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10 Cleaning tips and hacks

Cleaning tips and hacks for the busy mom.

cleaning tips and hacks

Are you constantly struggling to clean your home with your toddler around, only to have them mess up what you just cleaned up? I’ve had that happen to me way too often this entire month, so I have come up with ten helpful and productive cleaning tips and hacks for stay at home moms struggling to keep their home clean and STAY clean.

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It’s easy to clean a home, but with a toddler and multiple children running around, I find it difficult to keep my home looking clean for long periods of time. This is a time when it’s definitely okay to feel overwhelmed when this happens, it’s normal.

Helpful mom cleaning tips and hacks.

Seriously, though. What’s helped me the most during these crazy toddler years is having my planner ready and handy.

I write down the specific tasks I need to do with cleaning and try my hardest to get them done and checked off. As a busy work from home mom, I have to manage my time well and effectively.

My planner system helps me so much in keeping up with my cleaning and daily schedule with the kids. I also work from home and have so much to keep track of daily.

This is the BUJO planner that I use for basically everything. I love being able to customize it with whatever I need and add what I want as I go.

My daughter loves to watch me clean the living room very well and then she LOVES to bring everything I put away right back out. Meanwhile, I’m trying to cook, do my homework with my oldest, and create content.

To say I’m constantly busy is so true! Life was getting too hectic and I knew something had to change.

Schedule your cleaning days.

Having a planner is super useful and helps me to really clean my house well. I write down the exact cleaning tasks I want to get done for the day and check them off as I go.

I split my cleaning up a lot because it’s not realistic to clean everything all at once, especially when I need at least 3-4 hours daily dedicated to my blog. Also, I find it useful to plan out all aspects of my life and I appreciate that there’s a planner out there that has the ability to do that.

When you plan out a lot of your life, you’re doing yourself a favor. You’re helping yourself set goals and accomplish more, instead of putting it off for later.

For my personal weekly cleaning schedule, I sort of shape it as I plan my week out. I do separate weekly cleaning tasks from my monthly ones.

Doing that tends to help me out a lot. Cleaning my fridge out and microwave is a monthly task versus vacuuming the house and deep cleaning the bathroom is more of a weekly task.

Just space out your schedule to fit your lifestyle. Draft it all out on a piece of paper but find something that works just for you and your lifestyle.

More cleaning tips and hacks.

  • Have organizational cleaning bins in every room.

Here are some beautiful organizational bins from Amazon. They’re so helpful to keep around handy to use when you need them!

I always have a few laying around so that the children can help me put their toys away and they can carry them back to their toy chest to organize them. I use simple and cute pink ones.

These make the kids want to help me out more. And it sure makes it easier for pick up at night time!

  • Whenever you finish an activity together, make sure to encourage “clean up time.”

It’s important to do this after every arts and craft project, cooking lesson, and learning lesson. It teaches them to clean up after themselves and hopefully teaches them to be a tidy person in the future.

I’m really big on teaching my kids to clean at an early age and consistently so it just becomes a habit to them and they don’t struggle to tidy up daily. My oldest already helps put away with her laundry and does chores just because she wants to and thinks it’s fun!

Here’s a super amazing toy from Amazon that can help you teach your toddlers how fun it can be to clean! Having them play with this early in age encourages them to clean afterward up after playtime!

  • After each snack and meal, make sure to clean up the crumbs right after.

And yes, my toddler is super messy. I am constantly vacuuming little crumbs after her, so word of advice: vacuum them at least once a day and make sure to wipe everything down so you don’t forget about it later!

Mom cleaning tips and hacks that will help you.

  • Help your toddler learn how to not make messes during meal times.

It really helped my oldest to be a tidy eater because I did teach her to clean up her messes with food at a small age. Ella has it a bit easier now and I’ve noticed way more messiness.

Teach them early and they won’t stray away from cleanliness. Make a game out of it so they don’t learn to dread doing chores!

