7 ways to reset for the week

7 productive ways to reset your week

7 ways to reset for the week
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Are you ready to start a new week off fresh but just don’t know how to? We have all been there before when Sunday rolls around and we KNOW that it’s time to get ready for a new week. Now, starting a new week off can be tough so it’s best to have a routine all ready to go.

You can write this routine down in your planner, with it tabbed off so that you can access it quickly. You can label it Sunday routine, but I can’t cram this all into one Sunday. Remember: The more you get ready for the upcoming week, the better you will feel.

If you’re a busy mom, then preparing for the week is mandatory, especially if your kids are in school. And if you’re working outside of the home, you also need to get ready for the new week. But, don’t stress! We’ll get through this together. Sure, we’re busy moms but it’s all doable. All we can do is try our best.

7 ways to reset your week.

The first way I recommend to help you get ready for the week is to go to church on Sunday morning. It is so hard to reset for the week when you haven’t had a chance to grow your relationship with God. You need a reset- WITH God! And between school drop off, work, life, and routine; it is so important to build up your relationship with the most High.

I know that getting up for church every Sunday morning can be daunting. We all have to wake up early during the work week but it is worth it when you get to go worship the Lord. Also, if you have children it is so important for them to build their relationship and connection with the Lord. Prioritize spending time with God, even if it’s just once a week.

The second way to press reset on the week is to clean your home. Cleaning your home is essential for a good week. This includes doing all the laundry and washing your bedsheets. Give each room a serious cleaning and mop the floors. Reset by cleaning up the bathrooms and putting away some fresh clean clothes for the week.

A clean home isn’t just for a happy home. Having a clean home will energize you and set you up for success. Never underestimate the wonders a clean home will do for you.

Part of resetting for the week is to accomplish important to-do’s.

Some of the most important things in life that we have to keep in order include: our meals and budgeting. We can’t be irresponsible with food, our health, and the way we spend our hard earned money. So, make sure you reset your week by doing some important grocery shopping.

This can include all the lunch prep for your kids’ lunches coming up. As much as I prefer my kids to eat school lunch, sometimes they can be picky eaters because they don’t like what’s on the menu. So, prepping for lunches is important in my family.

Also, plan out the way you’re going to use your money. Setting aside gas money, lunch money, or shopping money for the week is essential. You don’t want to run out of gas to get to work or school! You’ve got to make the time to budget your money and turn it into a habit.

Another way to press reset is to plan out your week in your agenda. For me, as much as I would love to plan out my week and just be done with that, I need to plan daily because I have so much on my plate that I want to be organized with. I’m big on planning because it has helped organize my life so much. You can subscribe and check out my weekly planner videos on my YouTube channel.

Planning helps out busy moms and busy people everyday! Taking the time to plan out your month, week, and day can help you out so much. Since you’re busy taking care of your family it is a smart way to stay on top of things.

Center yourself with the Lord so He can bless your week.

Have you ever started off your week by praying? I pray as much as I can because I know God is listening and He is ready to rain blessings upon my family. A way to refresh yourself for the upcoming week is by reading your Bible and praying. I have Bible verses scattered throughout my planner because I know that even though I have much plan and do, I depend on God to help me do all the things. And I know that He’s the most High and He will help me.

Read your Bible in the ways that you can. Nowadays, there are audio Bibles and so many other resources for you to spend time with God. They even have sermons that are live-streamed now. So, being able to read there Bible and spend that one on one time with the Lord is even easier than before.

Lastly, reflect on the past week and the decisions that you have made. Did you spend too much money and regretted it? Maybe you were mean to someone and you know you shouldn’t have been. There could be someone that you want to repair a relationship with and you need to give it some thought. Reflect and pray on these decisions that you picked and ask God for guidance.

Set new weekly goals and habits that you want to be intentional about. That’s my last tip for resetting your week. Remember, work is important. School is important. So is learning. But, God now that is everything. Take the time to grow with Him and watch Him bless you.

I hope you have a blessed week. Comment below if any of these tips helped you out because I pray they did. Until next time,



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