10 DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas for husband

10 D.I.Y Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your husband

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day. The decorations are out in Target, and cute Valentine’s Day cards, and candy are also out! I love this holiday for many reasons. It’s not just about sharing a romantic holiday with my husband but it’s also fun to decorate your home and wear Valentine’s Day outfits too. I love to plan Valentine’s Day outfits for my children and of course, everyone likes to fill out and decorate Valentine’s Day cards!

It’s so easy to go out to the store and buy your special someone a gift they love. You can treat this holiday like you treat Christmas shopping and get him a gift that he’s been wanting for a while. OR you can go the extra mile and add some real sentimental value to your present.

Out of all the presents that I have given my husband over the years- I have noticed he has kept ALL of my letters and cards, anything with our photo he has kept collected. There are other items of course- pictures that are framed but most of these gifts he has kept are truly D.I.Y.

I’m not saying that buying your hubby a new outfit or shoes is not the right choice here. He WILL appreciate that. But try adding a little love and sentiment to your present, just to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

I came up with 10 gifts you can do yourself, think up yourself, and add to that awesome gift you already ordered him online. Keep in mind that everyone truly loves a little more thought put into a gift.

Here are the 10 DIY gift ideas I came up with for your special someone.

Handmade letter.

10 DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas for your husband
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This does NOT need to just be a simple written love note. You can write out a few pages in cursive front and back on beautiful stationary. Maybe even some that you’ve created yourself. Then, you can make the envelope it’s going to go in- or even the seal you use to stamp it with. Get as creative as you want with this handmade letter! I have even printed out our photo on Canva and added a message to the back- and laminated it. He still has that one, many years later.

Make a love song.

10 DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas for your husband
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This idea I got from my husband. He’s made me about 3-4 songs. They’re beautiful and I love to listen to them over the years from time to time. If music is something you love to create and do, then this idea is for you! Write out your love song and record it for him. Play it when you both have a moment to be alone together.

Decorate a framed photo.

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Framed photos are a gift everybody loves. My parents keep photos I gave them framed and display them still after many years. Decorating a frame can be fun too! You can add sequins or decals of love. There’s so much you can find at Hobby lobby to use. Just glue them on and turn a simple photo into something to remember. Don’t forget to add a few sentimental words.

If you two have children, have them decorate the frame also. That’ll be a fun activity for them to do with you. My kids love decorating frames with me and they make them extra special by helping me. It’s the thought that counts the most.

Knit him a scarf.

Have you ever knit a scarf before? I have and it took many tries to get it done just right. Learning was a tough process but so worth it anymore. If you’ve been putting off learning how to knit, maybe now is the time to do so.

Choose his favorite color and a material that is soft and won’t make him itchy. Scarves can be a really great gift. I remember making about 3 scarves and it’s quite a process, but teaches you patience and how to make something lovely.

Date night: paint together and bake a pizza together.

10 DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas for husband
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Organize a little date night for your special loved one. Get two blank canvases with a set of paints. Follow a tutorial together and try painting it together. Afterwards, make a delicious pizza together. Sometimes, the best gift is just spending time together and creating a memory that will last.

Date nights at home will always be a favorite idea of mine. At home date nights are thoughtful and never get old! Make the time to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day memory for the both of you. Experience life together and try to enjoy the whole process!

Make your loved one a scrapbook.

Creating a scrapbook can be a lot of work! But these days, technology has made it easier. You can print out your photos from your phone to places like CVS and Walgreens to go pick up. Super easy. Buy a scrapbook and decorate it with sentimental captions of you both.

I have made two scrapbooks so far that I’m proud of. Both took a lot of time to make. I plan on making another soon but it takes a lot of energy and effort so when I start one, I like to make sure that I’m ready to put in all my effort into it. Before starting your scrapbook, I think putting as much creative energy into it as you can will make it all worth it.

Personalized coffee mug.

This gift does not have to be super expensive. You can even grab an affordable one from the dollar tree and write on it yourself. Or you can order a cute one with pictures of you two on it (which is so cute in my opinion).

Believe it or not, I have not been gifted a personalized coffee mug. Mostly, I stick to my YETI’s and a few favorites I picked out at Target. My husband has received a few gifted ones that our kids have decorated. Ordering one that’s nice may last a lot longer than the one’s from the Dollar.

DIY photo calendar for the year.

You can order a personalized photo calendar from Walmart or just about anywhere. Place it on the fridge or somewhere you can both look at and mark off every day of the year. It will remind you throughout the year of the good times you’ve had together!

This gift is beautiful to gift to families and loved ones as well!

Personalized blanket.

This is a favorite! Everyone loves having warm and cozy blankets, especially during winter time. Making a blanket that’s dedicated to your love and relationship just makes it all the sweeter.

My husband and I were once gifted a personalized blanket and that was a sweet gift. Taking the time to personalize gifts make it all the more special.

Decorate a setting and watch a romantic movie together.

10 DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas for husband
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Pick a place to decorate- it could be the patio, bedroom, or garage! Put Valentine’s Day decorations on it and pop some popcorn. Decorating your backyard fence with twinkle lights will make it so much pleasant to look at.

Making homemade popcorn would be a nice way to compliment the evening. Put on a romantic movie and you’re all set to enjoy a great Valentine’s Day together.

There you have it- 10 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your husband. Leave a comment down below if you used any of these ideas! God bless and until next time,



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