  • While your toddler naps are the BEST time to clean up your living room.

I enjoy cleaning the kitchen during this time, wiping down the counters, and picking everything up. There’s something refreshing about less clutter when she wakes up and it’s easier to get our lunch plates ready when she wakes up in a clean environment versus a messy one.

  • Vacuum all rooms and hallway once a day minimum.
  • Wash toys together with your toddler as a fun activity and run baby wipes over the ones you can’t wash.

My kids love this cleaning tip! You can get some help with cleaning and have a fun time with the kids too.

My toddler loves to take toys into the bath and give them a wash. Not only does this help you clean up the toys but it helps your baby enjoy cleaning up a little!

Distraction is key to getting the cleaning all done.

We all know toddlers don’t have a TON of patience when it comes to getting our cleaning done. This can become a problem if you let it. 

Rather than letting me get upset over Ella not listening to me at all, I just tried to find ways to distract her so I could finish cleaning. Not a lot of things I tried worked with her though.

With Eva, I was constantly holding her while cleaning because she cried more. However, Ella is more independent so I found that coloring and snacks do the trick and let me finish cleaning.

  • Grab a baby couch and sit your toddler with snacks and a drink, too.

My toddler LOVES having a little couch to sit on while I clean up the house. When I clean the bathroom, I have my oldest coloring and my youngest on her baby couch with her toys.

Settling them down somewhere so you can focus on a cleaning chore to get done is super helpful to yourself. My toddler absolutely loves and uses her baby couch every day!

Finish hard to reach places to clean. I like to get the bookshelf organized and cleaned at this time.

The last of the cleaning tips and hacks for moms.

Although lately, I’m putting all types of items up on the top of the bookshelf where Ella can’t reach because she keeps getting into everything! Cleaning the bathroom is about a 30-40 minute chore so keep your little one entertained while you get that done.

You can also just wait until the kids are asleep to get difficult cleaning tasks done. Whatever you choose is fine, as long as it works for you!

This could also be a good time to clean the fridge and freezer. Just try to get something done!

  • I hope you’re putting all your toddler’s snacks in a bowl or container when they’re walking around.

There are some cute and affordable snack containers you can get from Amazon. These are so helpful and keep the crumbs away!

I highly recommend these for your younger children to use. They’re so cute!

Reduce some cleaning for you and keep those snacks in a safe place. We all know how messy toddlers can be when it comes to snacks and getting crumbs everywhere!

  • Have your toddler clean with you as much as possible.

Ella loves to put the books away with me on the bookshelf, put shoes/boots away, and hang up her jackets. The more you clean WITH your toddler, the less hard of a time they’ll give you as you’re cleaning.

They’ll become accustomed to it and hopefully live a tidy life. You’ll feel great getting them to that point, that’s for sure.

With your older children, try to make a fun chore chart for them to put stickers on every time they accomplish a cleaning chore. My oldest loves this!

When they reach a certain amount of stickers then it is time for a treat. It’s a good idea to have them on a reward system when it comes to cleaning and getting stuff done.


I hope these 10 helpful cleaning tips and hacks help you be more productive and clean your entire home, without stressing. It’s important to find a cleaning routine/schedule that works for you.

Go at your own pace. I’ve heard so many different tips from mothers, telling me how I should clean my home.

I appreciate the cleaning tips but I like to decide what’s best for me. And what works for me is splitting tasks up so that I feel less anxiety and stress.

I’m simply not one of the moms who can get ALL the cleaning chores done in a day. I truly wish I did have the time and energy for all of that.

Sadly, I don’t. As a busy work from home mom, I am truly in a daily time crunch! I try to make the most of what little time I actually do have.

Cleaning doesn’t need to be so daunting, it’s supposed to be relaxing and soothing to clean your home so that you can get your work done as a stay at home mom. Choose what works best for you.

Praying for you today and hope you have a great day,

Until next time,








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