crockpot, scheduling an appointment, and of course, working on the blog.

Which, let’s be honest that’s like my number one task I feel like I’m always trying to accomplish.

More mommy life hacks.

  • Pick up the house at least twice a day.

If your child still naps, that’s the golden time for picking the house up at least twice a day.

It’s just so much easier to keep yourself productive while at home if it’s a tidy home.

Right before bedtime is when I love to have the house picked up.

That usually includes the dishwasher running from dinner time, vacuumed and tidy living room, and a clean kitchen table.

I don’t mind the other rooms as much because I feel like the kitchen, living room, and the table is where my kids first head to once they wake up.

Having the kitchen clean gives me that extra motivation I need to want to cook breakfast.

When the kitchen is cluttered I lose motivation to want to cook a nice hearty breakfast. And the living room picked up, free from cluttered kids toys makes me smile in the morning.

It’s super helpful to have some kind of bin there in the living room to put extra toys in that you want back in the kids’ room.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with making multiple trips.

Having a clean and tidy home is important to maintaining your productive vibes at home.

Cleaning up twice a day can really eliminate that clutter that forms overnight.

Otherwise, that could set the tone off for your day. And we don’t want that happening, do we?!

Clean, clean, clean whenever you can.

  • Make sure you run the dishwasher twice a day and do not let the dishes pile up.

These are my favorite dishwashing pacs to use in my dishwasher. They clean my dishes so well!

I know, common sense.

But actually, we become so busy and distracted with life before we know it, the dishes have piled up and my oldest is like, “Mom, where’s my favorite water bottle?”

Yes, my kids like to have their specific cups and forks. I know, laughing to myself right now.

But still, it’s helpful to run the dishwasher twice to help with the dish pile up.

Sometimes, I like to hand wash dishes in between meals to not run the dishwasher so much.

You can also keep disposable cups and plates handy if you’re over the dishes.

It can help you get a break!

  • SNACKS, DIAPERS, AND WIPES IN PURSE. Please, don’t forget this. Just keep them in there.

Once your child is a toddler then it is easier to not carry a diaper bag.

But, ALWAYS, always keep snacks on hand.

Those saved me at my dermatologist appointment the other day.

Ella wouldn’t stop fussing until I gave her some Ritz crackers. I actually forgot her sippy cup so she was in a worse mood, but oh well.

Us moms can’t win them all, can we? But, points for trying.

Wipes are useful not just for dirty diapers, but for spills kids tend to make during car trips. They’re useful for whenever we spill our coffee too!

Try to be as prepared as you can when making trips with kids.

I make sure my oldest goes to the restroom first and if it’s a short trip, they don’t need water bottles.

However, if it’s a long one they obviously need snacks and drinks.

It’s important to plan ahead of time so there are fewer surprises you have to encounter on these outings!

Mommy life hacks for picky eaters.

Here’s a mommy life hack for when your toddler doesn’t want to touch her veggies or fruits. (I am currently having this problem with Ella).

The solution I’ve come up with is organic squeeze pouches. There are so many healthy and delicious options to choose from.

Amazon has all types of Go go squeeze pouches available. They have different flavors available too!

  • If you have a toddler who’s refusing eating veggies and fruits, try organic squeeze pouches!

I’ll buy more variety, either way though. Because to me, it’s important Ella gets ALL of her fruits and veggies daily.

Her back molars are coming in, so I’m sure she’s so uncomfortable.

I LOVE these pouches. They are such a time saver and each child is different.

With Eva, I had way more time so I would make her pureed veggies and fruits. She wouldn’t drink from the squeeze pouches.

Ella does, so mom win for me!

Mom hack for MOMS.

This particular mommy life hack is for you getting your nails done and looking pretty from home.

There’s a lot of different ways to get your nails looking beautiful from home.

As moms of multiple children, getting our nails done outside the home can be difficult. You may not want to bring your kids along and you may not have a babysitter.

Maybe you just don’t want to spend your cash at the nail salon, much like me.

There could be a variety of different reasons.

Personally, I like to do my own gel nails at home with my oldest daughter.

I love my pink UV nail dryer that works so great from Amazon and these beautiful gel polish set that’s polish lasts so long on my nails!

The reason I prefer to do my own nails is to save money and time. Not just that, but it’s a fun mother-daughter activity to do.

When I give myself a gel manicure I make sure my toddler is napping before getting my “me” time in to get that done.

However, if my oldest wants her nails done too, then we also get them done while Ella naps.

The rest of my 10 mommy life hacks.

  • Pin your grocery list on your memo notes from your phone to your home screen. This tip is such a time saver.

I really believe my toddler keeps tabs on my sticky notes, pens, and highlighters. No joke.

They’re always disappearing and I can’t ever find them!

So, this memo list screen thing is so helpful to me. I don’t even have a title for it, just a simple list of anything I need.

Now, I don’t need to bring around a sticky note and dig around for it in my purse. Chances are, it’s lost in there.

When your phone dies and you forgot your grocery list, well you’re on your own.

Going off my memory for me isn’t great.

Try to always have a list handy because it can be hard to remember all we need to get! This is why I love Amazon so much because I tend to just order from there what I forget.

You can also do online shopping for your local grocery store!

Sometimes, it’s easier to just place an order and go pick it up when it’s ready especially when you have multiple kids.

That’s an extra mom hack! Trust me, it’s so worth it!

  • Buy bulk snacks for the kids at your local Grocery Outlet.

They’re so affordable there! I never tried the Outlet before and I regret not going sooner.

I’m always saving at least 16 dollars off my purchase and I’m still getting name brands.

I love the Outlet and the fact that you can get name brands for a cheaper price.

It’s so nice to the kids’ favorite snack for at least half the price.

  • Invest in Amazon Prime for free shipping. Yes, for amazon prime.

I always use this because I don’t pay for shipping. You can get amazon prime for free if you have Metro PCS as a mobile carrier, FYI.

That’s what we use and I love not paying to ship.

However, I’m not sold if I would pay for it if I wasn’t getting it for free. Mostly because I don’t order off of Amazon prime a lot.

Hopefully, these mom hacks have helped you out.

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Let me know in the comments below if any of these mommy life hacks help you out!

Thanks and until next time,

Until next time,



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  1. Amy Irvin says:

    Great tips! I need to create the craft drawer you suggested! Actually, a whole craft dresser would be feasible!

    1. admin says:

      It really would. I’ve been wanting to make a craft dresser for so long. My kids would love it . Thank you for reading ♡♡

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