the best evening routine for busy moms

The best evening routine for busy moms

the best evening routine for busy moms
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As busy moms, we know how hectic and chaotic mornings can be if you do NOT have your evening routine down. When I had my first child, I was not on top of stuff. Trust me, I had a lot of growing and learning to do.

When I become a mom of 2, that’s when I realized, hey I really need to get organized. I have this organized planner system that I have used for the past 2 years. And it’s helped me so much. However, in order for your mornings to be less chaotic, there are a few things you need to do before going to sleep every night.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the after school rush. This is the dreaded after school dash coming home from school. Homework is done, kids are running around hungry, and apart from that bath times need to be completed. So, as you’re running around doing those tasks WHILE cooking dinner, you quickly become exhausted.

Honestly, that’s where my second cup of caffeine comes into play. I think a lot of people forget about how hectic afternoons with the kiddos can be. You do need to be organized for the afternoon too, believe it or not. As amazing as our morning routine can be, moms need a nightly routine too.

Let’s talk night routine.

Okay, moms let’s get down to the night routine. So, once your morning is completed and the kids are off to school; you have to plan out what you’re doing while they are in school! All of our lives are so different. You could be in school while working. Or you have 2 other small kids at home with you too! There are endless different things that we could ramble on about.

Whatever it is, plan it out. I use my planner to do this and check my list as soon as I’m home. Then, it’s time to grab the kiddos and head on home. I will share with you my nightly routine.

Sharing my weekday night routine.

3:30-4:15 p.m.– This time is what I call the after school madness rush! My kids are cranky and hungry. And sometimes we walk home so they’re tired too. During this time I prepare an afternoon snack for the kids. This can honestly be whatever I have on hand. From chicken nuggets to hot white rice, it varies. Today it’s going to be spaghetti o’s! But they prefer a hot meal and I may end up having a sandwich at this time too with another cup of tea or a glass of water.

4:15p.m.-5p.m.– Bathtime for the kiddos! My toddler is fussy when it comes to baths so I prefer to get this over with while I have the energy. I may shower too at this time, if I know we’re having takeout for dinner. That’s not often, but I enjoy those days because they’re slightly more relaxing for me.

5 p.m.- 6 p.m.– Make dinner. And in between this time my oldest has started on about half of the homework she can do on her own. My toddler is playing on her learning tablet so I can get dinner made. It usually takes about an hour.

6 p.m.- 7p.m.– Eat dinner as a family, together. In my house, we enjoy eating together. This gives my husband a chance to hear about the kids’ day and we get to chat together and relax as a family. Every night it is the same routine and very important to us.

7 p.m.- 8p.m.– chill time for the kiddos. At this time we are wrapping up homework. I’m making sure my oldest has done her homework correctly. With any tricky math problems, that’s where my husband helps! He’s really good at math. During this time I will take my shower if I haven’t by now.

8 p.m.– My kids are to go to bed now. Though they like to ask for snacks at this point and then go to bed.

8:30 p.m- 9:30 p.m.– I get the dishwasher running because waking up to a dirty kitchen is the worst. Especially when you’re packing lunches first thing in the morning. Tip: pack lunches the night before. I don’t because they mostly just want a snack because they love school lunch. I sweep the kitchen at this time and pick up the living room. If it’s tidy in the morning, it’ll help get your kids ready on time.

10 p.m.– Once everything is kind of clean I take this time to relax and destress a bit. I will either journal, catch up on my planner, or just watch YouTube videos for half an hour. I’m pretty much exhausted at this point but it can be hard for me to fall asleep because of all that caffeine I’ve had! But this works great because I still can have some time to myself. As mothers, we always have to put others before us so this time is nice.

10:30 p.m.- Bed time.

Why a night routine is important to moms.

Moms NEED to be organized just for our sake and our family’s. This evening routine builds structure and teaches us routine and that is good for us. Sometimes, my husband looks at me after a long day/night and thanks me for keeping a routine in place.

I appreciate the thank you’s just like I appreciate all he does for our family. We work as a team and that’s the way marriages should be. Part of life though, is to accomplish your goals and be happy. And part of being able to do that as a parent, means we really need to help our kids succeed and be the best that they can be.

Kids thrive on routine and so do you! That’s what I try to keep in mind daily as I go about all of my tasks/chores. Because even though most of my day for now requires constant cleaning and more domestic chores, I know soon enough it’ll be taken up my classes, studying, learning, and homework. We are all going through different phases in life.

That’s why it’s so important to have a routine in place. I know a lot of people put emphasis on a morning routine changing your life and all. And trust me, I’m all for that. However, a night routine is also needed to complete the day.

Without one, it just becomes a mess. So, I hope this routine can help you sort of organize your night routine. A planner of course, is key in all that I’m doing daily. Not just that, I love the hobby and I share weekly planner videos on my YouTube channel if you’re looking for more planning inspiration.

Keep calm and mom on! You’ve got this. Morning or night routine, you’re a great mom. God bless and until next time,



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