A mother’s prayer for her children

A mother’s prayer for her children

There comes a time when every mother has to let go of their children a bit, as they grow older. It’s hard to accept for moms when kids grow up, go off on their activities, make their own friends at school, and just aren’t so close to mom anymore. As a mom of two children that are getting older every day, it was hard for me to accept. But, this is where the faith you have in the Lord really comes into play.

As mothers we are naturally protective. I protect my kids as much as I can, just like most moms I know. We all have different parenting styles and mine hasn’t been the toughest. Growing up, I always wanted to be closer with my mom and since there were many of us, I feel like her time was really divided. Which I understood all those years. However, I always promised myself that if I ever had daughters, I would definitely have more communication and spend more time with them.

So, I did and I do everyday. You can check out this mother daughter bucket list if you want more ideas for fun ideas.

As time goes by and my daughters grow, I’m starting to realize that they’re going to have to make their own decisions and that’s hard for me to accept. And that’s okay, mama! I know you’re here because you feel the same way. Our kids are everything to us. We invest all this time, energy, love, and care into our children and it’s only natural for us to have a hard time letting go. That just means your parenting skills are on point.

Still, I don’t want you to worry. Mostly because it’s out of our hands. We can do so much to protect and care for our children daily. And I highly recommend you do that. But, we also need to accept that God is always with us. He’s with our children and He is watching over them, protecting them. So, have faith mom. Because you need to be strong for your family.

God is amazing. He is always there for us whenever we need it. During our toughest times, we know God is right there, comforting us. We can expect Him to do the same for our children. Have faith and do not lose hope in Jesus.

Prayer for your children.

Let’s take a minute to pray for our children because it is necessary. And God will listen if we take the time to believe and pour out our heart to Him.

Dear Lord

Thank you so much for everything that you do for me daily. I appreciate you and the love you shower over my family and I every day. Lord, please protect my babies today and keep your hand over them as they go about their day. I trust in You and have faith that you will keep them safe. Please help guide them to make good decisions in their life and make the right choices they need to. Give them understanding and the right attitude to help them throughout their day. Please help me be able to be there for my children and be what they need, when they need it. Thank you Lord for all that you do. Please send your angels to watch over my children. And we pray to be more like you, and less like ourselves each and every day.

In Jesus’s name I pray,


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