10 budget friendly ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

10 budget friendly ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

10 budget friendly ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special sort of celebration that feels more important than any old ordinary event. People who have been married for many years know what I mean. The reason a wedding anniversary is so special is because you have made it last in your marriage and marriage is not easy.

Every time you celebrate a year, you feel a small win inside cheering you on! Why? Because in fact, marriage is hard work without a doubt. And each year is an accomplishment and a milestone. It should be celebrated as such. 

My husband and I recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. It was a huge milestone for us and we felt a bit in awe that we have been together, committed, for so many years. God has really been there for us during the hard times and the good times. I have come to realize though, that with so many events and occasions that we all have in life, that material things aren’t EVERYTHING. So, that’s why I decided to come up with 10 amazing and creative ways to celebrate your anniversary on a budget. 

As long as you have each other and treasure the time you spend together, then celebrating together should be romantic and you can celebrate on a budget. These budget friendly ideas on ways to celebrate your anniversary are perfect for date nights too, on a budget.

Wedding anniversary ideas that are budget friendly. 

1. Create your own wedding anniversary photo shoot. 

Pick some of your favorite spots you like to go on walks or hikes on. Beautiful background nature shots and take a few in each spot. Photos are priceless and capture memories worth capturing for years to come.

Make the photoshoot even more memorable by framing the photos onto the wall. Or, you can save all the pictures and create a photo album to look back on. Look on Pinterest for elegant wedding anniversary photoshoot ideas for inspiration. I look at Pinterest for almost everything!  

2. Cook a full course meal together INSTEAD of eating out. 

As easy as it is to eat out, you can still have fun cooking together. It just takes practice, especially if cooking doesn’t come naturally to you. And if it doesn’t, I don’t blame you! I wasn’t taught how to cook so I had to learn on my own. 

Try cooking a simple dish together. Include everything from appetizers to dessert. You’ll feel better knowing you made a full course meal rather than just a bit of food. Pair your delicious food with your favorite drinks and you’re set! And don’t forget the dessert.

3. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and go on a hike together! 

Hiking is something my family loves to do. Not only are you exercising and enjoying the fresh air outside but you get to admire God’s creation. And it’s completely free. There’s not much that’s better than that.

My husband and I enjoy going on walks together whenever we can and it truly is beautiful where we live. So, enjoy outside and go on a hike to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Take plenty of photos to capture the memories you’re creating.

4. Have a movie night indoors. 

A movie night indoors is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a calm and relaxed way. Put on the first movie you ever watched together to make it all the more meaningful. Set up and decorate your living room for you both to enjoy. Pop some popcorn, curl up together with your favorite blanket, and finish your anniversary with a cozy night in. 

My husband and I watch a lot of movies together! Try to find a movie you like in common or of course, a new one that just came out. 

5. Write each other a sentimental letter and read it to each other over a cozy fireplace. 

Writing is something I love to do. My husband is more musical and visual. I’m an avid reader and writer. He’s kept all the letters I’ve ever written him and I listen to his songs frequently throughout the years. You can always make a song or a beautiful video instead of writing. As long as it comes from the heart, that’s what matters the most. 

6. Paint each other a lovely picture. 

I’m not a very artsy person. However, I know some people who love to draw and sketch. Take advantage of that and paint each other a beautiful picture on a canvas. I’ve always wanted to be a great artist but I’m better at doodling. Paint your significant other a masterpiece they’ll remember for years to come. 

You can paint together and set up a paint date night at home. Make some snacks and watch a tutorial on how to paint a masterpiece together.

7. Shop online for each other as a surprise. 

Do you like surprises? Then maybe shopping online for each other is a great idea! You can find plenty of presents on sale and with discount. Use a coupon code and search around for that. Plenty of people save money shopping online. Maybe get something on Black Friday and save it for an anniversary! Either way, try to save your coins so this idea can be budget friendly.

I love shopping online because it’s so convenient. Maybe you can check out what your hubby has in his cart and get something you know he wants! My cart always has my favorite journaling supplies, a few books I want, etc. Basically a wishlist.

8. Go on a beach date and walk the pier. 

The beach is perfect for celebrating and not spending much money. You can swim, surf, go kayaking, and much more. I like to read at the beach because it’s very relaxing. You can draw there too or just hang out and listen to your favorite music together. There’s plenty to do by the beach!

Spend your anniversary at the beach together and admire God’s creation. You don’t have to pay much and it’s so beautiful there.  

9. Make each other homemade gifts. 

Get creative and try some DIY ideas! Pinterest is your best friend. Make something beautiful and sentimental that comes from the heart. Take some creative classes if you need to.

There’s so many homemade gifts you can make. Check out my 10 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your husband for inspiration. Just make your loved one something special and worth treasuring. Still, invest time and patience into the gift. 

10. Recreate your first date night together. 

If you can remember what your first date was like that would be amazing! It would be adorable if you did, I think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. 

I hope you enjoyed these budget friendly anniversary ideas. Have a great day celebrating your love for one another and God bless you both, 

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