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10 morning habits for a successful day

10 must know morning habits.

morning habits built for success
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Are you a morning person… or not so much? You aren’t alone if you’re struggling with being a morning person. Honestly, I never considered myself a morning person until I became a mother of two! Being a busy mom required me to become a morning person, even though I never felt like one before. Once having children, you don’t have a choice but to become one!

To be successful, people change their habits to be more productive, in order to get more things accomplished. That’s a given. If you want to become a morning person and add productivity into your life, then you have to adapt to certain habits to change your lifestyle around.

Being productive is not a bad thing. To me, being productive means living a lot more than usual! Getting things done and being successful is a great way to take care of your family, if you have littles to feed. Even if you don’t, accomplishing your goals are important for you to do as well.

Let’s get into these morning habits that are so important.

1.  Wake up early. 
morning habits for success
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I know it’s hard to wake up early, especially during the cold winter season! Still, it’s one of the absolute best things you can do for yourself. When I wake up early to take my children to school I like to wake up at least 30-40 minutes before they do so that I can be ready.

When I am ready, I’m less stressed to deal with the day ahead. In return, they have a calm morning routine and don’t experience all that chaos that comes with waking up late. Mom life requires me to get up and show up. You’ve got to make things happen as a mom daily, regardless of what’s going on in your day.

When you wake up early, consider splashing some cold water on your face. Sometimes, I am so tired I do that! I also rinse my face with a bit of Aveeno moisturizer and that helps me so much. Cold water can do the trick to helping you wake up.

2.  Drink a cup of water BEFORE you drink your caffeine. 
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Ah, caffeine. It’s what helps us all get up and get going. Coffee, tea, or energy drink of your choice isn’t exactly the healthiest option first thing in the morning, when you’re trying to have a good day and good health.

Water is so important to drink during our day. I used to get headaches a lot, and water helped me get rid of most of those. Drinking a cup of water as soon as you wake up can truly help you get hydrated.

To me; it’s important to have my kids drink plenty of water as they wake up because I know if they don’t drink enough water they are more likely to start complaining. Sometimes, it’ll be my head hurts mom. And I always double check their water bottle.

I drink a cup of water before dropping off my kiddos and make my hot tea when I get home. Trust me, I need caffeine as much as the next person to get a good boost to my day but it’s all about timing. For me, drinking caffeine a little later in the morning helps me out the most.

3.  Make yourself a healthy and balanced breakfast. 
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An important way to show your body love is by feeding it well. My favorite breakfast to make is scrambled eggs and toast. It’s fast! But, my husband likes a bigger breakfast than that so I will always add hash browns or make breakfast egg burritos.

In order to have a balanced breakfast I believe that you should be eating enough to fill you up for a few hours. Sometimes, I’ll just scramble up some eggs and grab two tortillas with salsa. As long as you’re eating and drinking your water; it’s a good start to your busy day ahead. You need to fuel your body.

The point is; you need to fill your body up with a good meal that gives you the energy and nutrition you need. Plenty of people meal prep and I am not one of those people! But, I hear meal prep is amazing. Try to minimize eating takeout for your breakfast. Do your body and mind a favor and take the time to cook yourself a healthy and balanced meal!

4.  Prepare your morning caffeine. 
morning habits for a successful day
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Are you a coffee drinker or more of a tea person? I drank coffee for a full year until my stomach just couldn’t stand it anymore. Seriously, I am so thankful for black tea. For about a year I used just milk in my tea daily with sugar. Recently, I switched to adding coffee creamer in my tea (the kind with zero sugar) and adding 2 sugar cubes in after and it makes my tea taste delicious.

My taste buds needed a switch. I may switch back to regular milk or just eat cereal a little more. Milk feels important to drink. Prepare your caffeine and take it to go if you’re busy. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I caught a virus from my youngest and it was hard to get through the motions of that day. Band practice, assemblies, everything was on that day! Taking it to go is better than going without, in my opinion.

