Hello, my name is Noemi, the sole author of and I’m a work from home mom blogger. I am a dedicated wife and devoted mother of two and blogging is my absolute passion.

Currently, I reside in beautiful sunny California with my daughters and husband. I have always wanted to be a work from home mom blogger and I am very blessed to do what I love: write all the time and share my voice with my audience.


As mothers know, being at home is not always a piece of cake, which is why I want to help stay at home moms be happy and fulfilled, and find their purpose in life. Not to mention, blogging for me is that creative outlet that allows me to express myself with words while raising my babies.



If you’re a stay at home mom looking to make extra income from home all while raising your children in the comfort of your home, then I can help YOU. My goal is to build a like-minded community of stay at home moms that build each other up with words of encouragement and support.

I’m here to help the stay at home mom find her voice and be happy with herself. Mrsplanahead came from my husband’s nickname for me because of my love for bullet journaling and always planning ahead.


Mrsplanahead is where I write posts from motherhood, being a stay at home mom blogger, self-care, and faith-based posts. Hopefully, you enjoy the content I provide and subscribe for more exclusive content.

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