5.  Say your morning prayers. 
morning habits for successful day
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I try to say my morning prayers as much as possible. Sometimes, I will say them when dropping off my kids, during breakfast, or by myself. Even though I feel busy all the time, praying is very important to me. My days don’t feel right if I am not praying during it. My faith is priority and teaching my children to love God as well. Praying is a family habit.

It’s important to make time for your faith even though you’re busy and there’s much to do daily. Thanking God is something I try to do every single day because I have much to be grateful for. We all do. It’s priority.

6.  Check your planner. Planning  is so important to my life. It helps me stay on top of things and be as organized as I can possibly be. Goals are met this way. 
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Check your calendar or schedule for the morning and see what you have going on for the day. Once checking what’s on the schedule for the day, it’s time to make your to-do list. To-do lists happen whether we want them to or not. You can either stay on top of it, or just let everything slide. Planning helps me out with these matters.

Are you a digital planner or a paper planner? I’m a paper planner and I have been for a few years now. Digital planning is very cool though and I wish I could keep up with that! Too much screen time doesn’t feel good to me so I did opt for paper instead. Also, I use a personal rings planner and always accompany it with a spare notebook of some sort.

The blank notebook is more of my “brain dump section.” I feel like it’s filled with a lot of lists I don’t need and ideas I need to jot down but most likely won’t use. These little notebooks do come in handy for whenever you need spare paper.

I have more planners I have used in the past that I’ve liked but for now, personal rings have been what I’ve used for quite some time. You are welcome to check out my latest planning video on Youtube if you are into planning sort of videos. Make sure to subscribe and stay awhile. I try to post planner flips weekly!

7.  Sip your coffee and visualize your day. 

How do you picture your day going when you wake up? Visualizing your day is very helpful when you wake up. I like to picture and map out how my day will go and most times, it will go that way!

To me, pictures help me focus more than words. As much as I love to read and write, pictures stay in my mind and help me put things together. Mapping out my day or year (creating a vision board) is super helpful and beneficial to my life.

Take the time to breathe in the fresh air from outside and thank God for this peaceful morning. Not all mornings are peaceful, so it’s best to enjoy the ones that are. Picture how you want your day, or most importantly- your day to go and make it happen.

8.  Write out something you’re grateful for, a prayer, or journal a bit. 

A lot of people don’t have time to do all of this in their morning routine. I understand that. The days I can journal a bit or list what I’m grateful for are special to me. I try to write out as much gratitude as I can but I notice I will write out my gratitude for half a month because my mornings/days are pretty hectic.

If you have the time to write it out, that’s so good! Make sure to document important things that are important to you. I have a page in my planner (you’ll notice if you checked out my planner flips) where I write out what I’m grateful for monthly.

Sometimes, I just store these and keep them collected year after year. Since my rings are small and compact it does not take up too much space. I like to look back on what I was grateful for to remind me how much God loves me.

9.  Do your makeup and put on the outfit you picked out the day prior. 
morning habits for successful day
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When I worked outside of the home, I picked out outfits the day before. And I still do! There’s something about just having it ready to go that brings me comfort and relief. Looking through my closet and trying to figure out what to wear first thing in the morning doesn’t appeal to me.

I like to pick out the kids’ outfits the night before too. Some nights, with homework it can become something I push to the last and end up forgetting to do. Doing my makeup makes me happy. Even on days I’m tired it makes me feel put together and pretty! I do admit, doing my makeup daily can become tedious though. And I often feel like my skin needs a break. On those days, I go for a lighter look and don’t put on as much.

This holiday season, I found myself not putting on as much makeup and letting my skin rest and hydrate. There are many skin routines you can try (cream and products) to help your skin out. I know putting on makeup a lot can be heavy! For now, I’ve been alright (no breakouts) with using Aveeno or cetaphil moisturizers.

10. Pack your purse up with everything you need. 
morning habits for successful day

My purse comes with me everywhere. I like to have even my planner with me but also hand sanitizer. My kids ask for it after school! So, it’s nice to pack my purse up and make sure I have everything I need.

There you have it! 10 helpful morning habits that will help you be productive and successful. These tips will help you get your say started to a productive start. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Leave a comment down below if this post helped you.

Until next time and God bless,

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